Marzia & Felix - Wedding 19.08.2019

  • Published on: 24 August 2019
  • Our footage from the wedding, best day of my life!
    Video filmed and edited by
    HandCraft Pictures Wedding Videos:

    Production list:
    Venue @kewgardens
    Planning & Design @theisleofyoudesign @cliona.m.b
    Photography @jessicakobeissi @flanneryunderwood
    Videography @handcraftpictures_weddingfilms
    Production @oxygen_events
    Cake Maker @victoriamadeuk
    Wedding day stationery @avenuelitho
    Entertainment @younggunsgroup
  • Runtime : 6:22


  • mytoeisavscogirl
    mytoeisavscogirl   2 hours ago

    The camera man should be honored that he gets to attend a royal wedding😂

  • mytoeisavscogirl
    mytoeisavscogirl   2 hours ago

    2:55 that baby is so lucky to be related to marzia and felix

  • papi pap
    papi pap   3 hours ago

    i was born 19.08.2000 who else??? 🤩🤩🤩

  • The Bear
    The Bear   3 hours ago

    This is where real men cry

  • António Oliveira
    António Oliveira   3 hours ago

    Tente are Currently 29 thousand assholes that disliked this video ?!Jesus what the frick is wrong with them

  • IlluminatE
    IlluminatE   4 hours ago

    Seems like 100M Life PlayButton.

  • m005e sherpa
    m005e sherpa   5 hours ago

    the people who disliked the video are working for Tseries

  • Pizza Rat
    Pizza Rat   6 hours ago

    Felix make a baby with your wife

  • Suraj yadav
    Suraj yadav   7 hours ago

    I hope both you stay happy together and forever

  • The Sloanator
    The Sloanator   8 hours ago

    Girls cried at TitanicBoys cried at F&FLegends cried here

  • Chona Turallo
    Chona Turallo   8 hours ago

    Top 10 Couples10. You 9.Can't8.Rate 7.Them 6.Because5.They 4.Are 3.All2.Beautiful 1.Felix and Marzia

  • kobe liu
    kobe liu   9 hours ago

    who would ever dislike this vid

  • Bray gd
    Bray gd   10 hours ago

    millenials say they had a better childhood and me on the side like, "i cant even fucking talk on how wrong that is"

  • elsa 6410
    elsa 6410   10 hours ago

    Who the hell dislikes this video?

  • DarthOCE
    DarthOCE   12 hours ago

    Finally YouTube knows art

  • Ozz
    Ozz   12 hours ago

    I'm watching this in 2020 and I cry every time to see a idol and not just an YouTuber but an amazing inspiration that I've been watching ever since I could remember And to see Felix be with his true love makes me so happy and grateful for the man himself Mr PewDiePie and he deserves everything he has Love you Felix and Marzia 😊😊😊

  • PhantomsHyper
    PhantomsHyper   13 hours ago

    So this is how watching your baby boy grow up feels like

  • Daniel
    Daniel   14 hours ago

    How can somebody dislike this?!