Camila Cabello - My Oh My (Official Music Video) ft. DaBaby

  • Published on: 12 February 2020
  • "Romance" available at:

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  • Runtime : 3:4
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  • Albert Fong
    Albert Fong   7 seconds ago

    I srsly thought I was having a problem with the wifi

  • Mark Angelo Concepcion
    Mark Angelo Concepcion   13 minuts ago

    omg this music video is black and white? I only realized it now but I've watched this a couple of times.

  • Sebi Petrea
    Sebi Petrea   17 minuts ago


  • Victor Quintanilha
    Victor Quintanilha   31 minuts ago

    Eu estou assintindo este clipe musical, no Domingo - 24/02/2020

  • Jovana Janjic
    Jovana Janjic   52 minuts ago

    so is this music video about meryln monroe?

  • dead bjorn
    dead bjorn   1 hours ago

    i love you Camila i'm big fan of how your sing you make my dead kness i live again. and johnny says hes s well.

  • Tour Quadrillion
    Tour Quadrillion   1 hours ago

    Why is the video quality so bad, other song has normal but this video quality is bad. Idk is it just me

  • ProjectKV SPGDwarka
    ProjectKV SPGDwarka   1 hours ago

    Camilla - I swear on my life that I been a good girl Billie Eilish-all the good girls go to hell

  • Filipe Goncalves
    Filipe Goncalves   1 hours ago

    now why this only has 17M views is something ill never know

  • karma *
    karma *   1 hours ago

    Camilla: *with DabAbYShawn* and i hope i meant something to you.....

  • Adiline Darsy
    Adiline Darsy   1 hours ago

    I am at the beginning of the clip:What about my speaker? I just bought a phone a while ago. And then she went and complained to the brothers that the speaker was not working. A day later, someone turns on this clip and what am I for? it turns out at the beginning so specially made sound😹

  • Rayne Michael
    Rayne Michael   1 hours ago

    Oh and here I thought she was cancelled😂💀😂💀👌🏼

  • 이레인
    이레인   1 hours ago

    This is Camila's song, not TikTok's.

  • Ahmed Bouajaj
    Ahmed Bouajaj   1 hours ago

    Nice tooooop ha vana my oh my siniorita nice i loket gooood

  • Aka
    Aka   2 hours ago

    U cuteh! Love u so much! Have an amazing day! I love this song!!!!!!!!!! The lyrics the humor thr vid has presented! Your voice is angel! We all love u here! Always keep ur smile and tell Shawn that #mendesarmy is always here staning him! I love shawn too much!!!!!! His smile and just how much he cares about others and...everything! His voice is so me goosebumps and yours too ;)

  • Dookiemanik
    Dookiemanik   2 hours ago

    Fun Fact!! Today Feb 24, Camila got her 13,1 Mil subs on her youtube channel, the same sub numbers as 5thHarmony now. Cam only needs 2 years to match the numbers since Havana was blowing up in late 2017 / early 2018

  • chidubem
    chidubem   2 hours ago

    Camila 🤝 Making Collaborations with the Hottest MCs.

  • Pink Cat
    Pink Cat   2 hours ago

    0:16 Me when my crush excepts my friend request

  • Josu Medel
    Josu Medel   3 hours ago

    Te amo Camila cabello bonita Brasil 🇧🇷😍😍😍😍💕😗👀🤤

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda   3 hours ago

    Camila Cabello: He was into me one look and I couldnt breathe!Shawn Mendes: 😩😢🥺Sad life

  • Souvik Mandal
    Souvik Mandal   3 hours ago

    My oh my💃💃💃💃👯‍♂️👯‍♀️

  • sopo wes
    sopo wes   4 hours ago

    My oh myMy brain: oh my my my

  • Lanre Akerele
    Lanre Akerele   4 hours ago

    DaBaby is being the black Al Capone who drove the car and later party at someone's else house wow.

  • Dookiemanik
    Dookiemanik   4 hours ago

    Camila, pls change the quality of this awesome video. I got this bad quality since 2 or 3 days ago