• Published on: 15 June 2012
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  • Runtime : 3:11
  • smosh anthony padilla hour energy drink shot caffeine infomercial commercial WHY ARE YOU READING THESE MOTHA-FIRETRUCKIN' TAGS?!


  • W W
    W W   16 hours ago

    Coke doesnt rly last long. An amphetamine would have been a better choice

  • *Leroy Sucks*
    *Leroy Sucks*   2 days ago

    YouTube: No mature content This video: shows Ian type at the keyboard until he has blood on the keyboard

  • you got gnomed
    you got gnomed   1 weeks ago

    No mature content Bleeding...Booty... Stripping...Drugs...More drugs...

  • 4 Piece
    4 Piece   1 weeks ago

    I just slept the last 15 hoursthere goes my weekend

  • Zoomin
    Zoomin   1 weeks ago

    1:18 anthony predicted wow classic

  • qwerty man
    qwerty man   1 weeks ago

    I would use this to work out so that I can be fit

  • Camilla Morris
    Camilla Morris   1 weeks ago

    The computer was never on so no credit for overtime

  • Ваня Ризова

    The actual way 15 hour energy might actually be created is just shit ton of coffin in a bottle with some water

  • Alpaca Boi7
    Alpaca Boi7   2 weeks ago

    Stephen Hawking joke, and Hwking is now DED

  • Gia Qwerty
    Gia Qwerty   2 weeks ago

    1:05 pulls out skull me:WHAT THE FRICK

  • Ninh Khang
    Ninh Khang   2 weeks ago

    [stephen hawking robot talk mouth] i don't need that s**** anymore

  • AP7
    AP7   2 weeks ago

    Yeah I’m binge watching all their og vids. Aren’t you?