Which Impact Driver Bit is Best? Let's find out! Phillips #2 Showdown

  • Published on: 02 March 2020
  • Phillips #2 impact driver bits tested: Milwaukee Shockwave, DeWalt, Makita, Bauer, Bosch, Hercules, Harbor Freight Warrior, Bosch, Wiha, and Irwin. Driver bit "grip" or twisting force required to cause cam out compared to driver bit wear after driving 100 drywall screws into a pressure treated 4x4s. Driver bits tested for metal hardness, twisting force required for cam out after use, and twisting force required to break the driver bit.

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  • Runtime : 12:28
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  • Project Farm
    Project Farm   2 months ago

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  • John Bullock
    John Bullock   9 hours ago

    very comprehensive tests: very impressed!

  • snuurtje
    snuurtje   10 hours ago

    I love torx bits and screws. They just seem so much more grippy. My local hardware story almost exclusively sells torx.

  • koihoshi
    koihoshi   21 hours ago

    I just want to say, I started subscribing to your videos a while back when I was looking for product comparisons. There are so many videos out there that are lots of opinions with so few people setting up fair tests. Your videos keep me coming back. Fantastic content, really well setup tests, consistency and a logical approach to this stuff. I wish there were a channel out there for 3d printing hobbyists that did this for filaments because I wish I could see the structural tests of filaments. I like to do engineering prints and design car parts, but there's not been any good places out there that put out structural tests.Anyway, keep up the good work, this is fantastic.

  • J. D. Large
    J. D. Large   22 hours ago

    I grabbed a couple boxes of Dewalt bits a while ago for my boys as Christmas presents. They were like $5 each! I like them but I have to say I’ve saved my own for use in the hobby shop. But in the main wood and auto shops I have since bought the Bauer bits to try out there and have grown to like them more. One bit, five pounds of screws on a shed project and only changed it for the esthetics AFTER the project... It was fine and got dropped into the misc bit case for a rainy day because I have a “new project, new bit” mentality, yea, I’m funny like that. Anyway I always suggest Bauer power for their 20v line. I have almost the entire collection because they just feel good in the hand, and will work just fine IF you let THEM do the work... (and not act like the infamous 300 pound gorilla forcing the tool to work harder.) The 1/4” hex impact is a beast! Thanks for the showdown tho, it’s confirmed what I’ve come to believe in that Bauer is a good affordable alternative player when it comes to NOT getting screwed from bits😉

  • Free2ChaseHappy
    Free2ChaseHappy   1 days ago

    I use Dewalt driver and Milwaukee bits. LolAmazing video as always!

  • Mani Teja
    Mani Teja   1 days ago

    Oh my god! I really admire your work. I like the effort you put into making this video. Driving all 1000 screws with different screwdriver bits, Purchasing different brands to test. Hatsoff for the effort you put into entertaining and teaching your subscribers. 🤠👍🏻

  • Michael John
    Michael John   1 days ago

    Phillips is shit, Robinson is the shit.Canadians know what I'm talking about.

  • BestBroseph
    BestBroseph   1 days ago

    i will say this about the hercules bits, way better at getting out those stripped screws and nonstandard sizes, due to the kinda unique shape. and they were cheap as well, so ive liked them. Ive owned milwaukees and they are great, and most sets include a somewhat decent case to keep them in. never broken a bit, usually the screw strips first lol

  • ryelor123
    ryelor123   1 days ago

    I wonder if a polarized lens would make the close ups look better. Also, please compare ultrasonic cleaning chemicals. I wonder what's the best for cleaning coins.

  • Clutch Flutie
    Clutch Flutie   1 days ago

    Dude, you are so good at this I wouldn't be surprised if you eventually got as as famous as that hot wings guy. You videos are so well done and you are always so trustworthy and ensure your integrity to us over and over.

  • Nate Lorimer
    Nate Lorimer   1 days ago

    So after a 100 screws and not going to Walmart in the middle of the night for a bit I might Amazon myself some Milwaukee and stock up some harbour freightSince they seem to perform well after considerable wear. Nothing is more irritating than a worn bit when you need it most!!

