Is Organic Really Better? Healthy Food or Trendy Scam?

  • Published on: 13 January 2019
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    Organic food is a huge trend: it promises a healthier and better life. But can Organic food really live up to the expectations or is it just baloney?


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  • Runtime : 9:21
  • Organic Organic Food agriculture healthy healthier natural ethical ecological fruit vegetables veggies meat GMO fertilisers synthetic pesticides nutritious antioxidants conventional vitamins c omega 3 fatty acid toxic toxicity residue copper sulphate cancer cancer risk regulations nutrition environment greenhouse gas emissions energy consumption land needs ecotoxicity


  • Ismail Qamar
    Ismail Qamar   2 days ago

    The knowledge from this channel is beyond our time

  • Lue Ciefer
    Lue Ciefer   3 days ago

    Organic almost always tastes better as it's not frozen for half a year and shipped 3,000 miles usually like the bulk cheap shit. You can get good of either if you know how to pick the right fruits. veggies always taste the same to me pretty much.

  • Proxima Centauri
    Proxima Centauri   4 days ago

    This is the way information should be conveyed: objectively. Provide BOTH views of the subject WITH a scientific approach and WITHOUT any financial agenda (i.e. monetary gain/benefit). There is a huge organic “agenda” out there and people don’t QUESTION the process nor the results. People just accept the hearsay (the new norm). SMH

  • Gumby The Green
    Gumby The Green   4 days ago

    You glossed over eco-toxicity as though it's just one factor to consider when it's actually the most important one. Poisoning the environment is destroying our soil 10x faster than it can regenerate, killing ecosystems, and will eventually kill us. Fixing this problem is a moral imperative, and an extremely important one. We can't be dumping crap that doesn't belong into the soil - the very foundation of life on earth - and expect things to magically work out long term. And we can't endanger the trillions of people and other animals who'll come after us just to make it easier to feed the 8th billion of our current people. If we can't feed everyone sustainably then there are just too many of us. Plus, it is possible to do organic farming with less land and resources and in ways that produce better food and are fully sustainable. Watch the documentary The Need to Grow.

  • FriZz
    FriZz   6 days ago

    4:40 does organic food kills the Corona Virus?

  • hahalolcakes
    hahalolcakes   6 days ago

    Please do a video specifically on Antioxidants

  • Linda Chen
    Linda Chen   6 days ago

    5:20 dont plants turn CO2 into O2?

  • Justin Rehagen
    Justin Rehagen   6 days ago

    I've never laughed this hard at one of these video then this: 4:26

  • BESI291
    BESI291   1 weeks ago

    Which company paid you to make this video?

  • Robert Kelly
    Robert Kelly   1 weeks ago

    I like it when a woman ends up organically around my penis

  • Tim N
    Tim N   1 weeks ago

    its great how it explains that some people will believe what they want, despite the evidence shown and explained in this video.

  • KestrelHarper
    KestrelHarper   1 weeks ago

    Yesss, give me that sweet sweet confirmation bias.

  • Remi Cyrta
    Remi Cyrta   1 weeks ago

    I know one thing for sure. Most of the soft fruits and some veg , organic or not from the shops I get allergic reactions to (Spanish , Dutch...) Grown in my garden no such a thing!!!! It must be Magic.

  • Ajay Narayanan
    Ajay Narayanan   1 weeks ago

    Every food becomes poison when produced at large scale.

  • Kevin R
    Kevin R   1 weeks ago

    There is a reason why people created pesticides and preservatives in the first place. I have been eating "conventional" foods all my life (41 years), and have not gotten sick from them.

  • PurpleCatWithC4
    PurpleCatWithC4   1 weeks ago

    I showed this video to Karen, and out anger she made all the accounts that disliked this video.

  • Mikey
    Mikey   1 weeks ago

    Wait, maybe organic in europe is different than US, we have to deal with roundup in our foods, pesticides, fungicides, hormones antibacteries. Of course, its not going to be as efficient, there are pollutants all around and being organic is going to be a perfect fix. These foods aren't going to kill you right away and they may never accumulate to effect your quality of life, but you only have one, treat it that way.

  • Christopher Alexander Mendoza

    People who say organic is better are just saying diet soda can't kill you and makes you healthy when in reality you die

  • Tami Ramos
    Tami Ramos   1 weeks ago

    The way that food is grown and processed. That is the biggest difference and the biggest deal. Damn...some oatmeal is sprayed to dry it out and has nothing to do with killing bugs. Fraction of the tolerance level...according to the FDA...whom I don't trust anymore because they have their hands in the pockets of big AG.

  • Cobalt Storm
    Cobalt Storm   1 weeks ago

    Question: is this good or bad?These guys: Well yes but actually no

  • Qrixor RBLX
    Qrixor RBLX   1 weeks ago

    imagine conventional foods actually passing the organic test even tho they are GM'd and filled with pesticites

  • Solomon Kabuka
    Solomon Kabuka   1 weeks ago

    1:26 i find it funny how he refers to the non-organic human-treated plants as "regular" plants

    MICHAEL SHAPIRA   1 weeks ago

    7:19 person: avocado i chose u. other person: vegetable i have never seen before i chose u.

  • Onur GUNDURU
    Onur GUNDURU   1 weeks ago

    first use the right terms -> conventional = industrial that starts with GMO

  • Rommy Salve
    Rommy Salve   1 weeks ago

    Biological food is easier to eat and are easier to digest