Drunk VS. High Makeup

  • Published on: 21 November 2018

    I do not condone drinking alcohol or smoking weed if you are underage and if it's illegal in your state/country. I am 21 and I live in California, USA where it is legal. I just did this video for the giggles and for science lol

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  • Runtime : 7:42
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  • Emily Haider
    Emily Haider   8 hours ago

    Okay i am not the only one that shhh’s all the time when drunk

  • Kayla Spinelli
    Kayla Spinelli   1 days ago

    Was it just me who thought that she was gonna put makeup on to look high and drunk I had no clue she was drunk or high doing makeup lol

  • katie stot
    katie stot   1 days ago

    Gurl where did ur eyebrows go?!?!??!?!No hate love yaaa

  • Cøtton Sky
    Cøtton Sky   2 days ago

    When she’s drunk: she keeps saying “shhhh” and “are you still recordingWhen she’s high: she keeps forgetting things

  • Alice Bittersweet
    Alice Bittersweet   2 days ago

    if you think drinking is better than smoking, just watch this video.

  • Sarah Mc
    Sarah Mc   3 days ago

    I’m high watching this and I’m vibing with this 😂

  • Gabriella Butler
    Gabriella Butler   3 days ago

    She said she don’t ever smoke weed but says like I sit in my own place

  • Hanni Bannni
    Hanni Bannni   3 days ago

    Nö ich darf schon mit 16 trinken lol😂 Deutschland ist beste😂😂😂😂

  • Love Pizza
    Love Pizza   3 days ago

    Betrunken sieht sie fertig aus und ist sehr verwirrt, aber high sieht sie happy aus also..💚

  • im koisv
    im koisv   4 days ago

    Who eles got this in the Christian minecraft server recommended

  • Jamie Frazier
    Jamie Frazier   4 days ago

    U said I don't smoke weed then u said when I usually smoke I sit in my lil corner

  • Janae Case
    Janae Case   4 days ago

    Nobody: Her: says she never smokes weed minutes later while she’s high: usually when I smoke weed I don’t y’all me: BiTcH wHaT tHe FuCk

  • Rene Zepeda
    Rene Zepeda   4 days ago

    you don even look high , lol yur eyes are supposed to be red

  • Jun
    Jun   5 days ago

    Im u when you’re high... and i dont smoke weed

  • Emma Swarm
    Emma Swarm   5 days ago

    They should have counter how many time she said if They were still recording