Is Electrolysis better than Evapo-Rust? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 31 December 2018
  • When it comes to rust removal, is electrolysis better than Evapo-Rust? Neither process involves the use of acid for removing rust, which is critical for restoring certain types of rusted items. A side-by-side comparison is accomplished on rusted wheel-stud lugs to see which process is best. I also use electrolysis to remove rust from a badly rusted wrench. I hope you enjoy the video and I really look forward to reading your comments. Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.
  • Runtime : 7:38
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  • Nihlistpunk hashtags anyone?

    You shouldve had a scrap piece of metal with way more surface area than that, it couldve been faster and better for the rust and i agree the pipe wrench is a 2 peice deal, the really rusted area doesnt have much contact with the rest of the wrench, try again id love to see the results with the better setup

  • Across The Across
    Across The Across   2 days ago

    Honestly, I'll just stick with boiling white vinegar baths. It's like $1 a litre, and does in 5 minutes what took you over half a week to do.

  • scubbarookie
    scubbarookie   2 days ago

    That wrench! This is an interesting test. The tank experiment is awesome! 👍

  • maggs131
    maggs131   2 days ago

    What if you did electrolysis IN evaporust? Did i just blow your mind?

  • thekingtroll2
    thekingtroll2   2 days ago

    Woohoo! I was the 500th person to dislike this video! (sorry I'm a troll and could not pass up on that achievement!)Secondly, I would have not bought that expensive Evaporust. I would have not wasted 4 days to restore them. I would have went out and purchased a new wrench and two new bolts and saved myself the time and hassle.

  • brent
    brent   2 days ago

    Electrolysis will actually do a reduction reaction with the rust converting it back to un rusted metal chemically making it the choice for antique tool restoration. The wrench needed a good electrical connection to the adjustable part of the wrench. Your wire was only on the main part of the wrench.BTW I love your tests keep them coming!

  • Nick
    Nick   3 days ago

    Holy balls, I have that same battery charger! I got it from my dad years ago. Yours looks much better than mine! I should take it apart, clean and inspect the electronics, and and paint it.

  • RedStrapper Racing MX

    Love all your videos, I put Project Farm on you tube and just let it play while I’m rebuilding engines in my shop. Keep up the great work Sir!!

  • Brett Johnson
    Brett Johnson   1 weeks ago

    I have a plastic barrel that I use to clean engine blocks with electrolysis, cleans all the crap out of the water jackets, works very well

  • Carl Ray
    Carl Ray   1 weeks ago

    As always, a very good informative video. Thanks

  • rolocz
    rolocz   1 weeks ago

    nice video, you should have measured the total energy used electrolysis tank.

  • adamwilson301
    adamwilson301   1 weeks ago

    Looks like the metal wore needs to be in contact with the part of the wrench that has the gear. That’s why none of the rust is coming off. (I think)

  • Mike Lakes
    Mike Lakes   1 weeks ago

    Anyone know if Evapo-rust is responsible? Like, if filtered and stored in the container.

  • James Mastroianni
    James Mastroianni   1 weeks ago

    there was no contact with the second piece of the wrench or it woulda been easy

  • myfastcars
    myfastcars   1 weeks ago

    Test compromised... The worm gear portion of the wrench was not properly connected to the handle part of the wrench (electrically) You should have had the wire wrapped around that part also.

  • wolf2die4
    wolf2die4   1 weeks ago

    Should have used stainless steel and copper wire.

  • journeyman2003
    journeyman2003   1 weeks ago

    Should have attached the wire to the movable part of the wrench

  • Sam BA
    Sam BA   1 weeks ago

    How cant you not see how come just one part didnt remove the rust on the wrench??? Its so obvious its because it wasnt electrically connected.

  • Friendly faces make me smile.

    Nice test! Both really interesting processes. I think that both did almost as efficient. Just wanted to say you may have scrapped some rust off before the weigh in when analyzing the rust at 3:44, maybe its not significant.

  • MuhsinTheMomin
    MuhsinTheMomin   1 weeks ago

    Not a copper brush but a brass brush. Just an observation. Keep up the good work

  • rixretros
    rixretros   2 weeks ago

    I've used both processes to derust motorcycle gas tanks and other bits. Evaporust is great because it's non-toxic and won't damage paint. It works better if you put the tank in the sun to get everything nicely warmed up. The drawbacks are cost and the fact that Evaporust WILL eventually stop working when the active ingredient is used up. As well, if you intend to use Evaporust on anything that has been in contact with ANY petroleum product (oil/gas/grease/etc) the part MUST be thoroughly degreased FIRST with a good degreasing fluid. As mentioned, it is more economical when used for small parts, but.......if you've got a 40 year old original motorcycle gas tank with nice original paint and that has light to medium rust then Evaporust is the way to go, IMO. Electrolysis works great for serious amounts of rust. Yes, it's slower but if you run your charger on the 10 or 20 amp setting the process is sped up considerably. The only thing you have to worry about is making sure that you have good electrical contact with ALL bits of the part you are attempting to derust as was mentioned by others in their comments. As well, you may have to change your electrolyte solution part way through the process because it gets quite filled with sediment which seems to interfere with the process. WARNING:You must make sure you have PROPER VENTILATION when using electrolysis because of the HIGHLY EXPLOSIVE gases given off during the process. Electrolysis is best done outside and even then you must be very careful to NOT use any open flames or sparking devices around the electrolysis bath AT ANY TIME. You also want to make sure your CHARGER IS TURNED OFF BEFORE you put your item(s) in the solution or BEFORE you remove them from the solution. You can get quite a shock and/or burns from the charger, especially if you're using the 10 or 20 amp settings. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED !!!

  • Steven Gagnon
    Steven Gagnon   2 weeks ago

    I really wish you would have ground the adjusting part of the wrench as well. It seems it did not get current like the rest of the wrench

  • Katz Fam
    Katz Fam   2 weeks ago

    Try using evapo rust in electrolysis compared to just evapo rust

  • Katz Fam
    Katz Fam   2 weeks ago

    Most people use Evapo Rust in electrolysis

  • Netneeding Systems
    Netneeding Systems   2 weeks ago

    Am sorry, I might lost it, how much volts did you use for electrolisis? And can you make electrolisis on evaporust? Is it hazard in any way? maybe flammable, thanks for sharing! So how many volts?

  • Wire Works
    Wire Works   3 weeks ago

    Should have wrapped some wire around the carriage and worm gear on the wrench only because both aren't really part of the wrench. It would have worked faster. 6 to 8 hours is all you need for electrolysis to work effectively.

  • theodosis karitzis
    theodosis karitzis   3 weeks ago

    I'm no expert but I think it would be a better idea to change the sacrificial steel after a while.

  • Surf Widow
    Surf Widow   3 weeks ago

    Sounds Like Ray Romano! :) I think you have to way up the cos and faff of doing electrolysis and the mess and the space and is it really worth it! Unless its a rare heirloom piece like a tool your grandfather used to own that is irreplaceable just forget it and buy one new! A bolt is cheap and probably safer especially for a critical complainant like brakes! My advice would be have a long hard think about this before you start as this is not cheap! and the outcome is just a bit of junk really still! LOL! !! LUL!

  • Perma Grin
    Perma Grin   3 weeks ago

    I just dunked an engine block. Only for 4 hours. Came out ok but longer would have been better

  • Masterzz
    Masterzz   3 weeks ago

    Why did the sacrificial steel accumulate all that rust?

  • Kevin Parratt
    Kevin Parratt   3 weeks ago

    Shit .. must you really scream all the time??? ... gone >>>