Which Metal Cutoff Wheel is Best? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 25 February 2019
  • Metal cutoff wheels tested for durability, speed, and overall performance. DeWalt, Harbor Freight Warrior, Diablo, Lenox Diamond, Makita, and Milwaukee. The angle grinder setup using test jig for testing accuracy. Unsponsored content and I buy all products tested. Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support. https://www.patreon.com/projectfarm

    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
  • Runtime : 8:43
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  • Job38 Four
    Job38 Four   8 hours ago

    These were all cheaper big box store brands, need a do over, this time with high end cut off wheels like Sait, Cubitron..... I'm just a weekend welder and I use Sait and Metabo. I was very disappointed in that diamond cut off wheel, I was thinking of buying one but not after watching this video so thanks for that test comparison.

  • DougE
    DougE   2 days ago

    The Lenox wheel could handle more pressure I believe which would drastically reduce it's time for a cut?

  • Master Xiong
    Master Xiong   4 days ago

    Can you test to see which 1/4 to 1/2 impact adaptor bit is best? Destruction test atleast 10 different brand plz.

  • biggetl
    biggetl   4 days ago

    The Walter zip cut imo are the best!! Give them a look. https://www.walter.com/en_US

  • Shane Gillespie
    Shane Gillespie   1 weeks ago

    The Lenox was a great disappointment to us. Not only was is expensive and slow, we found it extremely louder as well.Really appreciate your content,

  • j r
    j r   1 weeks ago

    You should do witch sand paper is better. orbital sander 😄

  • 지은
    지은   1 weeks ago

    이 아저씨 목소리, 듣다보니 적응된당

  • Nate Sirchio
    Nate Sirchio   1 weeks ago

    Would have loved to see Walter zip cut wheels by far the best wheel imo

  • gmanll0
    gmanll0   1 weeks ago

    Great video- it lured me into watching some of your other vids! Great stuff! Hey did you make the grinder holder or where can I get one? Thanks from Missouri!

  • RiceFlavoredGum
    RiceFlavoredGum   2 weeks ago

    So many reviews online are biased or have human error in the test, but not you! I used to trust those untrustworthy reviews, bit after I ended up buying trash I watch your review. Sorry for bad English, it's my second language.

  • Sheila Mclaughlin
    Sheila Mclaughlin   2 weeks ago

    Any stone grinder or cutoff will only cut at the rate of wear on any surface

  • RiceFlavoredGum
    RiceFlavoredGum   2 weeks ago

    I use the Lenox diamond. I don't want a disc to shatter, and I cut rarely with the grinder.

  • Sammy Ymmas
    Sammy Ymmas   2 weeks ago

    Cubitron II is about the best there is

  • tractorboy31
    tractorboy31   2 weeks ago

    Im sold on lenox since you dont lose diameter. I pinched one and bent it. Took it off smacked with hammer and went back to work with it. No blowing up. Ive also done cuts where i needed full diameter the entire time cutting some thick welds on my trl

  • Adamant Adam
    Adamant Adam   3 weeks ago

    You should do a video comparing diamond cutoff wheels.

    FUDDLEYP JONES   3 weeks ago

    Could you please test the DeWalt high performance 4.5" cutting wheel? That is my go-to but I'd love to see how it compares to the others.

  • Blake Holder
    Blake Holder   3 weeks ago

    You always make such quality videos and have come up with some great tests for every product you use in your videos! I think it would be an interesting idea to test how effective different brands of flame retardant clothing are for the job as well as how long they would last before becoming ineffective when exposed to high heat, Sparks,open flame,and anything else you can come up with for an ignition source! Thank you for all of the great content!

  • Mesh
    Mesh   3 weeks ago

    No the lenox doesn’t last as advertised

  • E A
    E A   3 weeks ago

    Makita Overall.

  • Magnetberg
    Magnetberg   3 weeks ago

    In Germany Pferd is the best brand.

  • Aiden Parsons
    Aiden Parsons   4 weeks ago

    You need the Lenox metal cut off wheel they are amazing

  • Jason Knowles
    Jason Knowles   4 weeks ago

    I wonder how repeatable this test is? ie. If you tested 10 of each would the results be the same? I think your test rig is about as good as can be expected but I've had some disks wear out much faster than others of the same brand cutting the same material. Of course, maybe the problem is me and not the cut off wheel.

  • Sarper taş
    Sarper taş   4 weeks ago

    in like 10 months prices go up 2 times just got dewalt last week from lowes it was 2.99$ for the same one and diablo was around 5$ lenox was 13$

  • Race Mentally
    Race Mentally   1 months ago

    I know this is an older video but I have kind of a great video idea for you. Make once a year a video of the top performers in everything you’ve done for the year. That would be a perfect new year’s gift for us subscribers. That way we can all watch and have the shortcut to the best performing brands. Just a thought but I’m placing a large cut off wheel order today. Thanks! I still want tat grease test!! :)

  • kukolino
    kukolino   1 months ago

    Why didn't you test the Cal-Hawk wheel what was seen in the beginning of the video ?? Also, please compare the Hercules brand from HF if the extra money is justified ! Great video, Thanks !!

  • Dominiek Demaerel
    Dominiek Demaerel   1 months ago

    It is very very very difficult to judge the qualities of manual cutting discs by one test setup. Every disc is composed of grit, structure reinforcement (fibers) and binding material. With an ideal disc the grit is very wear resistant and the binding material does let loose the grit particles only just after them getting sufficient dull. Letting loose the grit is caused by increased friction forces by the dull grit and increased temperature as a consequence. For clear, these friction forces are not only caused by the dullness of the grit particles, but even more by the specific contact pressure applied on them. And this contact pressure is a function of the contact area and force applied. As a consequence, depending on the section of material to cut on should apply a different force. Most technicians take this reasonable well in account by intuition. But by experience I know that some technicians will consume 3 times more discs for cutting the same lengths as others do. And that's all about feeling. By moving the disc slowly back and forth during the cut, one does continuously play with the contact surface. And for every time they experience some slower cutting progress, they slightly increase the cutting force or move back and forth a little more quick for removing the dull layer. One has to manage this "dance". But, without being conscious, lots of people work too often the "layer removal mode", and they consume more discs. And as every disc is made of different materials, they need a different "optimal dance". And as every technician prefers different "dances", they prefer different discs.In this test, some of the discs could be for the whole test in a "layer removal mode", because of a weaker binding material. And others could be in a soft cutting mode and being quite dull as from half through the part, because of stronger binding material.

  • Joe Berry
    Joe Berry   1 months ago

    Seeing as the Lenox is a diamond wheel maybe it needs more downward force to cut as fast as a standard wheel

  • g k
    g k   1 months ago

    Awesome test videos as always!

  • z1z2z3z z1z2z3z
    z1z2z3z z1z2z3z   1 months ago

    Another tool from harbor freight that works well for less than half the price of brandnames: SDS hammer drill bits

  • naseem jibrin
    naseem jibrin   1 months ago

    I understand this is a lot of work, and you definitely do this type of unbiased testing better than most, but for a wheel that changes in diameter as it's used, I feel like 3 cuts per wheel and an average cut time would have been more telling. I would be willing to bet that some of the faster wearing wheels would slow down substantially on subsequent cuts . (I know this test happened months ago 😭, still working through the back catalogue)

  • R J
    R J   1 months ago

    @projectfarm How about testing tire pressure gauges. I've never seen two that matched each other! It's ridiculous. There is no way to test one for accuracy either. When you use one and adjust your tire pressure accordingly, it's just a "feel good" I think. What is it REALLY reading???