Kidzbopify It! (YIAY #280)

  • Published on: 18 August 2016
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    Hi, my name is Jack Douglass. You found my YouTube channel where I like to make fun of everything because I'm too scared to confront reality. Parodies! Music videos! Sketches! JackAsk! Your Grammar Sucks (YGS)! Yesterday I Asked You (YIAY)! News in Haikus!

    Kidzbopify It! (YIAY #280)
  • Runtime : 8:6
  • Jack Douglass YGS YGS 100 YGS 50 The Best of Your Grammar Sucks Your Grammar Sucks Yesterday I Asked You Fidget Spinners Emoji Movie Kermit Sings JackAsk Jack Ask Dubstep Solves Everything Frozen 2 iPhone Parody Apple Parody jacksfilms yiay kidzbopify it lyrics woof


  • uwu
    uwu   6 days ago


  • Thomas George
    Thomas George   1 weeks ago

    My anaconda don’t want none unless you got dum dums

  • Ender Chicken228
    Ender Chicken228   1 weeks ago

    Oh these poor, innocent, 2016ers using their terms. Little did they know, the TikTok plague was on its way quick.

  • Leisa Zaharis
    Leisa Zaharis   2 weeks ago

    Don’t wanna see your mama Just want to make your brother

  • Cameron Gaska
    Cameron Gaska   2 weeks ago

    Wtf he stole the Pewdiepie song I can feel someone is about to be wooshed

  • Citrus
    Citrus   3 weeks ago

    The fact that it was

  • beakMesh
    beakMesh   4 weeks ago

    I have mad respect for rob

  • SwagPizza
    SwagPizza   4 weeks ago

    Thrift ShopKidz Bop: What up I got a hit songLunch edition: What up I got a juice box

  • Deutalios 818
    Deutalios 818   1 months ago

    Dude. Kids don’t care if the songs they listen to include the words fuck, shit, bitch, dick, pussy, cum etc.

  • Grace D
    Grace D   1 months ago

    I love We Are Young. 😂

    JEEP_ JEEP   1 months ago

    is it to late now to be eating, cuz im, very hungry for some pussy #jacksfilms

    JEEP_ JEEP   1 months ago

    is it to late now to be mobbing, cuz i, wanna be a good gran kid

  • Tom Miano
    Tom Miano   1 months ago

    What is your problem?Shut the hell upJACKASS!

  • Rara Pradani
    Rara Pradani   1 months ago

    sometimes youre not the one thats bringing sexy back. sometimes youre the other fuckers that dont know how to act.

  • Dannielle Horan
    Dannielle Horan   1 months ago

    Always forget my little brothers suggestion made it in here just to get made fun of 🤣

  • Danika Brien
    Danika Brien   1 months ago

    It’s too late now to say sorryCause I broke the X box yesterday morning

  • taco tuesday
    taco tuesday   1 months ago

    So you can keep me inside the pocket of your ripped jeansSo you can keep me inside the bin if your garden

  • Suga cookie 1015
    Suga cookie 1015   1 months ago

    My friends are in the airplane going higher than the Empire State

  • moved/inactive
    moved/inactive   2 months ago

    5:01 'dude that's my ghost' haunts my fucking dreams. why was i born to suffer

  • Trippyy
    Trippyy   2 months ago

    1:21 Why did that remind me of hey Delilah

  • Clixxyz
    Clixxyz   2 months ago

    for the anaconda one, just have the same lyrics but in the video have a snake eating bread

  • Domino Momino
    Domino Momino   2 months ago

    Original: Well, now I’m lookin’ up, and down at the same time cause I do not give a f**kKidzbopified: Well, now I’m looking up, and drinking my juice box cause I am so darn nuts (I tried)

  • Bellschalcedony
    Bellschalcedony   2 months ago

    Give me a second I need to get my story straight i didn't steal the cookies my sister are them straight from the plate

  • Alex LLC
    Alex LLC   2 months ago

    2:15 yeah, when they did God's plan they took out the iconic line "she say do you love me I tell her only partly, I only love my bed and my mama, I'm sorry

  • MoeTheBro
    MoeTheBro   2 months ago

    Jacksfilms Fans writing a song would sound like a broken fan