• Published on: 15 June 2012
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  • Runtime : 3:11
  • smosh anthony padilla hour energy drink shot caffeine infomercial commercial WHY ARE YOU READING THESE MOTHA-FIRETRUCKIN' TAGS?!


  • i dont care
    i dont care   22 hours ago

    I find ian saying OHHH funny for some reason 0:28

  • Sage Markham
    Sage Markham   1 days ago

    this was the first Smosh vid i had seen. my brother was like “LOOK AT THIS IT’S FUNNY”

  • Sub LIKE
    Sub LIKE   5 days ago

    1:42 hilarious mouth movement

  • C l
    C l   5 days ago

    15 century energy

  • Bird Plane
    Bird Plane   6 days ago

    1:07 did anyone notice she was baking a head?

  • Xander Panda
    Xander Panda   1 weeks ago

    I’m watching this on its 7 year anniversary!

  • Arya16
    Arya16   1 weeks ago

    Papers please in a nutshell0:57

  • Gentiana Mehilli
    Gentiana Mehilli   2 weeks ago

    Who’s watched this from the gas buster video which you watched from the magic wipes video!!!😂😂😂

  • GamIng FoCuse
    GamIng FoCuse   2 weeks ago

    When your teamate is healing off the blue zone and you are in the blue zone knocked down.You: 1:56

  • I_drink Bleach
    I_drink Bleach   2 weeks ago

    Um did they just pour 3 5-hour energy drinks into a bottle

  • lightning storm
    lightning storm   2 weeks ago

    When anthony was still in smosh it has more then 15M views, but now most of their video doesnt even reach 8M

  • davey!!
    davey!!   2 weeks ago

    I wish the bonus video was still up..

  • ag4 study
    ag4 study   2 weeks ago

    Back when Smosh was actually funny...

  • Cacac
    Cacac   3 weeks ago

    The golden days of smosh i miss it :(