Marzia & Felix - Wedding 19.08.2019

  • Published on: 24 August 2019
  • Our footage from the wedding, best day of my life!
    Video filmed and edited by
    HandCraft Pictures Wedding Videos:

    Production list:
    Venue @kewgardens
    Planning & Design @theisleofyoudesign @cliona.m.b
    Photography @jessicakobeissi @flanneryunderwood
    Videography @handcraftpictures_weddingfilms
    Production @oxygen_events
    Cake Maker @victoriamadeuk
    Wedding day stationery @avenuelitho
    Entertainment @younggunsgroup
  • Runtime : 6:22


  • Jay Playz
    Jay Playz   16 minuts ago

    Our heart went like ☺😢 when the god of YouTube got married

  • Cable from da future
    Cable from da future   1 hours ago

    Those who disliked this are proly the creepers who didn't get to frick felix

  • QuickFeed Videos
    QuickFeed Videos   2 hours ago

    Me and my friend are having a competition to who can reach 10k subs first. I always lose in everything! :(So it would mean a lot if you can do something for me!P.S. I am not begging just informing!Thanks for reading!! :)

  • Suck it Bruh
    Suck it Bruh   2 hours ago

    All the 29k dislikes are from people that were really touched by this video and wanted to hit the like button but accedently have hitten the dislike button cuz they were crying.

  • Suck it Bruh
    Suck it Bruh   3 hours ago

    Where boys cry:"bye bye mincraft" Where real men cry:

  • FlexagonXXXV
    FlexagonXXXV   3 hours ago

    Congratulations! also yay 5 million likes in the chat!!!

  • Gouri K
    Gouri K   3 hours ago

    Miss Maya and Edgar in the video 😢

  • Agata T
    Agata T   4 hours ago

    This is soo damn beautiful

  • sakina zafar
    sakina zafar   4 hours ago

    The people who disliked this were crying to much that they mixed up like for dislike

  • Clinton Kemp
    Clinton Kemp   4 hours ago

    hey guys i am going to go turn all of the people who disliked this video into human doorknobs anyone wanna come with me?

    D0GOMAN   6 hours ago

    why would you dislike this

  • MultiGamerClub
    MultiGamerClub   6 hours ago

    Born just the right generation to witness pure happiness in a mans heart, glad you had a great time and congratulations Felix. Were cheering for you the best!May you live into the generations.

  • X
    X   7 hours ago

    The real royal wedding.

  • Geo YT
    Geo YT   7 hours ago

    Why everybody got likes expect me?!😔😩😭

  • Aki06
    Aki06   8 hours ago

    Over side million comments! wtf*!

    DOOMSTER   8 hours ago

    wHeRe Is ThE oScAr !!!!!

  • Zak Naz
    Zak Naz   8 hours ago

    I was born during the perfect generation

  • Zak Naz
    Zak Naz   8 hours ago

    The royal wedding of YouTube

  • Oliver jy
    Oliver jy   8 hours ago the very beginning i thought it was c418 sweden Minecraft song

  • Zodiax Wave
    Zodiax Wave   9 hours ago

    Ah shii, my eyes are doing dat thing again!?! 😭

  • NotACult
    NotACult   10 hours ago

    The people who disliked this were trying to hit the like button but there eyes were to blurry from tears to see

  • Prinz
    Prinz   10 hours ago

    Don't mind me..just watching this video while quarantined..

  • NickPie 43
    NickPie 43   10 hours ago

    The dislikes are from celling gang

  • Aatu & Kalle
    Aatu & Kalle   10 hours ago

    We 9 year olds are proud to be bro army