The World War of the Ants – The Army Ant

  • Published on: 11 August 2019
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    Every day billions of soldiers fight a merciless war on thousands of fronts, that has been going on for over one hundred million years: The world war of the ants.

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  • Runtime : 8:35
  • Ant Ants Army Ant Ant Colony Insects Animals War Eciton Swarm Species Neotropical Army Ants Wasp Termite Prey Lavee Queen Wasp Soldier Bullet Ant Giant Amazonian Ant Leafcutter Nest Brood Chamber Worker Ants Dinosaurs Myrmecocystus Melissotarsus Oecophylla Nomamyrmex esenbeckii


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  • AaronaterRoblox
    AaronaterRoblox   23 hours ago

    Imagine being the square head any but get your head stuck in the hole

  • marius tabuzo
    marius tabuzo   1 days ago

    humans watching random anthill: wow these ants are neat the ants: R U S H B

  • ᅚᅚ ᅚᅚᅚᅚ
    ᅚᅚ ᅚᅚᅚᅚ   2 days ago

    "humans have decided that war is not a thing they want to do a lot anymore".I usually love this channel but that statement is simply wrong.people agree to whatever they are sensitized to.Especially through media its today same as always, easy to stir people up and make them agree to go to war. Its happening every single day. Especially in the US, presidents that go to war get re-elected more likely.In actual democracies however, politicians usually have to pretend to not like the economic benefits of selling weapons, destroying economic rivals, securing resources, etc.So on the surface we nowadays have to disagree with war, but most people havent changed over the course of history.We are living in the age where a democratic france 2015/2016 is bombing thousands of civilians in a distant country because of an unrelated attack in paris.Hooray.

  • Andrei Correa
    Andrei Correa   2 days ago

    Damn, this is just like medieval times. Fighting head on, trying to decapitate the enemy, the other ants helping the soldiers by tearing the enemy ants limbs. Damn.

  • PotterFanOmg
    PotterFanOmg   2 days ago

    The ant that block with their head are cute =)

  • A Frustrated Gamer
    A Frustrated Gamer   2 days ago

    Army ant: "I AM DARKNESS! I AM DEATH! ALL INSECTS WILL SUBMIT TO ME!"Leaf-cutter soldier: "So you've chosen... death."

  • A Frustrated Gamer
    A Frustrated Gamer   2 days ago

    3:56 I literally spit my drink out. Nature has a sense of humor apparently.

  • nemam
    nemam   3 days ago

    Why does this make me want to stomp some army ants? ;x

  • Michael Lamar Simeon

    "Humans have decided war is something they don't want to do anymore." Tell that to the United States

    MAVERICK PLAYZ   3 days ago

    SEND IN THE ANTATAS Daladas or the duel of fatedadadalala dadaldaladada der dir dea da dad adaAHHhhhhhhHHhhHh

  • Jan Štěch
    Jan Štěch   4 days ago

    Can you imagine, what would happen if all the ants in the world decided they don't war between themselves anymore, just like humans and joined their forces to attack humanity?We would be screwed!

  • Wrestlelesson
    Wrestlelesson   4 days ago

    Step on a Ants Nest and you will see how powerful ants are, they are so unimaginable quick with attacking.

  • A_ Guner
    A_ Guner   4 days ago

    What if a human with thick boots attacts to an ant colony?

  • Iván AC
    Iván AC   5 days ago

    If only ants could forget their differences and make peace each other and gather together as a one single group... Surely they could conquer us Xd

  • BlueAR
    BlueAR   5 days ago

    Ants: We always have wars!Youtube reply section: Hold my comment

  • Jenson Peate
    Jenson Peate   5 days ago

    look at the size of that boys head, its like an orange on a tooth pick

  • Donut Official
    Donut Official   1 weeks ago

    And it is at this moment that I realized that there are more than just the fire ant and the ant.

  • Killer Bean
    Killer Bean   1 weeks ago

    Ants:are nearly all deadAlso the ants:bring our the magnifying glass

  • Paiwand Jaff
    Paiwand Jaff   1 weeks ago

    When I was watched this video some ants attacked to me, idk why?