We BUILT the GREATEST thing in Minecraft - Minecraft with Jacksepticeye - Part 4

  • Published on: 21 August 2019
  • Minecraft will never be the same after this!
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  • Runtime : 32:34


  • Jianbing Duan
    Jianbing Duan   14 hours ago

    For the people who has word caption in videos:Jack: laughsCaption: [evil noises]

  • Ilyes black rock
    Ilyes black rock   4 days ago

    Pewdiepie 30 yo + jacksepticeye 30yo = 7 yo minecraft addicts

  • goingunder13
    goingunder13   1 weeks ago

    Felix: we need to sleepFelix: has 3 wool and doesn't make bed

  • Anaku
    Anaku   1 weeks ago

    Giving birth hurts so much that it almost hurts as much as when man loses his water sheep, or jack loses a patato

  • A.C. Vlogs
    A.C. Vlogs   1 weeks ago

    Add a haybale under the camp fire to make the smoke higher

  • Baguette boy
    Baguette boy   1 weeks ago

    Did anyone came here to what happen to JD.

  • TwoBaton
    TwoBaton   1 weeks ago

    What’s with jack and water elevators

  • Hanna McHugh
    Hanna McHugh   1 weeks ago

    You should make a massive patato fare for Jack pleasePatato

  • Shirro
    Shirro   2 weeks ago

    Jack: Give Sven's Boyfriend a name Bro... With feelings...Pewds: Named Sven's Boyfriend "DEEP"

  • ket tuc
    ket tuc   2 weeks ago

    Он по русски название видео сделал

  • Kagami Reichi
    Kagami Reichi   2 weeks ago

    I rewatch this with subtitles, Whoever write the english subtitles he's/she's just a normies i guess, how can he didn't know pewds randomly saying japanese words?? And this guy who write the text can't understand basic japanese like "hontouni desu ka?" So he write "i honestly dunno" that part make sad... How much pewds already spelling this word in his videos? Multiple yes, even i learn basic japan from pewds videos

  • Izzefidget
    Izzefidget   2 weeks ago

    Older generations: *creates climate changeAlso older generations: that’s tomorrow’s problemNew generations: angry noises intensifies

  • Gun Smith
    Gun Smith   3 weeks ago

    Jack's intro🤣🤣 I'm deaddd

  • Sawyer Johnson
    Sawyer Johnson   3 weeks ago

    Pewds and Jack share one singular brain cell when they play together and it depletes every time Jack dies

    TIFANY_MAYUMI   4 weeks ago

    if the pyramid is upside-down, and felix is on the top, then he is actually at the bottom

    XX LAY XX   4 weeks ago

    Rassha? Моя ЖИЗНЬ МАЗАФАКА

  • Hands
    Hands   1 months ago


  • heck yeck
    heck yeck   1 months ago

    ah yes I love Russia and their.....Serbian propaganda......

  • Gr 8
    Gr 8   1 months ago

    27:44 i was about to exit yt

  • Aleksandra Gould
    Aleksandra Gould   1 months ago

    this dude is this close to falling and dieing at least ten times an episode

  • Julie Daniels
    Julie Daniels   1 months ago

    was that mountain with the birch trees a tall birch forest part, or am i blind

  • Fluff Kin
    Fluff Kin   1 months ago

    Jacks Pickaxe Is More Immortal Than I’ll Ever BeAnyone Rewatching the series at corona time?

  • BaseGamer HD
    BaseGamer HD   1 months ago

    Mats is a WoW thing :D get out from here with fortnite...

  • Edgymemer 9000
    Edgymemer 9000   1 months ago

    3:10 when someone says Kosovo is independent/Albania