Rust Remover Showdown. Will Evapo-Rust prevail?

  • Published on: 16 July 2018
  • Several tests in this video demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of various store brand rust removal products (CLR, Krud Kutter, Evap-Rust, Loctite Naval Jelly), Muriatic Acid, as well as other options such as using vinegar or Coca Cola. More product details at the very bottom of the description. Which one works the best? After conducting the tests, I like Krud Cutter the best. However, other products, such as Evapo-Rust proved to be very effective as well. Loctite Naval Jelly would be my pick for a flat metal surface. I am not sponsored and I do not receive funding from any product manufacturer. I conduct independent testing. Finally, thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support. This allows me to decline all sponsorship opportunities and remain unbiased, since I have nothing to sell nor do I have a corporate sponsor to please. Thanks again!

    I am not affiliated, nor do I profit in any way, from the sales of products purchased on Amazon. Information provided for extra details on specific products tested. Thank you!


    Krud Kutter:

    Loctite Naval Jelly:

  • Runtime : 12:26
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  • ulfurinnn
    ulfurinnn   7 hours ago

    This is super useful! thanks! Now ill be looking into krud cutter, Im also wondering bout the vinegar as i had pretty good results with vinegar acid as strong as i could buy in the store. which got me good results on an old and rusty hammer.

  • ALLxoxoxoxo
    ALLxoxoxoxo   1 days ago

    You can dissolve fine steel wool in vinegar nearly completely. A good stain for wood projects. Muriatic Acid can be dangerous if you are not familiar with it's use and or careful with it. My question is will any of these slow rust on a car.

  • B
    B   2 days ago

    Hi Todd, great video. Based on your experience with these products, which one would you you use to remove rust from an old drill press column and base? With the column being round and a vertical surface (I can lay it over), do you have any advice??

  • jose guzman
    jose guzman   2 days ago

    Buying ..muriatic acid. ...Working perfectly. Is cheaper. $9. Dollar for gallon. Clean in hours. Is one perfect for me. For you to. To save money. 🇲🇽

  • hobbyist mind
    hobbyist mind   2 days ago

    I think muriatic acid is the best, it is much cheaper. Just add water if you don't want to damage the rusted metal.

  • mower hoarder
    mower hoarder   2 days ago

    thx for the video i used it for my sience fair :)

  • Aaron
    Aaron   3 days ago

    I've never found CLR to be effective at anything.

  • Neutral God
    Neutral God   4 days ago

    is Krud Cutter stop eating the steal after you are using it? or you have to put a type of solution like putting in oil or baking soda? Thanks for the show!

  • Forward Plans
    Forward Plans   4 days ago

    Suggestion: Show us the most accurate anti-freeze testers. My Peak tester indicates good for 60 below, the Prestone says good for 34 below. I need anti-freeze for 50 below, and used 50/50 for -34, then added1.5 quarts of concentrate.

  • Nati_Boy
    Nati_Boy   5 days ago

    Should have added MC-51 to the test

  • Shadowmaster625
    Shadowmaster625   5 days ago

    Assuming you did use hydrochloric acid to clean your old wrenches, what do you use to coat them afterwards?

  • Streaky Bird
    Streaky Bird   1 weeks ago

    Very informative! Thank you sir 🙏🏻

  • Broke
    Broke   1 weeks ago

    Would love to see a video testing the effectiveness of rust converter spray paint vs primer vs sand blasting or grinding to clean metal and priming/painting.

  • konasteph
    konasteph   1 weeks ago

    This video made a sizable mistake comparing apples and oranges! Naval Jelly is a RUST CONVERTER!!!! It converts ironoxide (rust) into iron phosphate (the black crust) which is NOT RUST and protects iron underneath from rusting! Rust dissolvers are not rust converters!!!!

  • Ricky Pyle
    Ricky Pyle   1 weeks ago

    So its CLR in a sprayer to slow down chassis rust on a pickup truck, coat one week later with rust conversion paint.

  • blazeandcyrus
    blazeandcyrus   1 weeks ago

    I love Naval Jelly, it works great like you stated on body panels on cars, and it also converts rust so what isnt' removed gets converted into a primer of sorts.

