Jet Fuel in See-Thru Rotary Engine? Let's try it!

  • Published on: 24 June 2019
  • Thank you Matt from the Warped Perception YouTube Channel for loaning the rotary engine to me. Let's run the see-thru rotary (Wankel) engine on Jet Fuel. You can see what is inside of a rotary engine (Wankel) while it's running to see how Jet fuel burns compared to other types of fuel and compared to a piston engine. He did an amazing job designing and building this very durable rotary engine! Please check out his video on the rotary engine:

    We also tested Jet fuel in an electronic fuel injected generator, applying a load along with several other gasoline engines to compare performance. Hope you enjoy the video!

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    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
  • Runtime : 10:39
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  • Warped Perception
    Warped Perception   7 months ago

    Todd, don't hold back, blow it up! I'll just build another one. That was insane I think it looked better running on jet fuel than RC fuel. I wasn't sure what would happen, it does have a glow plug and not a spark plug but that was really cool to see it on your channel.

  • Shane Garrett
    Shane Garrett   9 hours ago

    Tulane is a university in Louisiana; Toluene is a flammable hydrocarbon. But I love your videos.

  • Nib-Na5ty
    Nib-Na5ty   1 days ago

    Jet fuel is just Diesel at the end of the day

  • optikid03
    optikid03   1 days ago

    See no visible exhaust, this is more proof that the Government is dropping chem trails to control our minds Is what a crazy person might say

  • Anonymous Baros
    Anonymous Baros   2 days ago

    Where do you get all these lawn mowers from? I hope you're not going around telling people their not worth repairing when clearly you're using them on hundreds of your videos.

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel   4 days ago

    6:46 Imagine if it took off after running on jet fuel lol

  • Tt Miller
    Tt Miller   5 days ago

    At about 8:24...that little rotary engine sounds EXACTLY LIKE a regular chainsaw motor

  • John O
    John O   5 days ago

    At the airport we used to regularly run our diesel generators on JetA fuel (kerosene).

  • Glenopolis
    Glenopolis   1 weeks ago

    Isnt jet fuel kinda like diesel in the way it ignites

  • Shaul Jonah
    Shaul Jonah   1 weeks ago

    I had a test done on a honda ct 90cc engine and it normally topped out around 80 kms but on av gas 1 it hit over the max speed limit at 110 km/ hour. Found out a few days later it blew the oil pan so just want to find out when sitting on 5 liter gas oil mix tank yeah a speed boost.

  • harbard101 101
    harbard101 101   1 weeks ago

    Don t you think jet fuel could be more efficient at higer compression?since in a jet engine air is compressed prior to ignition. Edit:turbo engine is the way!!!

  • sparrow
    sparrow   2 weeks ago

    Anything can run on jet fuel if it gets hot enough it makes more power and tworqe but it better be a beefy boi or boom

  • FIXIT Rod
    FIXIT Rod   2 weeks ago

    Can we put this rotary engine and a propeller on a weed eater and fly around like a witch,...let's find out!

  • Musse
    Musse   2 weeks ago

    Do more tests with E85!!!!!

  • Escrye Ipsliz
    Escrye Ipsliz   3 weeks ago

    “This engine did have bacon grease in it”As if this is a completely natural occurrence. Love this channel.

  • Hans Turpyn
    Hans Turpyn   3 weeks ago

    I killed my moped back in the time with petrol/jetfuel. It was pinging like mad and dieseled without ignition.

  • Eric Justice
    Eric Justice   4 weeks ago

    Jet fuel is just enriched diesel fuel. US Navy ships utilize F-76 (Diesel) as their primary fuel for the GE LM-2500 Main Gas Turbine engines and the various Gas Turbine Generators, the Allison 501-K series. These are essentially converted jet engines to turn a shaft and push a ship through water and generate electricity. As an alternate fuel source, these engines can also, and often do, run on JP-5.Because of the high viscosity of diesel, it is recommended not to run gasoline engines on diesel due to rapid carbon build up which ultimately leads to clogged fuel injectors, gummed up spark plugs, and it makes a mess of the combustion chamber. Because of the high octane in gasoline it is not recommended to run diesel engines on gasoline. Doing so leads to either non-ignition or premature ignition of the fuel and can cause pistons, wrist pins, and connecting rods to be destroyed, not to mention the damage to the electronics of the engine. However, in an emergency it can be done.

  • The Randoms
    The Randoms   4 weeks ago

    Do you have to replace the head gasket every time you take off the head? Just curious.

  • Jarvis Family
    Jarvis Family   1 months ago

    My 40-year-ago recollection is that O.S. (Japanese model engine producer) made a rotary engine for use in models...about 40 years ago. As a matter of fact, it's still listed on their web site at - but it's a discontinued product. Everything old is new again... :-)

  • Bleach v5
    Bleach v5   1 months ago

    I put airplane fuel in my sled to clean and freshen up my sled every new season

  • Nick Maclachlan
    Nick Maclachlan   1 months ago

    Hmmm, Jet Fuel aint exactly exotic like everybody's basically Diesel/Kerosine.

  • Litespark
    Litespark   1 months ago

    The only thing i was annoyed by was how you called toluene "two-lane"Otherwise an awesome project 😳😮👌 Incredible! Insane.

  • BulletN3ctar
    BulletN3ctar   1 months ago

    sir we need that jet fewl 2 go 2 marz. plz stp using it 4 ur lawnmower.

  • Kenneth M. Price Jr.
    Kenneth M. Price Jr.   1 months ago

    This is a great video! I was surprised at the jet fuel results in both the mower and generator. Jet fuel is supposedly the same fuel as kerosene and can be used in diesel engines. How many times have I heard that the gasoline engine wouldn't start because the idiot put diesel into the fuel tank? Great shot of the carburetor. Now I know not to give up the idea, just increase the percentage of gasoline in the tank. Compression is too low for the kerosene to reach auto ignition temperature so the spark plug initiates the burn. I think compression ratio was the problem with the micro Wankel engine when you switched it to Jet Fuel. It was fun hearing that thing get up to speed on the aviation fuel. That engine would rip as a gen set. Rolls Royce designed a Wankel to run on diesel. They used a two stage design to increase compression. It was so efficient they put the design on the shelf and forgot about it. Cheers!

  • 1320 Kidd
    1320 Kidd   1 months ago

    I really wish I could have your fan, the white box fan it’s one I’ve always wanted in my collection!

  • andy craig
    andy craig   1 months ago

    Toluene is NOT Tulane. Tall-you-een

  • Blurem
    Blurem   1 months ago

    aaand here i am watching someone testing out some engines with some fuel at 4:30 amwhat's wrong with me

  • Andy
    Andy   1 months ago

    Exactly what type of “jet fuel” was used and where did it come from? Last time I checked, Jet A fuel was pretty similar to diesel.