Binging with Babish: Teddy Brûlée from Bob's Burgers

  • Published on: 14 May 2019
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    It would seem as though most modern comedies have a Teddy: a hapless, lovable loser whose behavior straddles the line between funny and halting. Perhaps Teddy Brûlée captures the character better than any other food could - sweet, unhealthy, and holding a blowtorch.

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  • Runtime : 7:39
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  • Binging with Babish
    Binging with Babish   1 weeks ago

    So uh, marshmallow batter? Marshmallow dough? Raw marshmallow? Marshmallow potential?

  • Jstamp 12
    Jstamp 12   2 hours ago

    So i got pulled into this video by my sweet tooth and love of bobs burgers hows yall day 😂😂

  • panggop jio
    panggop jio   4 hours ago

    For cutting the marshmallows, I suggest a pizza cutter

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy   9 hours ago

    "Thank you, thank you. I also do really boring birthday parties and doomed weddings."How do I book you?

  • Saif syed :P
    Saif syed :P   14 hours ago

    You forgot the pretzels in the last to versions..

  • Shelby Roland
    Shelby Roland   16 hours ago

    nice to know im not the only one who likes burnt marshmallows

  • VallieMC C
    VallieMC C   19 hours ago

    That Alfred impression though, wow 👏

  • TheSinfultictac
    TheSinfultictac   1 days ago

    Is your Vinny the same Vinny from Vinesauce ? Probably not, he should be on your show

  • Egg Trolls
    Egg Trolls   1 days ago

    I’m waiting for the day you find Gilmore Girls and the foods of Chef Sookie St. James 😋She makes rocky road cookies, a chestnut stuffed turkey, and even jalapeño chipotle Mac and cheese before it was trendy

  • stevebob240
    stevebob240   1 days ago

    Please make the meatloaf from Jeanne Dielman!

  • Troy Sinatra
    Troy Sinatra   1 days ago

    Do peanut butter chocolate cake with kool-aid from redbone. You nerd.

  • Tia Lipscomb
    Tia Lipscomb   1 days ago

    Lol the edit of the whisk from the tattoo was cool

  • TomoyaKun100
    TomoyaKun100   1 days ago

    So... is there a Mr. or Mrs. Babish? If not, I volunteer as tribute <3

  • WilderStudios
    WilderStudios   1 days ago

    Yo send me a pack of that shiiiiiit, I’m in Mrs. Piercys room. Lemmy know if yo sliddin or nah

  • Emily Reilly
    Emily Reilly   1 days ago

    I thought that was corn flakes that were invented to stop masturbation

  • James Byrne
    James Byrne   2 days ago

    For cutting the marshmallows, I suggest a pizza cutter

  • 123*** 456
    123*** 456   2 days ago


  • CrazieRR
    CrazieRR   2 days ago

    KILL LA KILL CROQUETTES pleeeeeaaase

  • Hania Douglas
    Hania Douglas   2 days ago

    Vid earned my thumbs up with that solid "beating" pun... Well done. Be proud.

  • Kenny Westone
    Kenny Westone   2 days ago

    Please do Ćevapi from Key and Peele, please Babish please...

  • Malina 123
    Malina 123   2 days ago

    Please make the pasta from lady and the tramp ❤️

  • D.H.
    D.H.   3 days ago

    Yasss black marshmallows 👌

  • Valeria
    Valeria   3 days ago

    What is the cartoon???

  • Daniel L
    Daniel L   3 days ago

    holy sh%$t I just learned graham crackers are just digestive biscuits with honey instead of sugar. I've been using wine biscuits in my american recipes all this time this ends today. I feel that this is a bigger deal to me than it should be

  • Jason Yang
    Jason Yang   3 days ago

    Can you do the yaro root from guardians of the galaxy 2

  • J
    J   3 days ago

    What about the propane fumes?Sound unhealthy your food preparation.Does the FDA knows your practice?

  • Christian Cody
    Christian Cody   3 days ago

    when you get that tattoo? looks like about 2 days

  • swagabum
    swagabum   3 days ago

    when babish forgets to crush the pretzels

  • MichikiSan
    MichikiSan   3 days ago

    Saaame. I also love my marshmallows burnt. It has this crunchy, sweet texture of caramel that just goes so well, while the inside is almost melted. Mmh <3

  • Dotty Luscombe
    Dotty Luscombe   3 days ago

    Was the impression at the end Alfred from Batman?

  • Adam Watson
    Adam Watson   4 days ago

    2:39 Are you okay? That pose paired with the gentle stroking...

  • duby149
    duby149   4 days ago

    Can a get a 👍 from all my fellow TMNT fans lol