  • Daniel Rice
    Daniel Rice   1 weeks ago

    I’m preparing for de rusting under my car before spraying fluid film, this was so helpful, the thorough method of testing products is appreciated.

  • Jonathan Clark
    Jonathan Clark   1 weeks ago

    naval jelly is the shheeett!!! and loctites rust neutralize can works good in tandem!

  • BigSteve 380
    BigSteve 380   1 weeks ago

    Wow. Only 6 years ago or so i had my 1970 impala which was recreated half donkey-ish to get it up n running after sitting out n it really wasnt bad at all with rust and the person who worked on it was too lazy 2 go thru troubles of restoration and/or paint repair so i count myself lucky then. Rust sux n im from Wisconsin. State of all 4 seasons in 1 day with high humidity. LoL

  • superchargerone
    superchargerone   2 weeks ago

    How's the wrench after 1 year? Any update? Thank you.

  • fabio40
    fabio40   2 weeks ago

    Cleaning grade vinegar does even better than standard white vinegar.

  • J Brown
    J Brown   2 weeks ago

    I always see fantastic and much better results from Evaporust on Hand Tool Rescue, wasn't expecting the outcome here. Although that Krud Cutter stuff looks great too. Both leave behind that carbon coating or whatever thst stops rust from reforming.

  • John Patriot eagle freedom boner

    Nope You are off with the chemistry The black with phosphoric acid is converted oxide back to iron. Naval jelly is what it is for a reason.

  • C.S.Rodney
    C.S.Rodney   2 weeks ago

    should have included Lemon juice, you be surprised

  • Enuf Ots
    Enuf Ots   2 weeks ago

    Hmm...What CLR websites says about working with various types of metals: 1) "We do not recommend that CLR products be used on any metals EXCEPT FOR CHROME OR STAINLESS STEEL. Any ‘polished’ finish usually has a coating and most nickel materials are combination metals (containing zinc) and CLR products could compromise the finish.",2) "No, CLR cannot be used on cast iron; the acids in CLR will react with the metal.", 3) "No. Galvanized metal is coated with zinc. Zinc should never come into contact with anything too acidic. This will cause a chemical reaction with the zinc coating and it will discolor.",4) "CLR will take the finish off of aluminum and copper."So, should CLR even be included in this test? What are the nuts, bolts, and the sheet of metal made out of in this test?

  • Ultra CNC
    Ultra CNC   2 weeks ago

    You can buy vinegar upwards of 45% concentration all day on the interwebs for $20.The vinegar was probably already diluted to 3.5% at the end of the day here.Not really a fair comparison IMO. But, you know I love your videos and looking forward to more!

  • Tania Bams
    Tania Bams   2 weeks ago

    Can these also work on ceramic? I tried a mixture of vinegar and baking soda, but it didn’t do much even though I left it overnight.

    HORSEDICKoMPEG   2 weeks ago

    You must have some Garbage vinegar where you live lol

  • yelims20
    yelims20   3 weeks ago

    works toilet bowl cleaner

  • Trung Mach
    Trung Mach   3 weeks ago

    I don’t get this knowledge I’m seeing here the muriatic acid can destroy metal but can destroy plastic so many things happening in my brain

  • Los Serpent
    Los Serpent   3 weeks ago

    when i use muriatic acid it makes every metal yellow...

  • neutrodyne
    neutrodyne   3 weeks ago

    All of your videos are great! Have you considered doing one on toilet bowl cleaners that say they will remove rust and calcium?

  • Mega Destroyer Man
    Mega Destroyer Man   3 weeks ago

    I have a spry rust removal that acts the Milli second it touches the rusty item.

  • dave
    dave   3 weeks ago

    Muriatic Acid works the best and fastest. Just dont breath the fumes it will kill you!!!!!! When it foams on rust is the worst! Use a good respirator!!!!! goggles to protect your eyes. I've restored rusty old concrete trowels and tools and even used it to remove rust stains from counter tops. Oh ya, just use water to clean up / dilute. But then use something like WD-40 to get rid of water or it will rust up again.