The True Cost of the iPhone

  • Published on: 15 March 2019
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  • PolyMatter
    PolyMatter   9 months ago

    After you check out Brilliant: don’t forget to watch Dave’s excellent video here:

  • Deruzzi
    Deruzzi   28 minuts ago

    People who buy iPhones just to have a status symbol is retarded

  • TheYazarMan
    TheYazarMan   23 hours ago

    Y’all realise that software development cost actually money right?

  • Dudi Slapochnik
    Dudi Slapochnik   1 days ago

    Hi, just a question, where do we see that the one plus one lost 95% of its value? They seem to be pretty expensive used

  • Louis Wright
    Louis Wright   2 days ago

    Havent watches yetWonder what the dislikes are for

  • Nicholas Pipitone
    Nicholas Pipitone   3 days ago

    I don't think anyone at all cares about selling it at the optimal time, when you pay $1400 for a $500 phone, you just want a seamless don't-bother-me experience. However, rich people do like dopamine and feeling good, so the idea would be based around the 2nd-hand sales.

  • Jake McKeown
    Jake McKeown   3 days ago

    And the award for best segways goes to: 😂😂😂

  • Noel Alex
    Noel Alex   4 days ago

    Apple fans :😰😨😨😱Everyone else:🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Evil Morty
    Evil Morty   4 days ago

    All of the Apple fanboys and fangirls disliked this video, I’m not even surprised.

  • 미미구
    미미구   5 days ago

    they should really just drop the price so people could buy them more smh...

  • Emmad R
    Emmad R   5 days ago

    2 ****legal***** ways.(me thinking of drug dealing)

  • Matthew Hamilton
    Matthew Hamilton   5 days ago

    Costs 20 bucks for a Chinese to make it but charge us 800 right

  • Just a normal guy
    Just a normal guy   6 days ago

    I switched from an iphone 6 s plus to an samsung galaxy a 50 cuz the iphone battery had 2950 and it holds about 2-3 hrs.And the battery catched fire,the phone didin t charge more than 8 percent,i had to dissasemble the phone to make it charge again,also the phote took 5 hrs to charge

  • Maggie12MD
    Maggie12MD   1 weeks ago

    1:00 what a beautiful iPhone 6 (space grey) not quite like my silver 6 but ain’t that the truth cos I’ve had my 6 since dec 2015

  • Xen Xander
    Xen Xander   1 weeks ago

    The i-phone is only a status symbol for late' drinking hipsters.And Apple: Selling yester-year's technology at tomorrow-year's prices.Why are apple-tards still a thing? Then I realize people ARE this stupid. This is why I want our reptilian alien overlords to enslave us.

  • Erik Sab
    Erik Sab   1 weeks ago

    A thing's value is determined purely by how much poeple think it's worth. Flexphones lose less value just because people think they do. btw I'm not saying they don't and neither am I saying they do.

  • elohel Lol
    elohel Lol   1 weeks ago

    So iphone is like that fight club movie

  • Carl Overgaard
    Carl Overgaard   1 weeks ago

    My grandmother have made the bank. She is still rocking a iPhone 5 tho

  • TheNade
    TheNade   1 weeks ago

    This video is so biased it's disgusting.

  • Shermy
    Shermy   1 weeks ago

    is that why apple is now putting butter and oil on the back of your iphone???

  • Maksim Yarmoliuk
    Maksim Yarmoliuk   1 weeks ago

    If an iPhone cost 400 dollars to make than apple should sell it for like 600 to still make money.

  • cnccarving
    cnccarving   2 weeks ago

    manufacturing cost probably 40-70the tiny apple logo 600

  • Akili Preston
    Akili Preston   2 weeks ago

    Lol that's sad to cause they have to steal most of there ideas yet they cost the most I have a a20 and have better feats then the 6 7 and 8 that's sad people are so brainwashed they go for it