Which Metal Cutoff Wheel is Best? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 25 February 2019
  • DeWalt, Harbor Freight Warrior, Diablo, Lenox Diamond, Makita, and Milwaukee metal cut-off wheels timed for cutting speed and durability cutting through a 1/2-inch by 3 inch piece of mild steel. The angle grinder setup using test jig for testing accuracy. Unsponsored content and I buy all products tested. Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support. https://www.patreon.com/projectfarm

    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
  • Runtime : 8:43
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  • noob gamer
    noob gamer   4 days ago

    Next time please include Tyrolit if possible

  • 2001pontiactransam
    2001pontiactransam   4 days ago

    Thanks for the video, my co worker and I where just having this discussion on which would last the longest, well you just solved the debate! Surprised on the diamond wheel how slow it cut. Where from Michigan so we use alot of wheels from Praxair gas, but make many stops at Home Depot Lowes Menards etc, now we know. Great videos buddy, keep up the good work!

  • Jay Ross
    Jay Ross   6 days ago

    Holy crap, I didnt know the metal/diamond type blades cut that much slower.. I have only used the metal blades, maybe time for a switch.

  • Donny Moose
    Donny Moose   6 days ago

    i sure hope your wearing a face shield

  • Tony Nameless
    Tony Nameless   1 weeks ago

    Pointless to compare if blades width don't match.

  • Robert Mailhos
    Robert Mailhos   2 weeks ago

    I can say the hyper tough.cut off from Walmart well long story short they don't last ☹️☹️☹️

  • jimmer
    jimmer   2 weeks ago

    How clean is the cut on the lenox compared to the others?

  • Steven Martin
    Steven Martin   2 weeks ago

    Awesome video but I'll still take Metabo any day

  • Lars
    Lars   3 weeks ago

    Man... your video’s are SOOO informative and fun to watch. Cheers

  • wdwwadwafwefae
    wdwwadwafwefae   3 weeks ago

    Wow! I after a long day of welding its so nice to relax and watch and rewatch a lot of your videos this one takes the cake very good video keep them coming

  • plainlogic
    plainlogic   3 weeks ago

    I wish you could have tried the American made SAIT brand too

  • Father
    Father   3 weeks ago

    4 f***ing minutes!?

  • ivan schafeldt
    ivan schafeldt   3 weeks ago

    marketing blurb aside diamond CANNOT be designed to cut steel, steel is a carbon sponge, soaks it up readily, diamond is a carbon source hence the steel pretty much drinks up the diamond wearing it out faster than steel would the other abrasives.love your method though, fair and accurate comparison

  • Alan Mathies
    Alan Mathies   3 weeks ago

    Your test jig is worth building as a "poor mans" band saw for cutting steel rod and bar stock. I learn so much more from farmers than I could ever acquire in any given technical college. Between your channel and others like Musty's, Tarryl fixes all; I can darn near fix or build anything in my garage that life throws at me. Thank you!

  • Chris Gonzales
    Chris Gonzales   3 weeks ago

    I love Harbor Freight, but I never had the courage to use their cutting wheels.

  • Dusty Rusty
    Dusty Rusty   3 weeks ago

    Your videos are always the best, when buying these products.

    THE GHOST   4 weeks ago

    New series harbor freight craps on dewalt

  • Don Wold
    Don Wold   1 months ago

    Love this channel and the tests. I am disappointed that the Sait brand cutting wheel was not tested as it seems like a great product.

  • Vaulmore Mack
    Vaulmore Mack   1 months ago

    Damn it youtube only allowed me to like once

  • Vaulmore Mack
    Vaulmore Mack   1 months ago

    Would love to see the same vid .. But with different brands of the diamond edge metal blades, been contemplating to give up on abrasjve wheeels because of thee amount that i go through ... But the one here is slow af... Maybe if there was a quicker cutting one o.o??

  • TheMaser
    TheMaser   1 months ago

    I reckon flexvit wheels are best have also use few other wheels including the makitas

  • garyrich2000
    garyrich2000   1 months ago

    The diamond wheel may accept more pressure to cut faster

  • Dave Nicholson
    Dave Nicholson   1 months ago

    Idea: can a mitre saw ( for wood )cut aluminium ?

  • jj helzer
    jj helzer   1 months ago

    You have some great video's, and this one saved me time and money. I think Dewalt has some great products but i wanted something that cut through metal a little faster and the Diablo did the trick. I was originally questioning the diablo's thin disk compared to the dewalt, but it still cut faster. Also, i thought it was easier to cut a straight line with the diablo. Thanks!

  • Oby-1
    Oby-1   1 months ago

    These videos are so valuable. I hope you are compensated for this priceless information.Nobody but nobody gives such good facts.

  • josh nicholson
    josh nicholson   1 months ago

    The Lennox would be the ultimate cut off disc to have in a service truck or home tool box. Always be able to finish the job.

  • Fastrice
    Fastrice   1 months ago

    Awesome test and appreciate all the effort to make it as objective as possible.

  • the upscriber
    the upscriber   1 months ago

    This would be interesting to see repeated with the only variable being around 10lbs of weight. Maybe some blades can be pushed harder than others and may wear less when pushed harder. Kind of like why you want metal chips when machining vs letting a cutter run without adequate chip load.

  • Lambchop
    Lambchop   1 months ago

    You should test metabo hands down the best grinders and cutting wheels, flap disks ,cutting stones

  • Thomas Zarbo
    Thomas Zarbo   1 months ago

    Great video, and very informative. Something that would be interesting to see would be the longer-term results of using these wheels -- say 3-4 cuts each. The reason being, the wheels that wore down faster will have less edge 'speed' as they cut through the material due to the reduced circumference. You did touch on the results of this factor... but my point is that if 'cutting fast' is one of the redeeming qualities of a wheel that wears fast, it may not be so true the more it wears down due to the lower edge speed. This is not a criticism, I'm just thinking out loud... I loved the effort to normalize all the tests with identical testing procedures. Nice job.

  • 4.6 Savage
    4.6 Savage   1 months ago

    You should do a video on ratchets and tool sets. I bought a hyper tough tool set and am unimpressed with the quality of the ratchets and sockets. Have broken several sockets and a ratchet out of the kit. I am looking for a cheap but nice set heard alot good things about kobalt and Stanley. What are your thoughts on tool sets. Im a mechanic and my tools do see some abuse as such as breaker bars and such .

  • Paul Frederick
    Paul Frederick   1 months ago

    I know the HF wheels suck but it is hard to argue with a 5 pack for $6.29

  • K Gappa
    K Gappa   2 months ago

    The diamond wheel surprised me. Good to know they cut so slow