• Published on: 12 February 2020
  • Mixing EVERY Cereal TOGETHER! Today DigitalNex and I are mixing every cereal as challenge! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch our last Mukbang https://youtu.be/Qahzhw5AItA Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! http://bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf

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  • Runtime : 14:19
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  • Noah Hunt
    Noah Hunt   2 hours ago

    I have that exact ''gorilla munch''. and im eating it right now!

  • Bessie Curtis
    Bessie Curtis   2 hours ago

    Am i the only one that waits for the cereal to get soggy , i think it taste better like that

  • Rainbow Squad
    Rainbow Squad   5 hours ago

    Lie: it taste like disappointmentMe:what why would I be a serial

  • Brookley Mulkey
    Brookley Mulkey   16 hours ago

    i love your vids and u inspir me lol i love u!! can i pls have a shout out?? i not shor if u do them but i love u!

  • cookie playz cookie
    cookie playz cookie   18 hours ago

    When I saw Raisin brain(or whatever it's called) I just sort them out throw the cereal away and I eat the raisins

  • Averie Ferreira
    Averie Ferreira   23 hours ago

    Hi Lia! I hope you feel better soon! Enjoy your day! Baii!

  • wayne shand
    wayne shand   23 hours ago

    This si copyright.... Gauva Juice did this waaaaay before Lia! 😡😳

  • Carla Rocha
    Carla Rocha   23 hours ago

    “You get that for your boomer when your boomer can’t make a boom boom.” Holy shit, that was pretty good.

  • Viery Garrido
    Viery Garrido   1 days ago

    Currently I like lucky charms, Reese’s puffs and Frosted Flakes the most.

  • nenz2009
    nenz2009   1 days ago

    ASMR with SSSniperWolf :DD

  • Calleigh Kirby
    Calleigh Kirby   1 days ago

    Does it trigger anyone else how she opens the bags? Or just me?

  • Sazuo
    Sazuo   1 days ago


  • Jessica Sheets
    Jessica Sheets   1 days ago

    I've been wanting to share this to someone so I think that I should tell you guys I'm lactose intolerant and another have gluten stuff

  • PanDies
    PanDies   1 days ago

    i have allgires alomst allgriec to everything but i can eat fruit and veggies and eegs so im missing out rip me

  • Camyla Ramirez
    Camyla Ramirez   1 days ago

    She could’ve just use milk instead of water duh

  • Roundonut Is my epic

    If he’s a captain look at his sleeves near his wrist he’s not a captain 8:01

  • flying fox
    flying fox   1 days ago

    When I was 5 I snorted a coco puff and couldn't get it out so now I have a phobia of coco puffs

  • SBW
    SBW   2 days ago

    She should call it SSSniperwolf Os

  • Nams Diaz
    Nams Diaz   2 days ago

    Sodium Phosphate is in Cinnamon Toast Crunch... and that's a bad chemical.

  • Kitty The Cat
    Kitty The Cat   2 days ago

    Who else thinks there should be a Peppa pig themed cereal?

  • Lilah West
    Lilah West   2 days ago

    I baked the cereal, into another cereal!The World: gasp! SORCERY!Tastes like crap and disappointment, though.The World: disappointed sigh... Oh...........