Original iPhone Unboxing! 11 Years Old Today

  • Published on: 30 June 2018
  • Unboxing The Original & First iPhone EVER Made From 2007! Or so I thought.. Today Marks 11 Years Since Release! Worth $10-20k!!

    iPhone 3G Unboxing: https://youtu.be/QwY4gqI0vVc
    iPhone 3Gs Unboxing: https://youtu.be/XHufs0NBY2w
    iPhone 4 Unboxing: https://youtu.be/-4OTgzb22OE
    First iPhone vs iPhone X: https://youtu.be/smhNAaqvqrQ
  • Runtime : 11:37
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  • ivanovic48
    ivanovic48   22 minuts ago

    Where can i buy this iPhone X case ?

  • RailFanning & Stuff
    RailFanning & Stuff   1 hours ago

    the battery will eventually leak and destroy the logic board in those still sealed packages

  • Hafsa L.
    Hafsa L.   5 hours ago

    I used the original iPhone and as far as I remember I could swipe and hold the app to delete them.

  • Teemo 98
    Teemo 98   13 hours ago

    andddddd...this is clickbait

  • Gary B
    Gary B   19 hours ago

    Gotta love the soy boy rage... it's a piece of electronics, not a lying non-virgin.

  • Srinath
    Srinath   1 days ago

    If you call they scammed you then why did you keep this video title as original iphone unboxing. You are the bigger scammer than them buddy. You will get your return for that box but we can unsee this video.

  • Bogdan Kalchev
    Bogdan Kalchev   1 days ago

    Whenever I think my problems are just a pile of imaginary crap- I will think of this guy.

  • Bogdan Kalchev
    Bogdan Kalchev   1 days ago

    I am kinda glad he got scammed, as well as it got recorded on cam!

  • Ymata Hans
    Ymata Hans   1 days ago

    I still have mine, and it's my first phone ahhahaha 3 years ago and everyone laughing at me because of it

  • lance lusung
    lance lusung   1 days ago

    Your benchmade infidel caught my attention even more. But i feel sorry for you being scammed by other people.

  • jaypee solo
    jaypee solo   1 days ago

    I dont think the iphone was the first multi touch phone. I had a sony touch phone years before the launch of the iphone

  • jaypee solo
    jaypee solo   1 days ago

    With 6m views you already earn so much more than the price of the phone

  • Isaac Schier
    Isaac Schier   2 days ago

    Misleading titles. "why do people do this"

  • garbagebrain
    garbagebrain   2 days ago

    Idiot you can’t get a real one because you don’t want to pay for a real one you dumb fuck

  • xXTDK VlogsXx
    xXTDK VlogsXx   3 days ago

    I used to have one... man if I held on to it I would be rich..Ima go cry in the corner

    GAMEFREAKHD   3 days ago

    His watch is expensiver than his iphone😂😂

  • Abubaker Jandan
    Abubaker Jandan   4 days ago

    I like this video so nice first time iPhone 2007 think you

  • nyas life
    nyas life   4 days ago

    I was so fuckin exited doooooooooo

  • iNFG Playz
    iNFG Playz   5 days ago

    Yeah. U know just recommended the vid to me 1 year later

  • SJS Yt
    SJS Yt   5 days ago


  • Nouche
    Nouche   5 days ago

    Wait for Apple to release some iGlasses, buy the original version, wait for it to (hopefully) become a revolution, and then resell it. You're rich.

  • paper cup
    paper cup   5 days ago

    5:10 *tries to hold back tears*

  • Jens Nesse
    Jens Nesse   5 days ago

    I got one of thoose phones before, i threw it on the asphalt

  • S M
    S M   5 days ago

    You deserve to be scammed for paying 3 thousand dollars for a 12 year old phone...