• Published on: 12 February 2020
  • Mixing EVERY Cereal TOGETHER! Today DigitalNex and I are mixing every cereal as challenge! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch our last Mukbang https://youtu.be/Qahzhw5AItA Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! http://bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf

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  • Runtime : 14:19
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  • Agwhgeh CrsftsD
    Agwhgeh CrsftsD   1 hours ago

    Cap’n Crunch is the superior cereal. Lucky charms is next. Then Cookie Crisp. Then Cocoa Puffs. Then I guess for 5th is cinnamon crunch

  • Reyna Melendez
    Reyna Melendez   19 hours ago

    I was waiting for her to eat the Resses Puffs (Sry i forgot how to spell them)

  • Anime tiger :3
    Anime tiger :3   1 days ago

    My favorite cereal is Coco crispies what about yours

  • Katya Kukin
    Katya Kukin   1 days ago

    Poor SssniperWolf - never had oreos before. All the same, I never had macaroons, nutella, baklava, or any other foods with tree nuts in them.

  • Big Boi
    Big Boi   1 days ago

    This is what happens when your in quarantine

  • tanya vega
    tanya vega   2 days ago

    Your dead to me for not like fruity pebbles

  • A chill piece of bread

    my mom heard sniperwolf say captain crunch and then later that night i went to go take my shower i walked by my mom and dads room (im 19 btw) and i heard my mom say " can you captain my crunch ;)"

  • Mxddie_Gxcha
    Mxddie_Gxcha   2 days ago

    That’s my little brothers meal every day : cereal

  • Marquis Glass
    Marquis Glass   2 days ago

    I wish you was . my mom because. You rich and don't wop. People and you.nice and quiet

  • M zeee
    M zeee   2 days ago

    Um Lia...ur supposed to shake the raisin bran if you want any raisins cuz they're all at the bottom.

  • Ahnesti Mason
    Ahnesti Mason   3 days ago

    Lia: oh apple Jack's have cereal?Digital nex: yea dummy;)

  • Lalo Dwn
    Lalo Dwn   3 days ago

    It's not fair u are so pretty

  • Avery Moore
    Avery Moore   3 days ago

    One time I ate a fruity pebbles rice crispy treat and then went to water safari and puked every where!

  • Brandilyn Hobbs
    Brandilyn Hobbs   3 days ago

    Me : mom what Cereal are we getting mom: Raisin Bran me :ok Boomber

  • jacquie lacanienta
    jacquie lacanienta   3 days ago

    you should have ground up the all the cereals in a blender or food processor and then added some water or milk and then made it into a dough and then baked it

  • Dude Perfect FAN #1
    Dude Perfect FAN #1   5 days ago

    You get that for your boomer when your boomer can't make a boom boom Digital Nex 2020

  • Karla Rocha
    Karla Rocha   6 days ago

    You know when gluten touches glutenfree things IT GETS CONTAMINATED trust me its sucks i feel you I AM gluten free too

  • Juleigha Dossantos
    Juleigha Dossantos   6 days ago

    I heard you have a gluten allergy so do I I have the same thing you have I just don't know how to spell the word but love you videos and eat what what ever you want life is to short and you just poop it out