DIY How to Fix a Flat Tire EASY!

  • Published on: 29 September 2014
  • In this video I will show easy steps to fix a flat tire by yourself.
  • Runtime : 5:47
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  • fixitsamo
    fixitsamo   1 years ago

    Watch How to Fix a Rear Flat Tire EASY

    HRGTPA   1 weeks ago

    Whenever a plug is installed, ALWAYS snip off the protruding portion to prevent the plug from possibly being pulled out of the hole when the tire slips or spins on pavement. (I've had this happen before.)

  • dennis aldeman
    dennis aldeman   2 weeks ago

    I would just add... have a 12 volt air compressor for roadside emergencies .... For those who think a spare is the answer .... Well it can be if your in a safe area away from traffic to do it safely .... On the highway this temporary fix will get you home safely ... Some people use these plugs and never have an issue and continue to drive on them ... But if you do have the time and it's really not expensive to have fixed with a visit to a tire shop and if you have newer tires and got the free repair insurance it's a no-brainer. I carry a professional version repair kit in my vehicles for these emergencies ... They are not expensive but get the red ones as they already have the adhesive on them .

  • Mike Wong
    Mike Wong   3 weeks ago

    You forgot to put the rubber cement on the plug before inserting it into the tire!

  • M G N N H M
    M G N N H M   3 weeks ago

    واللهي بروفو عمو ايهاب تسلم الايادي

  • gaiavoice
    gaiavoice   1 months ago

    This is incredibly useful as it turns out hire cars don't come with spare tyres anymore! We got a fat nail in the tyre like that, and this kit would be perfect, if only I could find it in rural Spain!

  • Ronaldo M
    Ronaldo M   1 months ago

    only work faster guys 🤣🤣🤣

  • Nguyen Trung Quoc
    Nguyen Trung Quoc   1 months ago

    Make that when you can not find garage. It only fix provisional.

  • Bob Burn
    Bob Burn   1 months ago

    Good kit to have in your car

  • Issa Vibez
    Issa Vibez   1 months ago

    for me id just change the tire to a used tire and not worry about a single issue of the tire

  • SUB3ERO !!
    SUB3ERO !!   1 months ago

    I just changed the front passenger side tyre because of a slow leek... after 1 day drive side tyre losing air... took it the garage there was a screw inside than he just repaired it saying the tyre is in good condition...

  • k00lTV
    k00lTV   1 months ago

    How long will that patch last for if you just drive daily??

  • Cartooon THAT
    Cartooon THAT   2 months ago

    i would only be convinced if you poured water on it once you've replaced it. but that was convincing.

  • melchor hipona
    melchor hipona   2 months ago

    Thank you coz tire is not cheap spcialy if you have brand new tire this its flat now i know hot to fix my own tire

  • 70Truee
    70Truee   2 months ago

    I can replace a manual clutch and a water pump or alternator but I watched a video on how to properly plug a tire You can never know too much

  • iRMacMan
    iRMacMan   2 months ago

    Yeah. My opinion too. Even if you do follow the instructions, it will only work for small punctures on the tire face. Last summer, while sixty-odd km out in the boondocks, I hit something that put a 5 cm slash in the sidewall of a tire. No idea what; never heard or saw a thing. However my VW has a proper (if small) spare. In sixty years of driving it's the first time I ever had to use one of those min-spares. It worked fine. Got me to a tire shop and some dollars later I was back on the road. If I'd been stuck with a "fixer kit" it would have been an even less enjoyable experience. Thanks, but no thanks. Inflators just don't seem like a trustworthy alternative.

  • TheBarking2
    TheBarking2   2 months ago

    I prefer to patch the tire but tht was excellent if you don’t wanna take the tire off are deal with the hassle of taking it to a tire shop. Good job 👍

  • DIY Delta
    DIY Delta   2 months ago

    Wowsaaa, no car jack to decrease the load/pressure. I was cringing while you were removing the screw, thinking it might blast out... well done! now fix my videos to get 12.6 millions views like yours! ... Good job bro!

  • Matthew Schaeffer
    Matthew Schaeffer   2 months ago

    Helpful video. Next time splurge for a hand and foot model to boost your views, ya hairy bastard! 😂👍Ah...just saw you have over 12M views. What do I know. Guess I’ll start strutting the dad bod.

  • YondermaN
    YondermaN   2 months ago

    Everyone has their opinionI've fixed a few tires that lasted the duration of the tire by using these plugsJust do proper maintenance on your tires check air pressure during weather changes unless y'all wanna get screwed by tire shop cause they will say its to far outside of the repair zone just so they can get few hundred $$$ from ya

  • Jahid
    Jahid   3 months ago

    next fix the bootcuts! jokes haha i like the overflow of the pants

  • Xavier
    Xavier   3 months ago

    Removes screw. Panics.

  • David England
    David England   3 months ago

    Never wear open toe footwear whilst working. You drop a screwdriver and it’s in your foot. Worse, a hammer...🤕

  • The EDNC
    The EDNC   3 months ago


  • Michael Lewis
    Michael Lewis   3 months ago

    or you could go to discount tire where we properly repair it for free

  • Ross Michael
    Ross Michael   3 months ago

    I've been doing this for over 20 years..😁😁😁 Good job Samo.

  • Mike Undlin
    Mike Undlin   3 months ago

    You need rubber cement on the patch noodle. It acts as a lubricant to make it easier to insert and also fill in the small gaps. This is not a good repair.