Will A Dryer POP Popcorn?

  • Published on: 15 October 2019
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    In today's video we're testing out a theory we've heard before- can you pop popcorn in a dryer?

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  • Runtime : 11:34
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  • JThammill
    JThammill   6 minuts ago

    have you ever had chips with vinagure if so can you do the same thing that you did with oreos and milk but with this Please

  • Pigger Games
    Pigger Games   1 hours ago

    Microwave he gets evenly distributed around the popcorn by the spinning play on the bottom that’s how the popcorn pops so try putting in taping it to the bottom of the dryer and letting it spin but the bag not moving and it might pop

  • BMF0X
    BMF0X   4 hours ago

    I feel like I am watching a TLC Extreme Cheapskates episodes

  • Lucas Brown
    Lucas Brown   7 hours ago

    I don't think anyone had ever said its bleeding popcorn oil

  • Aaron 1
    Aaron 1   8 hours ago

    It never flipped over

  • Waz Waz
    Waz Waz   14 hours ago

    Please try freezer drying slime

  • Meg Lawv
    Meg Lawv   17 hours ago

    Nate after putting in the last popcorn bag wipes hand on the popcorn towel Why?

  • Jordan Bjork
    Jordan Bjork   1 days ago

    Overriding the high temp sensor would do the trick

  • grant johnson
    grant johnson   1 days ago

    The Myth busters cooked popcorn with lasers, and it had to hit 450 fahrenheit. Not likely to get there in a dryer that won't ruin your clothing.

  • Allison Su
    Allison Su   2 days ago

    They actually bought a dryer for this.

  • isettech
    isettech   4 days ago

    For the wattage of the heat, the amount of air heated will affect the temperature. A building with a long vent, partially plugged vent, kinked vent hose, etc will reduce flow and result in higher temperatures. Running outside with no restrictions at all provides the highest airflow possible and the lowest temperature. Many dryers have a thermostat to prevent overheating and fires if the vent is plugged or the belt breaks.

  • Tyler Didier
    Tyler Didier   5 days ago

    The element has thermostats that kick off the element on and off at different temps when you block the heat vent the element will not stay on as long because the element thinks its over heating and kicks off.

  • Justin LaBoy
    Justin LaBoy   5 days ago

    Dont use commercial popcorn. Get a regular paper bag and put dry popcorn in it and seal it with tape and try it that way. The kernals with flow freely in the bag making contact with as much heat as possible instead of being clumped together with oil, which isnt getting hot enough. Its just wetting the kernals.

  • SJ S
    SJ S   1 weeks ago

    Did I just hear “A” for effort???😂😂😂

  • Gabrielle Olney Meece

    I wonder if you have too much heat escaping, wondering if it was air tight no cutting up the door.

  • amberzhu13
    amberzhu13   2 weeks ago

    My dryer has to have an opaque door because it makes my dog sad and freaks him out when he sees his toys being thrown around in the dryer 🤣

  • Devin Gardner
    Devin Gardner   2 weeks ago

    Use a gas dryer instead of an electric. They get way hotter.

  • Lily Vlogs
    Lily Vlogs   3 weeks ago

    Me:You can get a dryer with with window in in alreadyThem: makes a window

  • Jason Yasumoto
    Jason Yasumoto   3 weeks ago

    I am thinking, maybe if you suspended the popcorn bag in the middle if the dryer drum, that might work, since it is more like making it in the microwave.Or securely wrap the bag in a towel, or a shirt (a thin fabric), then put it on the dryer. That might heat the kernals up more.Thanks for the experiements as usual.

  • Kyle Buxton
    Kyle Buxton   4 weeks ago

    What if you filled a washing machine with dry ice

  • conicEllipse
    conicEllipse   4 weeks ago

    Popcorn kernels pop because the moisture in them turns to steam. To boil water requires 212 degrees F (100C). Dryers are not designed to run at temperatures greater than 150°F.

  • Somit Kumar
    Somit Kumar   1 months ago

    Put the kernels in without a bag like some from a container

    SLEEPDOG01   1 months ago

    What about using it like a air popper put popcorn in the dryer line a air popper

  • Sean Messamore
    Sean Messamore   1 months ago

    King of Random as for the popcorn try regular popcorn in a lunch bag no butter or oils

  • thewhizard
    thewhizard   1 months ago

    Would a fabric softener sheet result in softer pop corn?

  • Oofs McGee
    Oofs McGee   1 months ago

    They need to make a 12 days of Christmas song but it’s all the stuff they have had to buy. “12 deep fryers, 11 microwaves, 10 packs of gummies, 9 pounds of sand, etc.”

  • Daniel Young
    Daniel Young   1 months ago

    You guys are the reason they put warning labels on things

  • 747.Royale
    747.Royale   1 months ago

    All that spinning around make me dizzy 😂