Is Organic Really Better? Healthy Food or Trendy Scam?

  • Published on: 13 January 2019
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    Organic food is a huge trend: it promises a healthier and better life. But can Organic food really live up to the expectations or is it just baloney?


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  • Runtime : 9:21
  • Organic Organic Food agriculture healthy healthier natural ethical ecological fruit vegetables veggies meat GMO fertilisers synthetic pesticides nutritious antioxidants conventional vitamins c omega 3 fatty acid toxic toxicity residue copper sulphate cancer cancer risk regulations nutrition environment greenhouse gas emissions energy consumption land needs ecotoxicity


  • Pawel Jakub Knebloch
    Pawel Jakub Knebloch   23 hours ago

    When I was eating lots of meat and dairy products I had a bad acne and shit looking skin.Im a live proof that going vegan makes you younger and your skin better looking.

  • Sean Leas
    Sean Leas   1 days ago

    I always physically feel better when eating some organic plants over regular which may be a fallacy in my mind. I buy conventional as often as I can because of cost, I think there’s probably more differences than what we realise that hasn’t been studied. Until then it’s conventional for me because food is expensive. And keep poking the fruit and veg into my gullet as much as possible. 😂

  • sugarmilk28
    sugarmilk28   1 days ago

    Did Monsanto pay for this video??🤔😒

  • Limanow Playz
    Limanow Playz   1 days ago

    Gumball:Wait Until I Shove This On Mr Small's Face.

  • Hamzterdam
    Hamzterdam   2 days ago

    how much did u get paid for this disinformation?

  • Tim Laursen
    Tim Laursen   2 days ago

    I wish that there was a sticker on food items that told me if it has been produced sustainably in stead of one that tells me if it is organic or not.

  • rzr73
    rzr73   2 days ago

    Évidemment le bio ne suffit pas, les produits que nous achetons doivent aussi être de saison et locaux.(moins de transport, d'énergie, mafia qui contrôle les produits bio ou non à l'autre bout du monde, plus de dynamisme économique local, plus de liens sociaux entre producteurs et consommateurs...)Nous définissons souvent le bio comme meilleur pour la santé mais il paraît assez logique que se bourrer de chips et de bières biologiques n'est pas bénéfique pour celle-ci...Cependant je trouve que l'aspect préservation de la planète est mis un peu trop en marge dans cette video, une culture bio n'est peut-être pas exempte de produits phyto mais elle en utilise moins pour lala préparation des sols, la production, le stockage, la conservation. Le seul exemple de produit plus dangereux en bio qu'en conventionnel dans cette video permet d'occulter tous les autres produits néfastes à l'homme et à la planète.De plus, mais c'est mon opinion, le fait de ne pas utiliser d'OGM permet de garder le contrôle de ce qui va se trouver dans notre assiette, les grandes entreprises semencieres fixant leurs prix à la hausse chaque année et privant les agriculteurs de pouvoir les reproduirent d'eux même car ces graines sont dégénératives...Il est probable que bientôt ces entreprises nous disent quoi manger et à quel prix, le monopole n'est jamais bon pour le consommateur.Bien sûr nous n'avons pas tous les mêmes moyens financiers mais si les produits bio sont ou paraissent plus cher croyez-vous que l'industrie agroalimentaire fasse des cadeaux à nous autres consommateurs? Quelqu'un doit de toute façon payer le prix, le consommateur, les populations qui produisent pour nous,la planète, la qualité des produits...Y a qu'à voir les fortunes des dirigeants de aldi ou lidl.Essayons de consommer avec discernement et conscience , faisons vivre les petits commerces, producteurs et plus les gros.. faisons le avec éthique

  • Akeda Laevateinn
    Akeda Laevateinn   3 days ago

    Now if people will just stop obsessing over GMOs and pretending to be allergic to gluten so they can feel good about themselves.

  • p3nd_
    p3nd_   4 days ago

    Well organic non organicOrganic means by swiss standards just like in the video no synthetic fertilizer what so ever and only allowed natural things the levels of the toxins from those synthetic products to the organic are differntiating but if you rinse them with water the levels are both about equally low because most of the toxins are actually on the skin of the apple The health benefits are for organic fruit is not that much of a difference from ordinary fruit

    DEEPAK JOSEPH   4 days ago

    If you go to any farm in will never eat anything else other than organic. If a truck full of anything from there comes near you... You start to have a headache. There is not regulation for pesticides or fertilizers in that state of India.

  • Coby White Fan
    Coby White Fan   5 days ago

    Organic foods are not all that. Sometimes, conventional could be even healthier! Some organic goods are for people that are allergic to the most poupular food resources

  • Ben Mattersnone
    Ben Mattersnone   5 days ago

    You never even mentioned glyphosate. The attempt of this channel trying to sound authoritative on these matters, is pathetic. You should either do more research before producing garbage like this, or delete your channel.

  • Susan Shepard
    Susan Shepard   5 days ago

    DUH!! Pesticide is designed to kill bugs so then how do you think it effects us, we are all the same !

  • Ed
    Ed   5 days ago

    There is no such thing as organic farming. It's an undefined nonsense term, an appeal to nature and not evidence based on best practice. Anything organic farming does well is not unique to organic farming and would be better called farming.Let me try to explain through analogy. Imagine I had a fairy farm. Imagine I had best in class working practices in one area of my fairy farm. Would you then conclude that farming can learn from fairy farming? Or would you conclude that what I called fairy farming was actually what other people would call farming.

  • yeet feet
    yeet feet   5 days ago

    i had a roblox game in the background of the computer and at this part 7:03 when she destroyed the apple, an oof was perfectly timed where it should've hit the floor

  • Ze Yang Lim
    Ze Yang Lim   6 days ago

    I use organic to play a part for saving innocent from dying.They actually die

  • Wara Mazid
    Wara Mazid   6 days ago

    Love your videos! Please make a video on canned food!

  • Der Car
    Der Car   6 days ago

    That Snow White plot twist tho

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson   6 days ago

    The Organic fad is promoted by both left wing environmentalists and dumb conservatives who believe in conspiracy theories.

  • David Espinosa
    David Espinosa   1 weeks ago

    For people living in developing countries, we don't care too much whether what I am about to eat is organic or not (organic is generally the default and often the only option), but 1) Does it taste good, and 2) Do I have the money to afford it?Period 🙄.

  • minister jap
    minister jap   1 weeks ago

    For those that love to brag about organic foods😂🤣😂🤣😂 ha ha ha ha ha!!!

  • Frogs David
    Frogs David   1 weeks ago

    I'll tell you what,The biggest squaring parrots of climate change are the biggest perpetrators of mass consumerism and waste Do you re cycle?Do you plant trees? Do you eat everything on your plate?Do you live a minimalist life?Do you really need the latest iPhone? Do you save money?

  • scott y
    scott y   1 weeks ago

    For France you put red white bleu It's bleu white red wtf y i canots believe what you say know you don't ivent know a proper flag

  • Masha Mambea
    Masha Mambea   1 weeks ago

    Man how dump do these guyz think we are if this is a proved scientific fact then we never went to the moon it was just a movies to make us believe just like this video trying to make us believe that conventional farming is better in nutritional value and is good for the environment than organic. Man I think the maker's of this video should look up the word ORGANIC in a dictionary. Plz