Which Utility Knife Blade Is Best? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 16 December 2019
  • Utility blade knife sharpness test: blade edge integrity and frictional loss using cardboard, drywall, copper pipe and staple. Stanley, Stanley carbide, DeWalt Carbide, Milwaukee, Masterforce, Craftsman, Lenox, Husky, Kobalt, Hyper Tough, and Irwin tested. I highly recommend 2 blades, one for value and the other stands out as the best but it does cost the most.

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  • Runtime : 11:27
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  • HonorNecris
    HonorNecris   2 hours ago

    Man, one drag over a staple!? Now that's a lotta damage!

  • Shane Laycock
    Shane Laycock   1 days ago

    Seems to me that overall DeWalt products (not just blades) are top notch. Love your vids

  • hi yall
    hi yall   2 days ago

    Thank you for making this video this helps me a lot

  • Omer Zafar
    Omer Zafar   2 days ago

    Irwin looked pretty good too for the price

  • brian craggett
    brian craggett   3 days ago

    Thanks for the in depth and very real world style testing. I've used numerous different blades over the last several years as a general contractor / remodeler, and every test you carried out is pretty much a carbon copy of what my utility knife gets put through on a day to day basis, including the occasional run in with hidden staples, nails & screws which tend to dull the basic "Budget Level" steel blades almost instantly.After getting a chance to sample a few of Dewalt's carbide blades a co-worker gave me while I was cutting & installing all new drywall during a large kitchen remodel project, I was amazed at just how much longer a carbide blade stayed sharp & cut cleanly, compared to even the best name brand steel blades I'd been using up to that point. 3 blades ended up lasting me almost 3 weeks under heavy use, realistically about 3-5x longer than I was used to. After researching & comparing prices I bought a 50 pack of Stanley Fat Max Carbides, and now over a year later, I'm not even halfway through the pack!! Thanks for all your great content & keep up the hard work. People seeking accurate answers to challenging questions, greatly appreciate real results, based on real-world testing. Clearly, there's a reason you've already earned yourself over a million subscribers to your channel in just 3 years!! Congrats & You just earned another one👍👍👍

  • Craig Yarmula Sr
    Craig Yarmula Sr   5 days ago

    Another great video. How about testing multi tool blades. Keep up the good work.

  • Michael Skinner
    Michael Skinner   5 days ago

    Thanks for putting this one together! Interesting results.

  • Ken Haynie
    Ken Haynie   5 days ago

    Great video! Excellent testing :)

  • Joser Falkkon
    Joser Falkkon   6 days ago

    Since this virus is going around can you test out air purifiers

  • cristiticu
    cristiticu   1 weeks ago

    Really wanted to see these pitted against the Japanese blades from Tajima or Olfa.

  • MereCashmere
    MereCashmere   1 weeks ago

    This stuff is incredible. As a tradesman and a tool whore these are my favorite types of videos. Here’s an idea I’d love someone to do;A real, in depth linesman plier showdownAt Klein’s facility they have a test table set up with the major linesman pliers brands including theirs. They ask you to line up and one by one cut ceiling wire with each of the pliers. Supposedly Klein’s ability to absorb shock is the best., I’d love to see some lesser known brands thrown in the mix due to my own curiosity. Brands like Fujiya of Japan, as their selection really intrigued me. NWS, German, and FELO. Also Vampliers since everyone’s got their nuts in a twist about em, I personally think they’re goofy. But those two brands against Knipex, Klein, etc. thanks again for taking the time my man.

  • Johnny Jones
    Johnny Jones   1 weeks ago

    I've owned a small remodeling company for the past 18 years and have tried just about all of the brands you tested. It was cool to see you come to the same conclusion that my business partner and I have. We've found Dewalt Carbide to be the best and while they're more expensive it's well worth it in the long run.

  • spludgey
    spludgey   1 weeks ago

    I like these videos, but why do Americans love to yell at the camera so much?

  • Francois Dastardly
    Francois Dastardly   1 weeks ago

    It is amazing the professionalism put on all your videos. Thanks for your great work !

  • Daniel Hood
    Daniel Hood   1 weeks ago

    Good job, been watching your videos for a while and your vids have got alot more scientific. Just shows you dont need to be a scientist to do science! (Im a microbiologist)

  • Gamal Awad, Jr.
    Gamal Awad, Jr.   1 weeks ago

    Future test...Strongest ratchets! Snap on, matco, mac, husky, craftsman, kobalt, Pittsburgh, icon, etc!

  • Rodeo Clown Obama
    Rodeo Clown Obama   1 weeks ago

    b4 I see the video I"m going to say no, I bet they are all pretty much the same , let's see if I right

  • Heliosxx
    Heliosxx   1 weeks ago

    Thanks for all the tests! Quick question, early in this video you had the Stanley Carbide at 42 cents (https://youtu.be/711IWHCljVk?t=171), and later you say 59 cents (https://youtu.be/711IWHCljVk?t=618) mistake or some other reason?

  • Angel Arredondo
    Angel Arredondo   1 weeks ago

    I am heading to amazon to buy some dewalt as we speak

  • figil231
    figil231   1 weeks ago

    What about Lutz or Olfa?

  • Karaoke Vic
    Karaoke Vic   1 weeks ago

    Hey! Love your videos and would like to see you compare 6” or 8” adjustable wrenches. There don’t seem to be any real test videos.

  • Ryan Mckelvey
    Ryan Mckelvey   1 weeks ago

    I notice on your test Milwaukee rarely disappoints

  • Basha R. Abdall
    Basha R. Abdall   1 weeks ago

    Is it posdible for you to make car tire brands comparison?

  • Billy
    Billy   1 weeks ago

    mixed comment section hmmm

  • Billy
    Billy   1 weeks ago

    lol any of them will work just fine

  • Lorne Johnson
    Lorne Johnson   2 weeks ago

    I always use Milwaukee or Lennox cuz I buy them at my plumbing supply house all the time?

  • Cinny Wu
    Cinny Wu   2 weeks ago

    Maybe you can also add fiskars blade in this comparison

  • dwalta7
    dwalta7   2 weeks ago

    Wow, you really put a lot of work into this video. Great testing.

  • Daneisy Duarte
    Daneisy Duarte   2 weeks ago

    I like your videos a lot, congratulations on your channel

  • Bill Wong
    Bill Wong   2 weeks ago

    PF, you are putting fear to products which ever don’t make the grade.

  • Liem H
    Liem H   2 weeks ago

    I check Project Farm when making decisions Home Depot. Every time!Request: masks filtration effectiveness for Corona season

  • Paul Dawson
    Paul Dawson   2 weeks ago

    Thank you ! A good video ! I've been wondering if its worth the additional cost to go with the premium blades or keep using Stanley.But ,thanks to your tests ,I'll stick with the regular Stanley . Unless I find a good deal on some of the carbide blades.

  • Aaron Hinojosa
    Aaron Hinojosa   2 weeks ago

    Yes. Very much, thank you for doing the work so I can take the most useful tool to the job site.