Creature in the Well - Gameplay Trailer - Nintendo Switch

  • Published on: 20 August 2019
  • Creative Director Adam Volker takes you through everything you need to know about Creature in the Well. Unlock the power of an ancient facility and face the ominous, all-seeing Creature in this unique pinball-inspired hack & slash! Creature in the Well is coming to Nintendo Switch on September 6th. Pre-purchase on Nintendo eShop now!

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  • Runtime : 3:
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  • By's
    By's   2 months ago

    Guess we can only count on indies when it comes to creativity, AAA these days are just copy past of themselves and full of casinos.

  • Man Ho Lam
    Man Ho Lam   4 months ago

    2:23 Not Roger, it's Matt Damon.

  • Gira29
    Gira29   4 months ago

    Please do not buy this game.

  • luciddre4m
    luciddre4m   5 months ago

    I just want more videos narrated by this guy

  • Unicron 8
    Unicron 8   5 months ago

    And who told you it wuz aiiight to spark the senses of our Childhood for more happiness?

  • kkg T
    kkg T   5 months ago

    No way, I will get this game, same mechanics throughout all the dungeons with just gimics.

  • FlareGunDebate
    FlareGunDebate   5 months ago

    I don't remember seeing any adds for this game but I love how popular it is.

  • Peas
    Peas   5 months ago

    These are the kinda devs I would love to work with. He sounds genuinely happy to present the product and does it in such a clean, interesting way. Good on him can't wait to play this

  • Jacob Aguado
    Jacob Aguado   5 months ago

    Really reminds me of Hyper Light Drifter (old desolate mechanical world, character design, hack/slash, secrets) and Cross Code (multiple unique dungeons, ball-projectile attacks). Both great games, and this one looks likes it's going to be awesome too. Simultaneously looking forward to it, wishing I had a switch, and wondering why I watch all these trailers if I don't have a switch.

  • Ian Kantrara
    Ian Kantrara   5 months ago

    Concept seems quite similar to Hob, like whole setting and stuff, you guys who have played Hob know what I mean.

  • 루비딘
    루비딘   5 months ago

    지능적인 핀볼 + 하이퍼라이트드리프터

  • ICE PL
    ICE PL   5 months ago

    hyper light drifter but pinball? yes please!

  • Duvs
    Duvs   5 months ago

    2:11More like Susie I'm not sorry

  • Skirdus
    Skirdus   5 months ago

    I think this qualifies as ASMR

  • Who Am I?
    Who Am I?   5 months ago

    I have to pay for college pls stop

  • richardhalo
    richardhalo   5 months ago

    Visually most impressive, storywise good, gameplay - frustration at its best.

  • DarkThomy
    DarkThomy   5 months ago

    Wow... Now THIS is how you make a clear, compelling trailer !..The game aesthetic and story look neat as well !

  • GearAlpha
    GearAlpha   5 months ago

    Can we have more unexpected fusion games like Lethal League, a pong-styled fighting game, and this?

  • Virus Of Cyrus
    Virus Of Cyrus   5 months ago

    YUK, this is sooo much more of an "Advertisement" than a Trailer for a game, Nintendo really does rely on their customers being little kids than real gamers dont they.

  • 1135782
    1135782   5 months ago

    He sounds so excited

  • Sandakin
    Sandakin   5 months ago

    Shutup and take my epoints

  • bnsk85
    bnsk85   5 months ago

    Would be great to see FEAR on the Switch, that was one amazing game!

  • Sab Rango
    Sab Rango   5 months ago

    I don't know your games quiz, but the style toon shading is crazy cool~!

  • Casual Goats
    Casual Goats   5 months ago

    This looks really good, but I also know it will probably frustrate me to no end.Is this not Hyper Light Drifter with Puzzles?

  • Mattia Sangiorgi
    Mattia Sangiorgi   5 months ago

    The concept alone make me MOIST add the artstyle to the mix, and we got nut for days

  • Kuni Ohama
    Kuni Ohama   5 months ago

    What a wonderful world you've created.