Is Organic Really Better? Healthy Food or Trendy Scam?

  • Published on: 13 January 2019
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    Organic food is a huge trend: it promises a healthier and better life. But can Organic food really live up to the expectations or is it just baloney?


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  • Runtime : 9:21
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  • I am Iron Man
    I am Iron Man   2 hours ago

    I’m only 13 and I have already watched almost all your videos as they are amazing. Thank you Kurzgesagt

  • MemeLord 699
    MemeLord 699   7 hours ago

    Organic: Less tasty and expensive food that has less benefits.

  • MemeLord 699
    MemeLord 699   7 hours ago

    Organic: Less tasty and expensive food that has less benefits.

  • Karmel Abufarha
    Karmel Abufarha   15 hours ago

    While this video is insightful it doesn't tell the whole story... The standard of just being organic isn't that big of a difference because it just not using chemicals... There is however a larger difference when you use more sophisticated soil building methods, no till, crop diversity which is the true organic... Otherwise known as regenerative farming. This does have a difference in nutrition, social construction of the farm, the impact not he environment as it's essentially a part of the environment rather than being a separate entity of the environment.

  • first india
    first india   2 days ago

    which is your animation companymade video for india also

  • A D
    A D   2 days ago

    I can't wait to take my turn as hugh hefner

  • Kyler Kasper
    Kyler Kasper   3 days ago

    I think they forgot to search about how hipsters effect the environment, and the answer is that hipsters ruin the earth

  • will2see
    will2see   4 days ago

    What I know for sure is when I eat tomatoes from the garden of my grandmother, the tomatoes are MUCH tastier and generally look better than those bought in Tesco.

  • Ghada
    Ghada   4 days ago

    To make long story short , "going local" is your best option. At least for the time being.

  • Penguinator
    Penguinator   4 days ago

    should update this to reflect hte EPA and FDA doing jack shit and actually allowing known dangerous pesticides to be used, that are connected to causing brain damage to children.

  • Juan Lisardo Delgado

    Actually in Spanish greenhouses there is a significant reduction in CO2 in the atmosphere. There is no energy consumption or gas emissions in the Spanish greenhouses. There might me in greenhouses located in Northern Europe, like the Netherlands or Germany.

  • Maud Thilmany
    Maud Thilmany   5 days ago

    Perhaps a bigger surface is needed for organic food production than for the traditional one, but you might forget the sustainability in all that. Soils die. Irrigation is a problem. You “convince” people that buying cheap food like 5€/kg-potatoes isn’t that bad as you did not mention land issues etc. I know you don’t want to convince anybody, but as an organic-food-buyer you made me forget issues like soils, local water deprivation (for Coca-Cola...), .. Multinationals have much more impact on the environment than what we believe, and on humans too. Everyone greedy in its own comfort... Local food is the best, at the right season even more. We better have to repeat it, as you did... Nice video as always though!! :)

  • IC Ross
    IC Ross   5 days ago

    Organic Foods is a cute niche market that plays on the consumers emotional belief of back to nature being the best. It is only for a small market place. The bottom line is that Organic Foods and Farming are not scalable. It can't handle the whole worlds food needs and demands. With the population growing at its current rate, Organic Farming is like throwing a cup of water in a empty Olympic Pool thinking that it will fill it. We complain now about Brazil's Rain Forest being leveled for more farm and cattle land. Imagine how much land would be needed if it was for Organic Farming.

  • Yellow Scout
    Yellow Scout   5 days ago

    Hello, please make a video about the explanation of autism and how it is caused by society? Thanks

  • gvs209
    gvs209   5 days ago

    Does one objectively taste better? And are there some items better organic than others? What about eggs and meat?

  • Nathan Jarboe
    Nathan Jarboe   6 days ago

    If you don’t use any pesticides or fungicides, then the vegetables are fucked.

  • GoobyPls
    GoobyPls   1 weeks ago


  • Gursimran Singh
    Gursimran Singh   1 weeks ago

    Whatever comes from a fertile land is organic. The problem arises when you reduce you organic content and pump fertilizers. It's not gonna work.Quality of the food depends on the soil. Watch Sadhguru cauvery calling if you wanna know better. This video was made without much clarity and perception.

  • Patient Zerø
    Patient Zerø   1 weeks ago

    What?? I thought organic foods were just supposed to be better for your system, since they don't have many pesticides like regular vegetables and fruits

  • Steph Beach
    Steph Beach   1 weeks ago

    I understood through the Skeptics Guide to the Universe that our increasing global population cannot be sustained if we continue to go organic.

  • B Hole
    B Hole   1 weeks ago

    Dude ATRAZINE is the reason i eat organic and just because it might be less deadly im more concerned with hormonal problems and heart arrhythmia of which a statistically significant amount of young men who i grew up with that had corn fields in their back yards developed 2 died from fatal arrhythmia before the age of 20 in a graduating class of 160.

  • Mauricio Marcos
    Mauricio Marcos   1 weeks ago

    I loved the adventure time swords that the organic and conventional creatures wielded during their fight

  • 이지금
    이지금   1 weeks ago

    I like how Kurzgesagt keeps the balance between two

  • J Money
    J Money   1 weeks ago

    True organic is mastery of crop rotation and cultivation!!!

  • ysa :P
    ysa :P   1 weeks ago


  • fanibu _
    fanibu _   1 weeks ago

    But what about the insects that die from those pesticides?

  • Nature Was Here
    Nature Was Here   1 weeks ago

    Great video, yes, buy local whenever possible. I think there needs to be much more emphasis on soil health when comparing these methods. Conventional farming favors tilling the soil, causing a dramatic loss in top soil in the long term and the use of pesticides destroys biodiversity, of microbiomes and insect populations, namely pollinator species'. And, we must be aware these pesticides wash into watersheds, how this is connected to water quality. ...Things to consider.

  • Monkee Supremacee
    Monkee Supremacee   1 weeks ago

    I wonder what was the train of thought that lead the animator to depict seasonal foods as Batman eating a pumpkin on a porch.

  • Juan Parra
    Juan Parra   1 weeks ago

    I don’t even care about the nutrients and stuff I just feel like sometimes organic food tastes more natural which is only an opinion but yeah...

  • AliCenk84
    AliCenk84   1 weeks ago

    I see Genetically modified fruits and veggies as the biggest threat to our society. Eating organic certified stuff is the best way to avoid so far.