Can Stoners Spot The Cop?

  • Published on: 21 July 2019
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    Can Stoners Spot The Cop?
  • Runtime : 10:33
  • Can Stoners Spot The Cop? Cops spot Stoners legalization of marijuana is weed legal? react reaction thefinebros fine brothers fine brothers entertainment finebros fine bros fbe laugh challenge try not to laugh try to watch without laughing or grinning react gaming kids versus food staff reacts lyric breakdown the 10s guess that stoners oneoff1923


    REACT   10 months ago

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  • A.Z Mirage
    A.Z Mirage   3 days ago

    I want him to arrest me and do things. Naughty things.

  • Gabe Collins
    Gabe Collins   1 weeks ago

    That girl in the yellow and black shirt sounds like James Charles

  • Marlene Flores
    Marlene Flores   2 weeks ago

    I kinda wanna know what Sara and Tony do for a living

  • jonathan vergara
    jonathan vergara   2 weeks ago

    3 suspects come to the room*Me: The 3rd one yeah :v I feel amazing right now the video is over jajaja

    PURPLE TURTLE70   2 weeks ago

    When your not a big fan of cops because you broke the law

  • sul alha
    sul alha   3 weeks ago

    i cant wait for 2050 so i can put my leg inside the screen and kick that blond boy in the face

  • Y B
    Y B   3 weeks ago

    Morgan has such a cute smile when she's high

  • Gabrielle
    Gabrielle   3 weeks ago

    Who else guessed the cop before any questions were even asked lmao

  • Zavi Moore
    Zavi Moore   3 weeks ago

    I knew it was subject 3 soon as he came in he did that body adjustment that cops usually do lmao

  • Dakota Thompson
    Dakota Thompson   4 weeks ago

    I knew Blaine was the cop before they even started questioning. His watch seemed more of the style somebody getting into combat situations would wear.

  • micah crawford
    micah crawford   4 weeks ago

    I feel like the girl is a scientist of some sort cuz she kept saying hints like she can tell the difference between a male and female bug or that she wanted to be a biologist

  • Retarded Faggit
    Retarded Faggit   4 weeks ago

    3 or more is too many cats...more than 3 is too manyPurple-is/pink hair dude “that’s 2 different answers” (too stoned)

  • Steve Pisula
    Steve Pisula   1 months ago

    The slight buzz cut and glasses gave him away within 10 seconds

  • Galaga
    Galaga   1 months ago

    Nora "what happens if i dont sign the ticket"Cops "then you go to jail"Nora "guess im going to jail"Its sad that someone doesnt like cops because of their own stupidity

  • Ninjaqwe Boii
    Ninjaqwe Boii   1 months ago

    each time i check this channel, it gets darker

  • ramkitty
    ramkitty   1 months ago

    I called it by the walk in. Appeared more comfortable and relaxed.

  • cody martin
    cody martin   1 months ago

    I knew it was him because he looks like he wouldn't be a cop but then I am like well they did that on purpose to get people like me but I was right c:

  • El Enmascarado Escarlata

    Die hard 😂 if jake peralta would have been the interrogated one, it would have been way too easy to spot him

  • Ryry L
    Ryry L   1 months ago

    4:44 the most uncomfortable waiter ever

  • Jerome Campbell
    Jerome Campbell   1 months ago

    Figured out who was the cop after the workout question

  • jash Tejeda
    jash Tejeda   1 months ago

    As soon as he said 2 cups of coffee I knew it was him

  • Shawnee Garote
    Shawnee Garote   1 months ago

    I totally thought it was #3 too but those tattoos were throwing me! I did not know you could have that many I guess and still be a cop.

  • Dana
    Dana   1 months ago

    2:20 is me when I try to talk stoned lmfao “famret”

  • Kayla J
    Kayla J   1 months ago

    Just have to ask for their favorite Gatorade if they say the flavor instead of the color then they're a cop

  • ApocalypseSkies
    ApocalypseSkies   1 months ago

    I guessed Blaine but I was unsure between him and Sara. All 3 of them I can envision in some type of professional uniform but Blaine was a very approachable person, he had things about him that connected with people and that's something I find commonly in cops. They're not ALL serious and hardcore most of them are trained to come across as a friend because then you feel more comfortable around them and therefore more forthcoming with them. Tony would be the stereotypical intimidating cop and Sara would be the distant, mysterious kind of cop whose very serious about her job.

  • RED EY3
    RED EY3   1 months ago

    My fav one is the dude flirting

  • leyzer87
    leyzer87   1 months ago

    I liked what suspects had to say about it.