350 Packs of Pop Rocks (14,000 calories)

  • Published on: 18 March 2019
  • Pop Rocks were much more fun when I was a kid....
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  • Runtime : 10:32
  • Matt Stonie Megatoad Competitive Eating Food Challenge Speed Eating Eating Challenge Pop Rocks Candy Sweets ASMR


  • Vanessa Muco
    Vanessa Muco   6 hours ago

    Nahhh he is so getting dieabities if he keeps this up

  • Lucies Life
    Lucies Life   10 hours ago

    I like how he's casually eating pop rocks like it's creal 😂😂

  • Reverse Sunflower
    Reverse Sunflower   10 hours ago

    The plumber man The dentistThe shopkeeperThey are all confused for sure

  • JH Pro
    JH Pro   11 hours ago

    Matt stonie : my teeth are all....Dentist : I understand I watch that video.

  • Faraz Alamgir
    Faraz Alamgir   13 hours ago

    This dude is probably working out now during the qurantined.

  • • Bubbles •
    • Bubbles •   14 hours ago

    o.o I want pop rocks! Like I love them :3 my mom bought me a few packs and I ate them all in a day :( now my mom won’t buy me more

  • Pancho avila
    Pancho avila   14 hours ago

    The duck is this nasty shit omg I honestly had a hard time watching this

  • Aric Herweck
    Aric Herweck   15 hours ago

    Even that amount of pop rocks is insane ha you’d die if you ate them all

  • Gazonga Mad
    Gazonga Mad   16 hours ago

    A dream of every kid to eat this 😂😂

  • Rere_Playz
    Rere_Playz   17 hours ago

    Hot cheetos in the background : Am I a joke to you?

  • Brookie Cookie
    Brookie Cookie   17 hours ago

    I think this might be one of the closest things to one of The Rock’s Cheat Meals on his Cheat Day...

  • Taco The Cat
    Taco The Cat   17 hours ago

    Don’t people know that this guy does t eat that much- it’s the angles

  • Lichoness
    Lichoness   18 hours ago

    Bruh my mouth is watering right now

  • Tristan
    Tristan   18 hours ago

    Why the fuck are you biting the spoon? I'm so confused.

  • Kailaani K
    Kailaani K   19 hours ago

    That stuff burns holes in my tongue alksdjhfjl

  • Lara Pansi
    Lara Pansi   20 hours ago

    i only have 1 question what are poprocksshould i know them

  • Jacob
    Jacob   21 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsay: You Piece Of Sh**

  • Mr Pygmy
    Mr Pygmy   22 hours ago

    2:00 when you see your friends mom for the first time

  • A potato
    A potato   1 days ago

    He must have pooped rocks after this