  • Ed. B.
    Ed. B.   2 days ago

    Switch to Torx and use a single Chinesium bit your whole life*.

  • Cameron
    Cameron   2 days ago

    Which screws were used for this video for the cam out test?

  • Mr. Hunter
    Mr. Hunter   2 days ago

    you should try wera and wiha brand.

  • Shane Turra
    Shane Turra   2 days ago

    Based on my experience, Sutton Tools brand is the best.

  • Zac
    Zac   2 days ago

    great, I will stick with Bosch and Irwin

  • Ken Clubb
    Ken Clubb   2 days ago

    Love your tests! Every time I go to the Hardware store for screws, I don't know which type of driver style to buy. (Slotted - Allen - Torx - Phillips - Square - etc) If I want the strongest, easiest to use, most cost efficient screw and corresponding bits - which should I buy? I'm beginning to hate slotted screws. Maybe a test covering those concerns, as well as the best driver bit manufacturer of the "winning" style?

  • Dan The Car Man
    Dan The Car Man   2 days ago

    We used to use the Wiha brand bits in the AF and they are crappy, they seem to break a LOT!

  • fialee8 CA
    fialee8 CA   2 days ago

    A screwdriver review would be awesome. American, Chinese, and German models.... which one is the 'best'? Klien, Wiha, Wera, Stanley, etc?

  • Michael Tarik Simsek

    At work, my boss keeps buying Makita or cheap brand bits I never heard of and I go through them like butter every time. At home, all I use Milwaukee and for the past year or two I have never thrown out a single bit lol 😆 Even when they're slightly worn, they always seem to do the job pretty well.

  • Daniel Ramsey
    Daniel Ramsey   3 days ago

    Will do a pass on all the Made in China ones.

  • John Godwin
    John Godwin   3 days ago

    This was brilliant. I've never made this much effort on anything in my entire life.

  • Bob Yake
    Bob Yake   3 days ago

    I love watching your videos because of your “real life” testing of different products that people will use around the shop and in homes. Keep up the good work!

  • Warren Miller
    Warren Miller   3 days ago

    Filing down the tip of the driver bit by 0.005" to 0.075" can help make the wobbly bits seat better, because of inpercise blade geometry.

  • edward leas
    edward leas   3 days ago

    Malco makes a bad ass 1/4-5/16 magnetic bit.

  • Joshua Dial
    Joshua Dial   3 days ago

    Also, I would like to see Battery Powered Finish & Framing Nailers... Thanks in Advance

  • james salter
    james salter   3 days ago

    Thank you. All of your work and testing and experiments do not go unappreciated!

  • Joe Name
    Joe Name   3 days ago


  • Joshua Steele
    Joshua Steele   3 days ago

    For the most part, I’ve become impressed with the value presented by the Bauer label of tools.For the average uses of a homeowner doing basic maintenance and occasional projects in their garage or helping out at their church, they consistently rate very well for the money spent.Yes, there’s better, but it’s often much more expensive. If you’re a professional, you may well already know the brand(s) you’ll trust for your livelihood. If you’re an enthusiast, you’ve probably already found your go to brand(s).For the rest of us, Bauer is probably good enough for the overwhelming majority of what we’d get into.

  • r k
    r k   4 days ago

    Good test

  • Alan Plotts
    Alan Plotts   4 days ago

    I’d like to see a video on exterior silicone caulk. A lot of brands claiming things like mold and mildew resistant, paintable after x mins, Rain resistant after x mins. Etc

  • Alfredo Del Real
    Alfredo Del Real   4 days ago

    Great videos!! Have you ever done any videos on Jack's? Or torque wrenches as well

  • razberryclownsac
    razberryclownsac   4 days ago

    I’ve only used Milwaukee, Dewalt, and Craftsman. For what I used them for, they were all fine. I didn’t use them a ton (just a few small chores), and used the Milwaukee at work (driving screws instead of using a screwdriver). If you’re easy on em, any should work, as long as the PH are good.

  • Nunja Business
    Nunja Business   4 days ago

    Random tought I got watching this video: the best fit for any phillips screw I’ve ever used is the screwdriver in the swiss army knife