The Stormtrooper Paradox

  • Published on: 30 January 2017
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    The Force Awakens does what no other movie in the long running Star Wars franchise has even done before: it humanizes Stormtroopers. Strangely the filmmakers seem unaware of the rather profound implications their new narrative has for the rest of their cinematic universe.

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    Writer/Producer: Jonathan McIntosh
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    Music: Jonathan Mann

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  • Runtime : 10:48
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  • 0roseable
    0roseable   2 weeks ago

    Interesting watching this after the Rise of Skywalker, with more defector Stormtroopers. And the suggestion with Finn and the others that the force casued them to defect. Would be worth revisiting.

  • Bryan Hann
    Bryan Hann   2 weeks ago

    Don't forget: Stormtroopers, though human, are the enemy.

  • Michael Hutman
    Michael Hutman   2 weeks ago

    Mate I get what you are saying about the paradox but it didn't start in ep 7 of the movies .It started in the animation the clone wars. With troopers rebeling

  • Pubescent Sith Shocktrooper

    We need content just about the struggles of being a storm trooper in really tired of jedi vs sith and we need to expand on things that aren't typical for star wars

  • lilnerd5000
    lilnerd5000   4 months ago

    5:53 you can see in the bottom corner a holo of a young Finn!

  • Ed Cid
    Ed Cid   4 months ago

    They should introduce elite troopers into the new films to show how really dangerous the new empire is

  • Ashley Engleman
    Ashley Engleman   4 months ago

    as we see in EA's star was battlefront 2 (which is cannon) stormtroopers deviate. most probably dont due to fear of what will happen when then do. but there are some who get away, like iden versio and fin.

  • CatLovr105
    CatLovr105   5 months ago

    This is true, but the clone wars animated series gave lots of character to the clone army. Example - Captain Rex

  • Flávia Oliveira
    Flávia Oliveira   5 months ago

    7:23 OMG the Wilhelm scream! in what? 2017? I can only presume they still use it as a joke, right?

  • TheSurgeon13
    TheSurgeon13   5 months ago

    That'd be a good game idea: you play as a squad of renegade Troopers in the first order and try to undo or eliminate as many training facilities as possible only to die in the end

  • Finn Mertins
    Finn Mertins   5 months ago

    All of these sequels are NOTHING but a paradox.

  • charles g
    charles g   5 months ago

    I figured the movie didn’t seem to vibe because it sucked.

  • s14zen
    s14zen   7 months ago

    I don’t understand why Fin doesn’t become the face of the rebellion or the model to show other Stormtroopers that they can change. He should Board-cast himself and explain how and why he defected. Also, wearing the outfit and fighting for the rebels would be cool. Other stormtroopers would be able to see one of there own on the other side of the field.

  • Lee Banning
    Lee Banning   7 months ago

    Similar to the original Robocop trilogy. The Robocop movies, not the remake have a hidden philosophy to them that no matter how hard they try you can not not squash the human spirit, It will always find a way to break free.

  • Daniel Daring
    Daniel Daring   7 months ago

    This is an interesting point of view. Thank you for sharing it.

  • Freak Lefty
    Freak Lefty   7 months ago

    There really should’ve been a scene where Finn doesn’t want to kill other stormtroopers, and is forced to, or something. Could’ve been some cool character struggles set up from it all

  • Vistico93
    Vistico93   7 months ago

    Ugh, your one line...that the Resistance could've been started and led by a corps of turncoat stormtroopers. Damn it, why didn't the writers think of that? At the very minimum it would explain the First Order's obsession with them.Because I've heard before that what the Resistance is and why we should care about them is poorly explained if at all in the films. The same with the First Order who seem like a regional power at best (considering they don't even warrant the attention of whatever the Galactic Republic is calling itself now) and why we as viewers should see them as a menace and/or worthy inheritors of the Galactic Empire.

  • Dileep N
    Dileep N   7 months ago

    Stormtroopers are all nice guys, they miss their shots on purpose so as not to kill anyone.

  • Master Markus
    Master Markus   7 months ago

    After reading some of the books, I really wish that Star Wars, particularly the new series, didn't have to be condensed into just three movies because the story as a whole isn't really the simplistic "good versus evil" of the original trilogy anymore. Characters like Finn really suffer from not having real character arcs, and you miss out on a lot of backstory - like, I think General Hux and Phasma are great characters, but you'd have to read some books to understand why I think that. The First Order as a whole gets boiled down to "evil" without any explanation of what they actually do_. Like, as far as the movies show us, they're basically bad because they kill a lot of people, but because of limited screen time we don't really get to know _why they do that.

  • noface181
    noface181   11 months ago

    finn is a fucking blessing and i adore his character and his story

  • episodenull
    episodenull   11 months ago

    "The filmmakers seem unaware..."Yeah, that's JJ Abrams in a nutshell.

  • notourz
    notourz   12 months ago

    This makes me sad thanks

  • Lester Seale
    Lester Seale   12 months ago

    Bruh, how'd you make me sad over storm troopers?

  • BrightBlue
    BrightBlue   12 months ago

    NO ONE is going to get this reference, sadly, :( but I love how they handled this arc with Thragg's children in the final arc of the Invincible comic. It was always saddening to see them die, and their heel turn was very believable. Wish Star Wars could've had the guts to do the same.

  • Devon
    Devon   1 years ago

    Love the transitions by the way. Very... Star Wars-y

  • SuperMichuPL
    SuperMichuPL   1 years ago

    Fuck! This is actually pretty teryfying... Great idea!

  • A Chaps
    A Chaps   1 years ago

    Did the storm troopers get benefits, like a G.I. Bill? And retirement benefits?

  • Matthew Malcolm
    Matthew Malcolm   1 years ago

    As anakin states when he is about to kill dooku is ‘It’s not the Jedi way’, I’m confused

  • elPumaProductions
    elPumaProductions   1 years ago

    No.The first humanized stormtrooper is the one who hits the head with the door.

  • Joe Brown
    Joe Brown   1 years ago

    68 stormtroopers + the entire starkiller base/planet