The World War of the Ants – The Army Ant

  • Published on: 11 August 2019
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    Every day billions of soldiers fight a merciless war on thousands of fronts, that has been going on for over one hundred million years: The world war of the ants.

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  • Runtime : 8:35
  • Ant Ants Army Ant Ant Colony Insects Animals War Eciton Swarm Species Neotropical Army Ants Wasp Termite Prey Lavee Queen Wasp Soldier Bullet Ant Giant Amazonian Ant Leafcutter Nest Brood Chamber Worker Ants Dinosaurs Myrmecocystus Melissotarsus Oecophylla Nomamyrmex esenbeckii


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    Thanks to Curiosity Stream for supporting us in making this video.Go to for a free 31-day-trial.

  • Nova KittyPlays
    Nova KittyPlays   14 hours ago

    Worker Ant With Big Head: Whats My Purpose??? Queen Ant: HedWorker Ant: WhatQueen Ant : Seal Nest With Head ^^Worker Ant: What Uhm Okay My Queen

  • Binarokaro
    Binarokaro   1 days ago

    I really hope there will be more of this series!

  • Banu The Ghost Banana

    Private: Sir! we are in a critical situation, what do we do?Commander: Use your head, Private.

  • Junjun
    Junjun   2 days ago

    Argentine or army ants, seems fire ants always a problem for other ant species. Lol.

  • Q
    Q   3 days ago

    Good thing ants didn't invent the nuclear bomb.

  • ZethHolyblade
    ZethHolyblade   3 days ago

    3:16 I can imagine the conversation they had.- Sup bro?- NM, Just killing some ants. You?- Same- Ahhh- Yeah- Later- Later!

  • FireMemesBoi
    FireMemesBoi   3 days ago

    Now i feel bad for killing a ant knowing how much he had to go through :(

  • Lord Vex
    Lord Vex   4 days ago

    Omy god there are super colonys hey ma get the torch ready

  •   4 days ago

    Plz i need more ant information plz

  • sans
    sans   4 days ago

    Imagine a mini artilery barrages and small guns shooting in your backyard

  • Brad Woakes
    Brad Woakes   5 days ago

    Humans: We are 7.7 billion strong species.Ants: That's cute.

  • Icanntspel
    Icanntspel   5 days ago

    Ants are gangster untill a grasshopper shows up

  • MatBed Silva
    MatBed Silva   6 days ago

    Esto es Tier Zoo pero Kurzgesagt edition :v

  • Fábio Júnior
    Fábio Júnior   6 days ago

    Vindo aqui depois de assistir o Flow podcast com ciência todo dia

  • sopheanurak moul
    sopheanurak moul   6 days ago

    Only the death have seen the end of warMe: Spectator mode

  • Samurai Genji
    Samurai Genji   6 days ago

    I thought u were gonna introduce the soloenopsis gemanata a.k.a red crazy ants

  • Limanow Playz
    Limanow Playz   6 days ago

    Kurzgesagt:When army ants find a nest,They Immediately attack.You'd think this is fair,But its notLinepithema humile:Im About To End This Mans Whole Career

  • Jervex Gaming
    Jervex Gaming   6 days ago

    Ybuggg7f6f6f7yutfy8f7f7ururhuehshshs make this have 20 likes