Cristiano Ronaldo Shuts Up Zlatan ibrahimovic After He Provoked Ronaldo #Instant karma

  • Published on: 25 December 2019
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  • Cristiano Ronaldo Ballon D'Or Real Madrid Goals Freestyle


  • moses luta
    moses luta   2 days ago

    Ibra has always tried to show how good he is but he need not to compare himself with the GOAT......Stupid

  • Nemethi Laszlo
    Nemethi Laszlo   1 weeks ago

    Is the video cropped intentionally? I can't believe it is the original format.

  • Jesenko Jesse Lalic
    Jesenko Jesse Lalic   1 weeks ago

    Unbelievably stupid title, excellent play from Ronaldo, no Ibrahimovic in the picture at all?!?!

  • manny oliveira
    manny oliveira   1 weeks ago

    This message is to you, Zlatan. When you provoke a BULL, you get the horns, right up your *ss!

  • Pablo bigbongrips
    Pablo bigbongrips   2 weeks ago

    Hows this instant karma??? Zlatan will beat Ronaldo's ass , clickbait

  • Andre Garcia
    Andre Garcia   3 weeks ago

    Sweden Fans: Messi messi....messiCr7 to the Sweden fans..: hold my beer with this hat-trick.

  • Novo's 9th Hell
    Novo's 9th Hell   3 weeks ago

    You guys must be blind.... this guy is such a Prima Dona like holy shit... he fucks up it must be his teammates fault.... he gets touched he's on the ground grimacing in pain.... honestly he's a great player.... but his attitude is so shit I completely understand why the spectators are yelling MEEEEEESSSSSIIIIII MEEEEEESSSSSIIIIIII

  • jufais zolkifeli
    jufais zolkifeli   3 weeks ago

    If i was ronaldo it would be annoying when i heard someone chanting MESSI MESSI MESSI hahah..but ronaldo different monster than messirable of barca..because he is more motivated player than messi..messi fans should know u ever watch messi had some stress in the pitch when he had problem outside and inside the pitch and he play like shit..ronaldo is not like that..he capable handling his performance when he had some feelings issue and he can motivate the others to gain fighting spirit..ronaldo is equal to 10 maradona and 5 messi in general.not just i am agreed he is the best footballer of all time in universe..well he deserve that..go CR7!

  • Raphael
    Raphael   3 weeks ago

    Zlatan is all talk, never won a CL, no balon d'or, he is slightly above average. I would take Eto'o on his best days or Suarez before him anytime. He is nowhere near Ronaldo level.

  • Ahmad Haris
    Ahmad Haris   1 months ago

    Fans c.ronaldo from Indonesia 👍👳👳👳

  • James DH
    James DH   1 months ago

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic is not as good as Ronaldo FAR!

  • Cyphre75
    Cyphre75   1 months ago

    CR7 is very good, no doubt. But all his goals in that game belong to 80% to the teammates, who perfectly served the ball. No way to compare Zlatan with CR7, they are too different in, äh everything. My personal sight is, Zlatan prooved his skills in more different teams and countries, so he's one step ahead...

  • Z Kommer
    Z Kommer   1 months ago

    Ronaldo is a cry baby who should be placed on a poster what a whiner looks.

    RV YAMZ   1 months ago

    This is the reason why Zlatan was banned frm playing for Sweden. Because Sweden Football felt like "can't beat CR7 and only blasting ego everywhere"!🤣

  • Forms+Frames Associates (Inc.)

    It marvels me how and why EUROPE refuses to praise their very own continental best as against an under-performing big theater South American called Messi. Ronaldo, history watches on. Many times you lifted your nation, on your back. Well done.

  • Steve Thompson
    Steve Thompson   1 months ago


  • aljoe
    aljoe   1 months ago

    Ronaldo is dangerous when he has the ball in front of the net,Messi is dangerous whenever he has the ball

  • Ryan Spence
    Ryan Spence   1 months ago

    Now I understand why Zlatan hates Ronaldo ha ha

  • brown laytte31
    brown laytte31   1 months ago

    They not on the same level..CR7 is better than that !

  • Panta Rei 83
    Panta Rei 83   1 months ago

    Ronald isn't what's spectacular here.. Portugals passes is !!!! And boooing players just because they are good made me remember why I stopped watching sports. Well that and bread and circus

  • hardfugoo
    hardfugoo   1 months ago

    Ill never understand how people end up subscribing to shit channels like this. Seriously.

  • gai jon
    gai jon   1 months ago

    Zlatan score twice they both are amazing