The Outer Worlds - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

  • Published on: 30 July 2019
  • Welcome to the future, try not to break it. The Outer Worlds, the upcoming single-player sci-fi RPG from Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division, is coming to Nintendo Switch!

    #NintendoSwitch #TheOuterWorlds

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  • Runtime : 4:31
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  • unitgj
    unitgj   5 hours ago

    So is it both 1st and 3rd person?

  • kevin Kevin
    kevin Kevin   21 hours ago

    Thank u for thinking of switch owners . I will get this. I can see the passion when he talks so I will give it a try

  • rom bay
    rom bay   1 days ago

    Obsidian does want Bethesdon't.

  • Rockin Robin
    Rockin Robin   1 days ago

    Put in suspension indefinitelyExploring corporate wasteland“Hey I’ve seen this one” -Marty McFly

  • Melanie Boots
    Melanie Boots   1 days ago

    "You haven't seen this before"caugh fallout caugh

  • Tara Mccann
    Tara Mccann   2 days ago

    When can we play it on the Nintendo switch

  • Dave Deoram
    Dave Deoram   2 days ago

    Will the outer worlds have cross save? Im having a hard time deciding if I want it just for the xbox or for both the xbox and switch depending if I have to play the story at 2 different points instead of continuing where I left off

  • Anthony Hermant
    Anthony Hermant   2 days ago

    Maybe I missed it but when is it released on switch? 10/25 just like ps4 and Xbox?

  • Joshua Skidds
    Joshua Skidds   3 days ago

    Gonna be a hard choice. Switch or PC version.

  • Retrìca
    Retrìca   3 days ago

    So glad its on switch :,)

  • Crea 75
    Crea 75   4 days ago


  • TheBrazilRules
    TheBrazilRules   1 weeks ago

    I really wish Obsidian made a turn based RPG. As much as I love Icewind Dale, the original Fallout games are very better.

  • CmZeer
    CmZeer   1 weeks ago

    Is it lagging tho?

  • Vegard Fjeldberg
    Vegard Fjeldberg   1 weeks ago

    I see Rick in this game, does that mean you play as Morty?

  • spiffdaddy
    spiffdaddy   1 weeks ago

    Release date November for switch right? if much longer may buy on xbox been wating way too long as is cry

  • Bryan's Gaming News Channel

    Now if ONLY we'd get ANY new info on SMT V or get a Main Persona game on a Nintendo system. . . The Outer Worlds will gladly accompanythe rest of my Physical Switch collection.

  • Fabio Cuppone
    Fabio Cuppone   2 weeks ago

    Go Obsidian. Learn Bethesda how to make a gdr.

  • Austin F.
    Austin F.   2 weeks ago

    Just hoping that they do a good job porting it over.

    KING COWELL   2 weeks ago

    Ime a PS4 owner and cant wait for this game also glad to see Nintendo doing well again being a N64 fanboy the gaming industry is huge right now then theres The last of us 2, Death Stranding and the one ime most looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077

  • Living with Perks
    Living with Perks   2 weeks ago

    Hopefully it will be the exact same game and not a skimmed down version.

  • User
    User   3 weeks ago

    any word on if this will be playable on the switch lite?

  • Sarah White
    Sarah White   3 weeks ago

    Why do we ALWAYS have to have this disappointing delay on big titles? They release for all other formats at once and then hold out for months. Full months. On Nintendo... Just such unhappy news.So many will buy on another format and ignore the Switch edition now.I know I will.

  • Sparks N Zeros
    Sparks N Zeros   3 weeks ago

    its bioshock infinite in space, well done on the original setting guys

  • TheSnoozeFox
    TheSnoozeFox   3 weeks ago

    I have a Switch and Ps4 and not sure what version to buy, will there be any differences? I don't want to get the switch version if it runs at a lower FPS and looks worse

  • Star Gazer
    Star Gazer   3 weeks ago

    This guy has such a pleasant aura about him.

  • C Doku
    C Doku   4 weeks ago

    Can't wait to get it!

  • Epa
    Epa   4 weeks ago

    I have all the gaming platforms but I will get this for Switch so I can play it anywhere.

  • alonzo coleman
    alonzo coleman   1 months ago

    This is why I’m getting a switch lite I think it’s becoming everything we hoped the PlayStation vita was going to be bravo

  • Life Myth Animations
    Life Myth Animations   1 months ago

    I require the media intended for entertainment in question in order to continue core essential human functions.

  • Link
    Link   1 months ago

    His right eye bruh.

  • RandyArmy
    RandyArmy   1 months ago

    i saw Sean Murray Spirit over there

  • Brandon Drangel
    Brandon Drangel   1 months ago

    Day 1 buy for me since Bethesda won't release PlayStation Vita Borderlands 2 port! Argn