The Outer Worlds - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

  • Published on: 30 July 2019
  • Welcome to the future, try not to break it. The Outer Worlds, the upcoming single-player sci-fi RPG from Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division, is coming to Nintendo Switch!

    #NintendoSwitch #TheOuterWorlds

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  • Runtime : 4:31
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  • David Bass
    David Bass   3 days ago

    If a game in 2020 has no multiplayer the developers are lazy.

  • Cipher033
    Cipher033   4 days ago

    How did I not know this was announced until now?! I've really been meaning to get round to playing to this on PS4 but now I definitely know that won't be happening ever. I've heard stellar things about this.

  • Jake Cochran
    Jake Cochran   5 days ago

    Dope! Have it on pc, it’s a short game. Should have had much more dlc but I guess that’s perfect for switch

  • Parker Brown
    Parker Brown   1 weeks ago

    The Dr who revives you looks like a real life rick from rick and morty.

  • brandon mora
    brandon mora   1 weeks ago

    Witcher 3 on the switch so i assume this will be pretty good

  • Tekkano-san
    Tekkano-san   2 weeks ago

    I really want to see how this game will run on the switch or it might come out with the new switch

  • R H
    R H   2 weeks ago

    When tho? Cuz my birthday is in like 2 weeks and I want this now!!!

  • Kieren Buckley
    Kieren Buckley   3 weeks ago

    Im convinced this game is not coming to Switch anymore

  • Spacemonkeymojo
    Spacemonkeymojo   3 weeks ago

    I don't like to buy games at full price but considering they're bringing this to switch it could be a day 1 buy for me, just to show my support and thanks for bringing this title to the platform!

  • Trey Lockwood
    Trey Lockwood   3 weeks ago

    #Nintendo: Ah, that’s awesome! I’m glad they’re releasing this for the Nintendo Switch. I gotta say, the Switch has been getting some REALLY GREAT games, and that’s awesome. It would be even better if EVERY game that comes out for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 should also be released for the Nintendo Switch. Man, wouldn’t that be perfect? Yes, I know SOME are... but MOST are not, sadly. One more thing to add, it would be AWESOME if they someday release the Yakuza franchise for the Nintendo Switch. I would be ecstatic. Highly doubt it.... but that would be amazing IF that does happen. Actually, there’s MANY games I’m thinking about now. Too many to list, but you get the point.

  • XiloTheOdd
    XiloTheOdd   4 weeks ago

    im sure performance wise it might be limiting, but this is a very welcome move. may buy it a 2nd time.

  • Juan Solorio
    Juan Solorio   1 months ago

    Aww yea this is badass I’m playing this on Xbox currently ! Can’t wait for it to come to the switch !

  • HeyThereImCloud
    HeyThereImCloud   1 months ago

    The fact that we're getting games like this on the switch......what a time to be alive.....all we need now is a pro switch 😅

  • D
    D   1 months ago

    i don't understand how a game like this can come to the switch when the switch has absolutely garbage hardware? breath of the wild or pokemon - which don't even have decent graphics, are both laggy games? even with a pathetic frame rate. the hardware isn't designed to run something like this and i don't really understand how it can be possible.

  • Michael C. Main
    Michael C. Main   1 months ago

    Didn't realize this was coming to Switch too! Time to make Auntie Cleo want me dead again.

  • Remmy The Rat
    Remmy The Rat   1 months ago

    Imma paste what’s ever in my clipboard camila cabello

  • R
    R   1 months ago

    Good game, but it could be better. The lack of npcs walking around is a big negative imo, especially when the whole theme of the game is to immerse you

  • wasdist
    wasdist   1 months ago

    I guess I'm buying this again then.

  • CoKane
    CoKane   1 months ago

    Wait did this game actually come out on switch? I only just found out now! And I just bought it on PS4! So annoyed rn >:(

  • Ok Buddy
    Ok Buddy   1 months ago

    Ight Imma bouta start saving

  • Hump
    Hump   1 months ago

    Great game but needs WAY more content for the inevitable 60$ tag.

  • Daniel Hooker
    Daniel Hooker   1 months ago

    0:25 - "a world completely unique from the ground up " *blatantly rips of the borderlands style to a ridiculous level - even the name (Borderlands/The Outer Worlds) evokes a similar vibe...smh

  • Myung Kou Kang
    Myung Kou Kang   1 months ago

    But can you dress a male character in woman's clothes/dress/skirt like you can in Fallout 4?

  • Xirextorcious
    Xirextorcious   2 months ago

    Finally I can play this game the way Bethesda would've meant it-buggy with lots of texture pop in and minimum distance draw. Charm. I already played this on Xbox one but damn I need a glitchy blurry mess. I'm being sarcastic Btw. It'll be great to be able to play this on the go.