Mecole Hardman - Fastest Rookie in the NFL ᴴᴰ

  • Published on: 04 February 2020
  • Mecole Hardman Highlights (FASTEST ROOKIE IN THE NFL)

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  • Runtime : 10:30


  • Bandit2k
    Bandit2k   1 hours ago

    Bih be selling my shit in madden tho

  • milk yo
    milk yo   1 days ago

    lmao 3:13 mahomes slides with absolutely no one around him🤣🤣😂. Love mahomie.

  • Key Limepie
    Key Limepie   3 days ago

    For those who don't know, his sister's name is Nicole.

  • Duces2315
    Duces2315   3 days ago

    1:24 anyone hear that music in the background ?

  • AspectTR
    AspectTR   4 days ago

    He’s tyreek hill but taller

  • E R
    E R   4 days ago

    Somebody need to check on Kareem Hunt right bout Now

  • Robin Ghimire
    Robin Ghimire   5 days ago

    He's basically Tyreek Hill Junior. Legion of Zoom Baby

  • Sawda Rashid
    Sawda Rashid   1 weeks ago

    So we just gonna ignore the fact that Patrick Mahomes slide for no reason 😂😂😂

    ELIJAH FONDREN   1 weeks ago

    the vids of him in pregame and in the tunnel and the one of him standing there, can you dm me those please on @eftapes

  • Zeus Films
    Zeus Films   1 weeks ago

    So glad he’s on my favorite team

  • YutoTheSaiyan
    YutoTheSaiyan   1 weeks ago

    He’s the Equivalent of turning your speed to 97 on madden. Jesus.

  • A i
    A i   1 weeks ago

    What song is that in this video?

  • Nic Tessier
    Nic Tessier   1 weeks ago

    Chiefs might have to get Henry Ruggs too

  • darryn frost
    darryn frost   2 weeks ago

    DK Metcalf ran the same 40 time, and has a faster top end speed.

  • Daniel
    Daniel   2 weeks ago

    Which post remix is this

  • Ezekyel Doseck
    Ezekyel Doseck   2 weeks ago

    You gotta say that’s a good pass when Patrick jumped and a hell a lot of pressure

  • Wyatt Earb
    Wyatt Earb   2 weeks ago

    Everyone gotta steal from the L.O.B

  • Bylc XBL
    Bylc XBL   2 weeks ago

    anyone know the song at 6:13?

  • Tom Vaughan
    Tom Vaughan   2 weeks ago

    Awesome video. Love the low key music. It’s not annoying like some.

  • Colton Cartee
    Colton Cartee   3 weeks ago

    Soon to be my guy Henry Ruggs!! Best receiver in the class!!

  • King Liq
    King Liq   4 weeks ago

    I guess Hollywood brown isn’t a rookie😂

  • Joel387 suzuki
    Joel387 suzuki   1 months ago

    cool vid shittiest remix ive ever heard in my life jesus christ

  • Tyler Diaz
    Tyler Diaz   1 months ago

    when Kelce is your slowest offensive weapon that spells trouble for other teams

  • Elijah Herrada
    Elijah Herrada   1 months ago

    Honestly I wouldn’t mind being an MVP rookie and getting one of them rings for myself👌💯

  • Cat Island 猫の島
    Cat Island 猫の島   1 months ago


  • Chia Xiong
    Chia Xiong   1 months ago

    Hardman and AB and OBJ on the same team that's trouble

  • Chia Xiong
    Chia Xiong   1 months ago

    The Pats picked the wrong guy 😂😂😂 Bill couldn't see him was too fast lol

  • oneofakind121
    oneofakind121   1 months ago

    Funny how i drafted him on my madden20 dynasty team, didn't really cared about him but bam 4years in and he's the top receiver in terms of yards and overall 98+.