Hydro Dipping Crocs Again With A Small Amount Of Redemption But Not Really

  • Published on: 07 November 2019
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  • Runtime : 13:
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  • Julia Kuta
    Julia Kuta   5 hours ago

    Anyone else notice that she was wearing the tie dye crocs that she said she hated the look of the first time she hydrodipped crocs?

  • Gucci 3820
    Gucci 3820   11 hours ago

    Kiera is such an epic gamer. SO epic(description squad)

  • Haley Barth
    Haley Barth   2 days ago

    Not that I'm a hydro-dipping expert, but I think these few things may increase chances of success! I think the problem may partially be that the foam material of the Croc is too smooth, so the paint is having trouble gripping the surface. Sanding them a bit before hand may do the trick! Also, to be extra safe, maybe use a primer before dipping, and some sort of strong sealant when finished for posterity :)

  • Wonderer Brave
    Wonderer Brave   2 days ago

    Hold up in the first video didn't she say she didn't like the tie dye crocs and now she's wearing them lmaoooo!

  • Adrienne Sophie
    Adrienne Sophie   4 days ago

    The paint probably didn't stick because the Crocs were too smooth, it has to have texture to stick well. (I only know this because if you paint on a plastic bag, it'll peel right off because it's smooth, but if you paint on sandpaper, it won't come off because it's got texture to fit into)

  • nicole
    nicole   4 days ago

    julien the entire video: ooh that looks sick

  • Azzareo
    Azzareo   4 days ago

    Has no one told Jenna about primer and sealer??

  • Amber Pants
    Amber Pants   5 days ago

    There's hair dye that changes color depending on how hot it is. Do with that what you will

  • Brooke Chase
    Brooke Chase   5 days ago

    Jenna in the first vid: I don’t like the try dye crocJenna in this vid:WEARING THE CROCKS 😂

  • Sierra Schmidt
    Sierra Schmidt   5 days ago

    "Why are you crying ? We're just in here lookin at my crocs."

  • Sierra Schmidt
    Sierra Schmidt   5 days ago

    You talked smack about tie dye crocs in the first hydro dipping video and now YoU WeARiN tHeM SIs lol

  • Sarah Scrichfield
    Sarah Scrichfield   6 days ago

    Ok, ok, they say bird toys, but hear me out... dog crocs. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NQM3Y8Y/ref=cm_sw_r_apa_i_4-ZZEbFV2K575

  • Maria Amato
    Maria Amato   6 days ago

    We need that “let’s spray paint everything glow in the dark video”

  • Maria Amato
    Maria Amato   6 days ago

    I need glow in the dark cros .. doing .. now..

  • Trinity Rayne
    Trinity Rayne   1 weeks ago

    Video idea: prank julien by spraying random things around the house glow in the dark and let him figure it all out at night

  • OnlyThe Best
    OnlyThe Best   1 weeks ago

    Didn’t she throw shade at the tie dye crocs. Then bought them?

  • Crissy Sims
    Crissy Sims   1 weeks ago

    Wait... what about the ones she's wearing thru the vid ??

  • Adrienne
    Adrienne   1 weeks ago

    I’m glad Jenna was prepared with a mask.

  • Nora Tumberg
    Nora Tumberg   1 weeks ago

    little did we know those masks would soon be a major (but necessary) annoyance in everyone’s lives

  • Reagan Wiedenfeld
    Reagan Wiedenfeld   1 weeks ago

    Idk what it is about Jenna but if I ever feel off I watch her and feel normal <3333

  • Kay Man
    Kay Man   1 weeks ago

    "Alone at a Rave" BAND NAME, CALLED IT!

  • Joie 168
    Joie 168   1 weeks ago

    what if u just sprayed them directly

  • Andi Wilson
    Andi Wilson   2 weeks ago

    You want some acrylic pouring inspiration? https://youtu.be/KgJLMSJV-Vc

  • Kaydance Olm
    Kaydance Olm   2 weeks ago

    Little does she know that her mask is going to see A LOT more than spray paint....

  • Stephen Shea
    Stephen Shea   2 weeks ago

    Jenna was wearing masks before it was socially responsible and required.

  • Zeta Alpha
    Zeta Alpha   2 weeks ago

    I guess crocs just don’t wanna be hydrodipped

  • Ruthieルシ •
    Ruthieルシ •   2 weeks ago

    You should use sandpaper on them before hand so it has a texture for the paint to stick to.

  • Morgan Sapp
    Morgan Sapp   2 weeks ago

    Having glow in the dark glasses would me fucking amazing if you're blind like me and can't find your glasses at night!