Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Democratic Debates, Tom Hanks & End of VEEP

  • Published on: 01 August 2019
  • Julia talks about the Democratic Debates, the end of “VEEP,” Tom Hanks reaction to the final episode, winning 11 Emmy Awards, being nominated again, having her name misspelled on her Hollywood Blvd. star, and being honored with the Mark Twain Prize.

    Jimmy Kimmel on Democratic Debate https://youtu.be/CzBkFF-aB_Q

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    Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Democratic Debates, Tom Hanks & End of VEEP
  • Runtime : 12:3
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  • Tomer
    Tomer   2 weeks ago

    6:14 so sad..

  • NatarisX
    NatarisX   1 months ago

    She is ridiculously beautiful. She is like a fine wine that just gets more depth with age.

  • Sunder Kartik
    Sunder Kartik   3 months ago

    i would like to see Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Tulsi in SNL.

  • valoguy
    valoguy   4 months ago

    Julia you're still as gorgeous as you were as Elaine. You were one of my first crushes

  • Javier Rodriguez
    Javier Rodriguez   4 months ago

    Julia Louis Dreyfus is one of the greatest female tv stars ever

  • E B
    E B   5 months ago

    now I'll watch veep.

  • Frau W
    Frau W   5 months ago

    This is kind of an arrogant reaction...

  • soakupthesunman
    soakupthesunman   5 months ago

    Both these knobs are staunch Trumpophobes, clueless and rude.

  • bill bixby
    bill bixby   5 months ago

    So does she think Biden is a creep or Justin Fairfax? She we believe the victims regarding them? Poor little rich ole woman.

  • MyessYallyah Americus
    MyessYallyah Americus   6 months ago

    Brenda blocker must be dans relative from the what. Ponderosa. I'm the most successful man in world history as far as besides being a father yet

  • Avi Angelou
    Avi Angelou   6 months ago

    She is wonderful, and that dress is spectacular

  • darktrain
    darktrain   6 months ago

    considering what she's been through she looks fab..good on her.

  • Timothy Drake
    Timothy Drake   7 months ago

    She gets hotter every year that passes and she is fit as he'll, look at those biceps. I'm in love with you Julia. Hope you have another project in the works.

  • Ranger Bob
    Ranger Bob   7 months ago

    I’d like to stick Julia on my peg and fill her full of cheese whiz

  • Steven Cramsie
    Steven Cramsie   7 months ago

    Did anyone expect Tom Hanks to be anything OTHER than cool with it?

  • Maaatsi
    Maaatsi   7 months ago

    Absolutely adore her!

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller   7 months ago

    Are you not aware that 'yada yada yada' existed long before it was used in Seinfeld?

  • Andre P.
    Andre P.   7 months ago

    Just loved VEEP right from the beginning, Julia Louis, is brilliant as with the rest of the cast fantastic! Best of health to her.

  • Sticky Situations
    Sticky Situations   7 months ago

    The time to bring Seinfeld back is now! TV reboots are the trend and now that she's available it's time.

  • Myron Helton
    Myron Helton   7 months ago

    Toms hanks acts liked he is special sense he got to bed a bigger star. Here he is on a democrat show. I want to hear Ton Hanks get mD at trump. Dont get mad, get glad. I want to pay an actor like Tom hanks to talk politics. Why is it one only hears of the rich actors only that hates Trump. I dont hate democrats, so why get mad, get glad. I want to hear Tom Hanks talk politics. I miss hearing Tom Hanks talk politics. Please talk politics some more. I wont turn against any actor that shows hate on politics. Please talk politics some more, I dont hear enough of it.

  • ctchrisf
    ctchrisf   7 months ago

    Love Julia, but They didn't invent yadda yadda yadda .

  • jan morgan
    jan morgan   7 months ago

    CNN debates are aweful, should be league of woman voters on CSPAN. CNN blocked every youtuber from viewing debates. ????

  • Cees Geudeker
    Cees Geudeker   7 months ago

    She should also get an award for that dress 😍😍😍

  • Anna L.
    Anna L.   7 months ago

    She is absolutely a beautiful woman. Hey shout out to her father was EVERYTHING 💜

  • Poe Poesie
    Poe Poesie   7 months ago

    Yada yada yada was not invented by Seinfeld, just used by them.

  • roxxylala26
    roxxylala26   7 months ago

    Awww Selina turned on Gary? Smh...didn't like that part in the finale at all.

  • Tim England
    Tim England   7 months ago

    I have news for you narcissists, you didn't invent Yada, yada, yada. It was used LONG before Seinfeld!