I play For Honor to lose my mind

  • Published on: 26 February 2019
  • give roman a break please

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  • Moonliteth Watcher of Memes

    Zanny: "Roman just wanted to be a painter how'd he get here?"Me and Intellectual: He is painter.... and he uses his sword as a brush and the blood of his ex wife's lover as the colors

  • Mohamed Ghaly
    Mohamed Ghaly   1 days ago

    0:16 that guy is lying look at his name that name alone makes him a weeb and he also plays samurai of course he watches anime

  • dero Krbavac
    dero Krbavac   4 days ago

    roman is sad his player won't say his real name.

  • Jacob Riley
    Jacob Riley   5 days ago

    1:57 the one quote at the bottom lmao

  • Davyn Blumer
    Davyn Blumer   6 days ago

    Roman didn't like his brother so now he gets abused by brother

  • Cristobal Colichon
    Cristobal Colichon   1 weeks ago

    1:55Please tell me I wasn't the only one to note that last comment...

  • Mak Wilson
    Mak Wilson   1 weeks ago

    The profundish at the end actually had me in tears 😂

    ATA RAHMAN   1 weeks ago

    those ppl who comment shit about u ... may b just jealous with u or dnt know what entertainment is.. 🤣😂

  • Rhys
    Rhys   1 weeks ago

    The Castle Crashers 2020 cast members

  • Dirty Heretic
    Dirty Heretic   2 weeks ago

    SRX True wolf is my best friend, we murder people on this game.

  • Denise McDonnell
    Denise McDonnell   2 weeks ago

    The Chinese faction Hate black people but they realise darthmaul is red and black

  • HDbeast
    HDbeast   3 weeks ago

    Don't worry there are some who resist the way of the weeb

  • Puppers 4
    Puppers 4   3 weeks ago

    Roman was conscripted at age 4

  • RC 1207
    RC 1207   3 weeks ago

    As a kensei main i can confirm all samurai mains are weebs

  • ChIdErIa. UgOh
    ChIdErIa. UgOh   3 weeks ago

    HAHAHAHA when you said that Asians hate black people, bro ho ask yo mom i bet sge will think different about it 😉

  • Wild- Chasseur
    Wild- Chasseur   3 weeks ago

    1:58I Burst Out Laughing and Everybody Just Looked at me Strange

  • Mikal Aaron
    Mikal Aaron   3 weeks ago

    I know what zany I’m a weeb and I’m proud.

  • ALT Zero
    ALT Zero   4 weeks ago

    From romans knuckles to his sword In raiders chest

  • BlckMoy117
    BlckMoy117   4 weeks ago

    Imagine trying to copy Nova King

  • Kill Zone
    Kill Zone   4 weeks ago

    Wanna be a mega gamer that can make all racial jokes? jUsT iNjEcT yOuRsElF wItH eVeRy NaTiOnS bLoOd.

  • DeDe_ HDD
    DeDe_ HDD   1 months ago

    Roman found people that love and want to help him.They all forgive him.

  • Cair Nichts
    Cair Nichts   1 months ago

    Don't tell him all my Wu-Lin are black >.>