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  • Published on: 18 August 2018
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  • Runtime : 10:3
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  • Maria Ross
    Maria Ross   3 days ago

    this subreddit should’ve been called r/pathetici think?

  • a moron
    a moron   1 weeks ago

    The thumbnail was made in 2011 oof

  • Clay Pug
    Clay Pug   1 weeks ago

    7:35 I mean I’m a broke college student so...

  • Helhoe
    Helhoe   1 weeks ago

    I thought that it was fresh-

  • ZFlow
    ZFlow   1 weeks ago

    2:55Freaking noob he shoulda went the green eyes way.

  • Meerkat More
    Meerkat More   1 weeks ago

    5:52 1: Isn't May underage?2: He did a terrible job of cropping her picture. Not like it could ever look real, but it could at least look better. I mean, she's got chunks taken out of her hair, for fucks sake

  • Chipstopher
    Chipstopher   3 weeks ago

    My favorite sadcringe of this video is at the end of the video with the guy begging people to give him money on Pateron. So sad.

  • Dick Kyanka
    Dick Kyanka   3 weeks ago

    Your content is not as good as Sorrow TV, nice ripoff tho

  • Luis Motta
    Luis Motta   4 weeks ago

    Looking at the dates I realize I didn't appreciate the early 2010s as much as I should've

  • A Z
    A Z   4 weeks ago

    What new video equipment have we helped you purchase with our donations....you've essentially created a glorified power point and you dont actually film at all..

  • BennyBoyGames
    BennyBoyGames   4 weeks ago

    I remember there was a time where we were playing pubg ripoff game with my friend every morning I would play with this person that had a female avatar and I thought it was a girl and eventually we began to liek eachtother and when I asked will you be my girlfriend he said but I’m not a girl? Wait are you a dude... and we sat there for a straight 2 minutes and bursted our laughing and probably holding back tears and we are still friends to this day

  • LuckyOwl777
    LuckyOwl777   1 months ago

    As someone who has been in a front ensemble for marching band and drumline, I can say that I care about the guy with the xylophone

  • • Zero •
    • Zero •   1 months ago

    8:37 grilled cheese sandwiches-I mean... if they taste good....

  • Darkwear GT
    Darkwear GT   1 months ago

    Because i have no money to pay the low price for netflix which is way lower than actual tv

  • Y Tho
    Y Tho   1 months ago

    I like the different intro music, the Wii shop channel music is getting kinda old

  • M. E.
    M. E.   1 months ago

    7:14 when he said hey sarah, my Siri activated itself😂

  • Moon Rat
    Moon Rat   1 months ago

    Three reasons why i quit netflix, •Hulu•Hulu•Hulu

  • Jace Cochran
    Jace Cochran   1 months ago

    i amgoingtotellyouwhothebestpersonisread the first 2 words

  • osceep
    osceep   1 months ago

    That guy is a pro gamer at Minecraft man if you disrespecting him he his is sharpness V diamond sword ready

  • unbelievable gaming
    unbelievable gaming   1 months ago

    The girl that said "a couple of besties" i hate with everything i got and anyone else who friend zones someone the wrong way

  • Bonnie the Bunny
    Bonnie the Bunny   1 months ago

    so my dad was vacuuming the room, so I had my volume up high. 1:01 just burst my eardrums

  • carl
    carl   1 months ago

    There is a lot of cry on this vid

  • RazorDFG
    RazorDFG   1 months ago

    7:11 my siri responded to that somehow

  • leaning to the right
    leaning to the right   1 months ago

    It's okay everybody, this is Josh's mum and he just came back from the hospital.