Terrifying Animals with Guest Host Neil Patrick Harris & Jules Sylvester

  • Published on: 07 December 2017
  • Snake wrangler Jules Sylvester brings terrifying animals to share with Guest Host Neil Patrick Harris. The venomous creatures are: Milk Snakes, a Tarantula, Giant Scorpions and a Python.

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    Terrifying Animals with Guest Host Neil Patrick Harris & Jules Sylvester
  • Runtime : 7:14
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  • Sarah Wolf
    Sarah Wolf   1 days ago

    Wait... this is the first time I saw a host NOT freak out at the animals and let the experts talk for more than 5 seconds

  • Maverick Salaum
    Maverick Salaum   3 days ago

    If he bites me, will I turn into a bird eating superhero???😂😂

  • Jasmine Civardi
    Jasmine Civardi   4 days ago

    "And that kids is the time your uncle barney licked a frog"

  • Bigdogg
    Bigdogg   1 weeks ago

    Jimmey would’ve cried 100 times already

  • Kath
    Kath   3 weeks ago

    That "whatever you do, don't scream" 😂

  • Julia
    Julia   3 weeks ago

    I would run if I were Patrick. I'm terrified of spidersNevertheless Patrick did this way bettter than Jimmy

  • Dexter
    Dexter   3 weeks ago

    How can someone be chill and scared at the same time and still let their guest (zoologist) talk

  • AJ Spices
    AJ Spices   4 weeks ago

    That last snake is beautiful 😦😍

  • Froehlich07
    Froehlich07   1 months ago

    Kimmel should really be careful with the quest host's... Every guest host on his show, is a better host than he is..

  • lill_jansson
    lill_jansson   1 months ago

    interessting that the guest hosts often are better then the actual host, i mean let the experts/guests talk more and is interessted in what theyre saying and listen without interupting to make a lame joke.much respect to Neil!

  • Saim Waqar
    Saim Waqar   1 months ago

    It should have been Dave Salmoni on this day

  • blue51
    blue51   2 months ago

    I've only seen this clip but Neil Patrick Harris is a late night show I would enjoy.

  • Ashley X
    Ashley X   2 months ago

    So refreshing to see a host not scream like a girl and piss himself over the animals—oh wait, this was arachnids and reptiles! I guess it took a real man 😉

  • world _
    world _   2 months ago

    He's actually interested in lot of animals than some of the idiotic late night hosts

  • Pame •-•
    Pame •-•   2 months ago

    Dear host:I love you. Thank you and good night.

  • Conor Maynard
    Conor Maynard   2 months ago

    Having Neil Patrick Harris as the host is equivalent to having a girl as a host.. Oh wait.

  • Fuentinho
    Fuentinho   2 months ago

    Has Hypnotoad taught us nothing?NEVER LICK THE FROG, NEIL.

  • Seven
    Seven   2 months ago

    Thank you Neil Patrick Harris. Thank you.

  • Kori Shea
    Kori Shea   3 months ago

    well that was a good change compared to jimmy who is afraid of everything lol

  • k k
    k k   3 months ago

    That was awesome

  • Whats Her Face
    Whats Her Face   3 months ago

    Out of all the wildlife guys I have seen on these talk shows this guy is 100% my fav, I love his humor.

  • koovvv
    koovvv   3 months ago

    Suit game down af! That's a nice suit. He definitely suited up

  • Daniel Whyatt
    Daniel Whyatt   3 months ago

    Trust an actor to actually do a better job at this than a real TV show host. XD

  • Bob Dolemite
    Bob Dolemite   3 months ago

    Neil Patrick Harris wasn't scared of ANY of these creatures! Brave man!

  • Sarah Grace
    Sarah Grace   3 months ago

    Love the enjoyment on his face holding the milk snake

  • Mariam M.M.
    Mariam M.M.   3 months ago

    sooooo a non-talk-show-host actually hosted he best episode of animals ever ... that definitely says sth ... awesome work NPH 👍💗

  • Mara Mackenzie-Mann
    Mara Mackenzie-Mann   4 months ago

    Bloody hell, a host who doesn't shriek at the sight of a snake.Finally!

  • Skyla
    Skyla   4 months ago

    the fact that Neil actually wanted to see the big snake and kinda liked the way it slithered around him-