Let me fix you! (YIAY #455)

  • Published on: 05 December 2018
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  • Runtime : 9:14
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  • Moonstar79
    Moonstar79   5 days ago

    So who watched the cuddle video...

  • Abby McCallum
    Abby McCallum   1 weeks ago


  • KumPupp
    KumPupp   1 weeks ago

    The fact that jack just crunched a candy cane makes me want to stab some children

  • Ng John
    Ng John   2 weeks ago

    It's 3am and I just got scared the shit out of my ass by the thumbnail

  • PotatoPan
    PotatoPan   2 weeks ago

    6:09 the thing that kills this tweet is the fact that grandayy posted it

  • Tristen Jaan Kontson
    Tristen Jaan Kontson   3 weeks ago

    455 is a great number because I love 455 If you didn't get it 455 = ass u poopoo

  • Kale Green
    Kale Green   3 weeks ago

    It's August of 2019 I'm still dabbing

  • Tara De  Visser
    Tara De Visser   1 months ago

    hahhahahaha the 'ye,-' 'hm' 'yesterday i asked you'

  • Brig's Comics
    Brig's Comics   1 months ago

    That thumbnail you looked like rumple silskin

  • 5CupOf_Ice
    5CupOf_Ice   1 months ago

    Who clicked the video thinking what is this anyway

  • T R
    T R   1 months ago

    0:31 Suomi mainittu! Torilla tavataan!

  • Dustin Sizemore
    Dustin Sizemore   1 months ago

    If u don’t understand algebra 2 just watch algebra 1 and you’ll understand the lore

  • Super Clone 117
    Super Clone 117   1 months ago

    the thumbnail look like Jack Torrance from The Shining (but in this case Jack Douglas)

  • Strawberry_ Jam
    Strawberry_ Jam   1 months ago

    7:31 Then you end up picking your not so handsome or fabulous, but way more caring best friend.

  • Professor Nope
    Professor Nope   1 months ago

    The first problem you fixed was actually quite nice for your channel

  • PuppetYeti
    PuppetYeti   1 months ago

    JohnnyJack, have YOU never seen a romcom? That guy she meets at the first wedding is going to be THE GROOM at the second wedding.

  • Kobe Pantel
    Kobe Pantel   1 months ago

    You can’t make a girl like you... however you can kidnap them

  • Harri Lappi
    Harri Lappi   1 months ago

    0:31 i dont think he knows its pauli not paul

  • firefly YT
    firefly YT   1 months ago


  • Melted Heck
    Melted Heck   1 months ago

    Jack you monster, how dare you devour a candy cane in such a Fashion...then again how dare I comment on a 1 year old video... A N D E D I T M Y C O M M E N T

  • B Dizzle
    B Dizzle   1 months ago

    If you want to see the ad go to 3:57 if you want to skip the ad go to 4:36

  • Ethan Hirsch
    Ethan Hirsch   1 months ago

    The thumbnail is gonna give me nightmares.

  • Levinski
    Levinski   1 months ago

    Anyone else see Grandayy

  • Kai Kobrin
    Kai Kobrin   1 months ago

    "It's ethical, I checked."My new response to when someone says I did a bad.