Jet Fuel in See-Thru Rotary Engine? Let's try it! Wankel Rotary See Through Engine

  • Published on: 24 June 2019
  • Thank you Matt from the Warped Perception YouTube Channel for loaning the rotary engine to me. Let's run the see-thru rotary (Wankel) engine on Jet Fuel. You can see what is inside of a rotary engine (Wankel) while it's running to see how Jet fuel burns compared to other types of fuel and compared to a piston engine. He did an amazing job designing and building this very durable rotary engine! Please check out his video on the rotary engine:

    We also tested Jet fuel in an electronic fuel injected generator, applying a load along with several other gasoline engines to compare performance. Hope you enjoy the video!

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    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
  • Runtime : 10:39
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  • Warped Perception
    Warped Perception   11 months ago

    Todd, don't hold back, blow it up! I'll just build another one. That was insane I think it looked better running on jet fuel than RC fuel. I wasn't sure what would happen, it does have a glow plug and not a spark plug but that was really cool to see it on your channel.

  • Jeremy Wilson
    Jeremy Wilson   5 days ago

    Advancing or retarding the cam timeing (depending on fireing type) in this case youd need to take some timing out of it. Try retarding a tooth at a time with a hotter plug, it'll take that ping out an should be able to fine tune it to equal the way it runs on gasoline, or pretty close. This would've been a really good test on a diesel engine though!

  • Wolf Gaming
    Wolf Gaming   5 days ago

    i what one of those small rotary motors

  • Pestilent Gub
    Pestilent Gub   6 days ago

    Makes sense there is a loss of power because JP-8 is basically "thin" diesel. i wonder how your engines would hold up to Avgas

  • Führawr
    Führawr   1 weeks ago

    I got some veiny arms but damn yours are on a whole different leve! lol

  • Hunter 747
    Hunter 747   1 weeks ago

    the green mower is from 2001 i saw the date code the first two numbers are the year only on briggs and stratton engine

  • Clemens Ruis
    Clemens Ruis   1 weeks ago

    The numbers for the composition of the jet fuel don't add up. It should be 92-100% kerosene.

  • - Mage -
    - Mage -   1 weeks ago

    Try the opposite. Running a plane engine with gasoline and bacon grease

  • Respect Bossmon
    Respect Bossmon   1 weeks ago

    Bacon grease and kerosene! Mmmmm.....especially on toast. ;p

  • JourneyedAvenger
    JourneyedAvenger   1 weeks ago

    You should try running a gas engine with grain alcohol!!!

  • Morgan Thornton
    Morgan Thornton   1 weeks ago

    i think it may have been running rich i personally run jet fuel in my race car and its advertised as 110 so maybe the engine didnt have enough spark to ignite the fuel just a thought but great vid keep up the work

  • Corey Merrill
    Corey Merrill   2 weeks ago

    Did anyone else imagine putting jet fuel in a mower ,starting it and flying away on it like a helicopter? Lol. Is jet fuel the same as blue gas ? And are they both the same as the general aviation fuel?...if that is even how that works . lol idk.

    FUCKER KILLME   2 weeks ago

    I got an idea since I bet you have the budget for it. You could buy a Mazda RX-7 Engine, it's a rotary, and you wouldn't have to worry about breaking it.

  • BiG BeAR
    BiG BeAR   2 weeks ago

    Would be interesting to see how engines would run on 91% Isopropyl alcohol. I’ve ran out of gas before nowhere near a gas station, but managed to get some 91% isopropyl from a local store to get my EFI car back to a gas station about 15 miles away. It ran and idled fine, just felt a little down on power.

  • Michael Cook
    Michael Cook   2 weeks ago

    After watching 5 hours of your glorious videos I go to my car and get nervous when starting it as if I'd been testing it for random fuels haha.

  • Anthony Tommy
    Anthony Tommy   2 weeks ago

    you should have your friend build a small turbine engine and then put the jet fuel through the turbine engine

  • Raymund Cresencia
    Raymund Cresencia   2 weeks ago

    How about you use different types of Avgas on your next experiment? 🙂

  • Marinel Subu
    Marinel Subu   3 weeks ago

    It may seem a little strange to you , but i have been dealing and studied and researched wit the rotary engine for long time.No i have my version of rotary engine which i think is kind of rotary engine upgrade.The prototype i designed is not big , about like the one where you poured jet fuel .So if you want , i can and want to send you the appropriate e - mail drawings so you can make , test and compare with a classic Wankel - rotary engine.I have no conditions for that right to tell you , i live in building , no workshop , i'm just an engineer .

  • joseph damare
    joseph damare   3 weeks ago

    wouldn’t the engines run faster if you adjusted timing and fuel to air mixtures. idk if thats how it actually works just seems like the buggy wasn’t getting all it could out of the jet fuel

  • Marinel Subu
    Marinel Subu   3 weeks ago

    Jet fuel is alternative fuel for Diesel engine .

  • Bill Baker
    Bill Baker   3 weeks ago

    I build and fly a lot of electric RC cars drones and airplanes.. Be fun to see you torture test some Lipo battery packs and electric motors...

  • Bill Baker
    Bill Baker   3 weeks ago

    Detonation was too fast with the glow plugs.

  • SinisterGaming
    SinisterGaming   3 weeks ago

    I would like to see you try a mixture of fuels together like gas and jet fuel.

  • Samboi
    Samboi   4 weeks ago

    JP8 is hard to light on fire😅 we used to put our cigarette butts out in it on base

  • David Elliott
    David Elliott   4 weeks ago

    See if you can get a “liquid piston” rotary. It’s a daft name as the rotor is metal. It has three combustion chambers around a rounded triangle case. Rotor is egg shape.

  • David Elliott
    David Elliott   4 weeks ago

    Jet fuel burns slower than gasoline so more heat goes down exhaust. Low compression engines will work on low spec fuels. High compression more efficient but needs a fuel that won’t pre-ignite. Ping/knock.

    THE KENMAN   4 weeks ago

    It look like it ran more efficient. The fuel spray into the carbie seemed like it was less