Adorable Yet Terrifying Animals with Dave Salmoni

  • Published on: 15 August 2019
  • Dave brings wild animals to educate us and terrify Jimmy. Jim Gaffigan stays to meet the Alligator Snapping Turtle, Baby Spectacled Owl and Striped Skunk.

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    Adorable Yet Terrifying Animals with Dave Salmoni
  • Runtime : 10:14
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  • Naznin Sultana
    Naznin Sultana   17 hours ago

    The joy in your face when your passion is your job 😘

  • sukhi thapa
    sukhi thapa   1 days ago

    its so frustrating when they don't let him speak ... make me so mad

  • The Woodio Bros
    The Woodio Bros   3 days ago

    i wanna see someone like jason mamoa with this guy on a show

  • Shritej Chavan
    Shritej Chavan   4 days ago

    Bring that guy out who told Jimmy he is funny enough to even talk that much. Wanna punch him hard !!!

  • Dr Salma
    Dr Salma   4 days ago

    Am I the only one who is admiring not only Dave's Knowledge but also his body...

  • Karan Singh
    Karan Singh   4 days ago

    4:04 Dave: "Global Warming is a really big problem with him..."Jim intervenes him to say, "GOOD". Okay, that was a joke but a really bad one.

  • Or3zHD
    Or3zHD   4 days ago


  • Nicole Henricks
    Nicole Henricks   6 days ago

    This is like me being talked over by my friends, especially the way he talks super fast so he can get it all out before he gets interrupted

  • Brianna Valiz
    Brianna Valiz   6 days ago

    Jimmy pleaseeeeeeeee stop cutting him off & too many jokes !!! Let him talk

  • Uganda The kuncle
    Uganda The kuncle   1 weeks ago

    Wish they show the animals abit more respect and listen to the expert but they just act like children

  • The Mysticmac
    The Mysticmac   1 weeks ago

    The host are like the turtle... Having big and fast mouth.

  • Sabra_
    Sabra_   1 weeks ago

    Lowkey bothers me how everyone is afraid of the animals on this show. Dave knows what he is doing so even if you're uncomfortable you literally have an expert right there to protect you

  • Beegee
    Beegee   1 weeks ago

    For many years. Jimmy did not stop telling jokes after jokes relentlessly. Scared of any animal.

  • ShaneTheRat
    ShaneTheRat   1 weeks ago

    I don't know why y'all upset. If you think all these videos are gonna be full of interrupting jokes then watch them expecting to see Dave get interrupted. I know none of y'all are here just for the facts. If you were you'd look it up somewhere with only facts. This. Is. E n t e r t a i n m e n t.

  • Luis Ortiz
    Luis Ortiz   1 weeks ago

    Bro this guy comes in all hyped up! And these two over here just making jokes. The animals are so cool! Let the guy spit his facts! 🙄

  • Arial Chen
    Arial Chen   1 weeks ago

    I feel like he actually wants to talk about animals and inform, but the host is just so up his ass he thinks everything about him. Do you guys see the way they look at the audience waiting for them to laugh and validate their jokes..

  • Tony Olsson
    Tony Olsson   2 weeks ago

    this is seriously horrible! it can be healthy for the animals!

  • paige treiling
    paige treiling   2 weeks ago

    it’s annoying how they are constantly making jokes and not allowing him to talk and the facts are actually helpful and interesting

  • E B
    E B   2 weeks ago

    Jimmy that was so inappropriate to put that half hotdog on Dave lmaoooo.

  • Kara
    Kara   2 weeks ago

    No offense but if they would just shut up and let Dave talk. I hate it everytime they interrupt him every 2 seconds.

  • M D
    M D   2 weeks ago


  • jackbauer322
    jackbauer322   2 weeks ago

    Bring the snapping turtle to climate change deniers and politicians and the problem WILL BE SOLVED :p

  • George Jacobs
    George Jacobs   2 weeks ago

    Im sorry but if I was Dave I would say FO and not come back

  • Jared Fajardo
    Jared Fajardo   2 weeks ago

    i feel bad for baby deers, when ever dave comes out with an animals he usually says, “when this guy gets older, he can eat a whole baby dear”save the turtles

  • marmargazarbazar
    marmargazarbazar   3 weeks ago

    This is why I prefer Fallon over Kimmel. Fallon doesn't interrupt Robert Irwin as much as Kimmel interrupts Dave and at least when Fallon does it, the joke is actually funny.

  • Elijah Dewar
    Elijah Dewar   3 weeks ago

    God i feel like dave get so annoyed when they wont shut up

  • niveditha cv
    niveditha cv   3 weeks ago

    Jimmy was really rude why isn't he respecting the animals. He yelled good to how pollution effects snapping turtle

  • Chudy Robert
    Chudy Robert   3 weeks ago

    they keep making jokes because #1 its a comedy show, #2 people get nervous with animals and talk more