This Reddit post got me teared up.. LWIAY #0092

  • Published on: 20 September 2019
  • reviewing lwiay for the first time
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  • Runtime : 22:21


  • demon justice
    demon justice   3 days ago

    Pewdiepie: is this one punch man or something?Me: so, you are not as weeb as I thought.....

  • cc - X3
    cc - X3   4 days ago

    pewds you have the biggest heart.. and to that girl, so very strong. keep starying strong, like pewds says, the 19 year olds are here for u too

  • Ladops
    Ladops   5 days ago

    hehe now its 21,001 comment haha i ruin it haha floor gang

  • Jared Kapp
    Jared Kapp   5 days ago

    Pewdiepie as All Might is honestly awesome

  • Liquid Mike
    Liquid Mike   1 weeks ago

    Surprise tickling? No.Surprise fingering? Better?!?

  • Carter DJ
    Carter DJ   1 weeks ago

    it was a trace of my hero academia I think

  • d j
    d j   3 weeks ago


  • Keisha Sebastian
    Keisha Sebastian   3 weeks ago

    that postwhish looked like a flip book it looks like all might fighting the nomu lmao

  • Timetodiddl
    Timetodiddl   4 weeks ago

    Sorry pewds but I can buy a gun that has pewdiepie all over it for 469.99

  • Ike D
    Ike D   1 months ago

    Got damn it Felix I'm gonna buy a fricken chair, it's just too cool.Buying your chair and paying rent. I have a roomate, so your chair costs more than my rent. It better be the last chair I ever have to buy.

  • LiamKorn
    LiamKorn   1 months ago

    You should make IT 469.69 instead of 469.99

  • Asianboi5000
    Asianboi5000   1 months ago

    13:18 omg is reaction is so funny and quirky

  • Maggatrix
    Maggatrix   1 months ago

    Felix: Fingering the screenMe: I've never been more uncomfortable in my entire existence lol

  • Drew Walsh
    Drew Walsh   1 months ago

    6:53 sounds like he went through a door in pokemon

  • Jacky Tsang
    Jacky Tsang   1 months ago

    5:59 the anime is MHA, good watch for sure

  • Jason Rojas
    Jason Rojas   1 months ago

    Pewdiepie: tickling is inappropriate Also Pewdiepie: fingering

  • H0lyn3vil
    H0lyn3vil   1 months ago

    so sad i cant buy 100 mil club the shipping fee is 1k php which is a lot in my country :(

  • Salsa
    Salsa   1 months ago

    20:23 right in the feels. you dont know me at all, but i'm SO proud of you.

    JTND TV   1 months ago

    20:41 a Canadian legend eh

  • Wouter van Wel
    Wouter van Wel   1 months ago

    Pewds mabby tickle isnt aproprietSo let’s Finger instead (Sorry for bad english

  • JKFtolys
    JKFtolys   1 months ago

    11:44 it should've been "legit food review"

  • mattwithahat
    mattwithahat   1 months ago

    ew ew ew ew pewdiepie pick nose aaaaaaa

  • sqmbie
    sqmbie   1 months ago

    “tickle isn’t appropriate how about just fingering” who’s gonna tell him

  • quazstra EthanJGaming
    quazstra EthanJGaming   1 months ago

    when he was pointing the finger at the camera, someone would of put their ass on then it would seem like PewDiePie was anal with some random person.

  • ArsGames
    ArsGames   1 months ago

    "Ender Titties"-Pewdiepie

  • Keira Monaghan
    Keira Monaghan   1 months ago

    why does Felix face here look like my dad 7:55 ha makes that face for no reason all the time