Reviewing Bad Apps 4

  • Published on: 27 April 2017
  • Lol please forgive me for continuing to refer to this as the third of these, this is the 4th. Honestly I don't know whats wrong with me either.

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  • Runtime : 14:3
  • jenna marbles mourey reviewing bad apps part 2 part 3 part 4 bad apps 4 julien solomita boyfriend face app worst app store apple iphone $11 corn dog make up dress up snuggle ar virtual kissing kylie dating dr phil theme soundboard funny best rip off dink podcast room games how to tutorial hamster frustrating black light awful finger scan fidget spinner chicken insult comeback jokes


  • TheKermitQueen
    TheKermitQueen   1 days ago


  • Emily-Anne Woods
    Emily-Anne Woods   2 days ago

    Horsemoji: 10 out of 10, when it was photo number 10 of 10

  • Sunjem Nagra
    Sunjem Nagra   2 days ago

    4:58: “take my horse through the old town road” music 🎼🎶

  • Annika Sandell
    Annika Sandell   3 days ago

    I'm graduating in 2 weeks, I have final projects to work on, I've already seen this video 3 times, why am I here?

  • d_anaeX
    d_anaeX   1 weeks ago

    is no one realizing there are 33 text messages 272 emails and 16 missed calls 😂

  • Not Wednesday
    Not Wednesday   1 weeks ago

    In junior high a friend and I got suspended for using a Dr. Phil sound board we found online to leave a voicemail for a really detestable classmate. It happened AFTER school and we were at my friend's house but somehow the school decided it was their business to punish us. Despite the extremely mild nature of the voicemail we were accused of bullying her. In reality she was a brat and a known bully that the school refused to do anything about.

  • Hannah Griel
    Hannah Griel   2 weeks ago

    Ahhhh my sister had that finger scanner app😂👌 and no it never let's you in

  • Olivia Nuske
    Olivia Nuske   2 weeks ago

    this is like badads but with chaotic aries energy and sparklebadapps

  • Shaya
    Shaya   2 weeks ago

    these videos kill me

  • ACøntagiøusPiløt •

    the reviews asking to remove it from their history definitely didn’t download it on their own and didn’t want their mom to find out.

  • Leah Jo Tomberlin
    Leah Jo Tomberlin   3 weeks ago

    They say you marry someone who has facial symmetry to yourself and I'm just saying they look like each other as male and female.... 😏

  • Miss B
    Miss B   3 weeks ago

    Guys I think you pressured snuggle guy. He needs time to warm up to you.

  • PleaseEnterAName
    PleaseEnterAName   3 weeks ago

    9:20 "Don't know how it got here. Please delete from history, thanks!"4 STARS

  • Fullphilling
    Fullphilling   4 weeks ago

    Jenna: ad is doing wellMe: IM SORRY IM SORRY

  • ANNA Engler
    ANNA Engler   1 months ago

    what happend to add the hamster i miss him 😢👀

  • Sandra K
    Sandra K   1 months ago

    Julen! what's that hair colour, I neeeeeed it

  • Just Me
    Just Me   1 months ago

    Jenna answer your phone

  • B H
    B H   1 months ago

    “This next one is called ‘The Sex Game’ and all of the reviews were like ‘Please remove this from my phone’ like apparently it was getting installed on people’s phones without them wanting to and they’re like kids” girl no it wasn’t getting installed suddenly on its own those kids installed it and wanted it gone so their parents didn’t find out lmao

  • Katelyn Graygate
    Katelyn Graygate   1 months ago

    All the horse girls out here including me that would actually use this app are low-key offended 😂

  • Chocolate Bunny
    Chocolate Bunny   1 months ago

    Omfg when Jenna realized what she was saying about the duct tape 😂 it got so dark so fast

  • Jacob Berko
    Jacob Berko   1 months ago


  • hannah
    hannah   1 months ago

    they should review Cody Ko's app, I'd Cap That

  • Thisiskarime
    Thisiskarime   1 months ago

    Who else paused the video to read their previous messages? Just me? Okay.

  • Chloe Larson
    Chloe Larson   1 months ago

    When you said horse moji it triggered hey siri🤣

  • Oli Lowery
    Oli Lowery   1 months ago

    💙R.I.P. Add, The best boy 💙

  • Sara__
    Sara__   2 months ago

    JuLiAAAn, GeT yOuR pEn/S oF Of My PhOnE 😂

  • Denise Sienett
    Denise Sienett   2 months ago

    Julien: that’s like two bowls at Chipotle “ Me: truuuuu lolol haha 😂

  • Spookyboi97
    Spookyboi97   2 months ago

    julien is a real life shitposter and i love it

  • xx silva xx
    xx silva xx   2 months ago

    Am I the only one watching this in 2020