How To Act Like Your Favorite Actors

  • Published on: 28 February 2015
  • Learn how to act like some of your favorite actors!

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  • Runtime : 10:51
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  • BroKe BoiSZ
    BroKe BoiSZ   1 days ago

    I don’t know how I just noticed this but in the Jennifer Lawrence one the director (forgot his name) is wearing an Xbox one mic

  • Sivan Cohen
    Sivan Cohen   3 days ago

    8:53 it says “the reign of cats and dogs” instead of rain

  • Rain KC
    Rain KC   3 days ago

    Thanks to Ryan I now know how to be popular and rich

  • Fat Cow
    Fat Cow   3 days ago

    I love how in the kristin stewart cap is changed to goodness

  • Noon Sun
    Noon Sun   1 weeks ago

    The actor from Ace Ventura was accurate in my case-

  • I'm kpop trash
    I'm kpop trash   2 weeks ago

    5:14 is love, even I want to know if Delilah ever told the guy what it's like in New York City

  • Langelihle Mbuso
    Langelihle Mbuso   2 weeks ago

    Kirsten Stewart has the same facial expression throughout all her movies

  • Døźy T
    Døźy T   2 weeks ago

    5:45 Coach Carter is actually a really good film though.

  • Ravi Jaju
    Ravi Jaju   2 weeks ago

    Capitol one, the ffffs in ur wallet?

  • Mhao Yeager
    Mhao Yeager   2 weeks ago


  • Michele Johnson
    Michele Johnson   2 weeks ago

    You forgot, for the Horror actor, "Trip on Air 24/7"

  • RedstoneRob
    RedstoneRob   2 weeks ago

    shark-hurricane... how about shark-icane

  • Gewoon Iemand
    Gewoon Iemand   3 weeks ago

    The Arnie voice tho lolll😂😂😂😂😂

  • RedstoneRob
    RedstoneRob   3 weeks ago

    "and i can assure u if u follow all these tips and techniques ull be acting... in a long time"dude wtf thats hilarious

  • Will O'Brien
    Will O'Brien   3 weeks ago

    The capital one commercial could actually be on tv 😂

  • levi Stevens
    levi Stevens   3 weeks ago

    8:55 I’ve watched all the sharknados ligit there r movies of that

  • ananya mani
    ananya mani   3 weeks ago

    Capital oneThe f***s in your wallet 😂😂😂😂

    LXL DXL   3 weeks ago

    You should actually make a movie out of these characters in one horror movie thriller

  • JJ Fincher
    JJ Fincher   3 weeks ago

    A tornado over the ocean is called an ocean spout

  • Liyu Theodros
    Liyu Theodros   4 weeks ago

    Aren't we going to talk about how amazing the trailer is at the end of the video

  • Ironclad
    Ironclad   4 weeks ago

    Robert Pattinson is now the new Batman