The True Cost of the iPhone

  • Published on: 15 March 2019
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  • PolyMatter
    PolyMatter   5 months ago

    After you check out Brilliant: don’t forget to watch Dave’s excellent video here:

  • Bill Kong
    Bill Kong   6 hours ago

    Yay apple is not being an asshole

  • Jim Tamim
    Jim Tamim   7 hours ago

    Man youtube really like this video, it keep recommending to me.

  • RetroProGamer
    RetroProGamer   8 hours ago

    You are all Loosers. You think you are cool because you buy a $500 Phone with a Picture of a Fruit on it? Well guess what. They cost 8 bucks to make and i pee on everyone. I have made a fortune of you chums and i invested it all in Microsoft. Now my Boyfriend Bill Gates kiss each other on a pile of your money.

  • SNKRhead Games
    SNKRhead Games   8 hours ago

    Honestly we all might be upset that it was kind of a clickbait, but WOW! That advertisement he threw out of nowhere got me good! I want to download brilliant now. But your gonna need a Tesla v100 to make that ML app

  • SNKRhead Games
    SNKRhead Games   8 hours ago

    Ummm I’m insulted he forgot to say it is the same on iPhone 6 too 😢

  • Neroco 12
    Neroco 12   9 hours ago

    Note it's almost impossible to repair an Iphone or even replace it's battery safely due to the permanent glue in it as shown in many repair channels on YT also form Ifixit site

  • CodeDive
    CodeDive   9 hours ago

    So the TL;DR is that developers haven’t come up with demanding enough applications yet

  • Juswhy
    Juswhy   11 hours ago

    You know all 10k dislikes are hard core apple fans

  • Whiskers & Dog hair
    Whiskers & Dog hair   12 hours ago

    Title seems a bit misleading. I expect a $1000.00 iPhone probably (the manufacturing process) is likely about a $20.00 cost. Any other cost would be marketing and administrative. So totally monster profit on each unit.

  • Derpy Potato
    Derpy Potato   14 hours ago

    And the fact that they are made in chinese sweatshops with workers being paid none for 8 hour overtime?!??!??

    EDDIE LEAL   18 hours ago

    People do know that iPhones can be financed when you sign up with a carrier. You dont have to pay full price on the phone before you get it. That being the case Im not sure I agree that this is a status symbol. Just means your credit may be good enough to be approved for the purchase. Could be struggling to make the monthly payments afterwards.

  • packetcowboy
    packetcowboy   22 hours ago

    Clickbait... nothing but a 12 min commercial for Brilliant, and reported as misleading.

  • WickedWabbit
    WickedWabbit   23 hours ago

    Lol, easier than ever to change battery and software updates makes the older models faster. I died! :)))))

  • iJayTheArtïst 28
    iJayTheArtïst 28   1 days ago

    I use to be team iPhone till I took the chance with the note 8 then realized that apple was never the future. I use to jailbreak my iPhones only to realize that on the note 8 I could just do without having to jailbreak anything 😑. If your going to pay $1000+ for a phone make sure you get your money worth unless you just want a simple phone then by all means go with apple.

  • Sky Rocket
    Sky Rocket   1 days ago

    Great video! Really high quality and useful! Thank you :)

  • Free Will
    Free Will   1 days ago

    you don't get to the point... and babble about commen sense.... I'm glad i read the comments... your opinion its between $200 and $400... 👉 click 👎

  • Absolute Demonic
    Absolute Demonic   1 days ago

    watching this while drinking coke and using Huawei Y9 Prime

  • Jose Cabrera
    Jose Cabrera   2 days ago

    They send out crooked updates when new phone are coming out and you keep falling for it!

  • DrouwProductionz
    DrouwProductionz   2 days ago

    i got my samsung galaxy s10+ with 1tb storage and 12 gb ram. And i got my samsung galaxy buds. So why would i need an ugly stupid iphone with their stupid air pods lol!

  • quickdrawz05
    quickdrawz05   2 days ago

    It doesn’t take a 13 minute video to find the cost. You take the amount they sold times the price and subtract the dividends they paid to their shareholders. That is how much it cost, divide that per item sold and you have cost per phone

  • Jon Pain
    Jon Pain   2 days ago

    people want to know how fucking much a fucking iphone does cost, bring it to the point man!

  • face of just ice
    face of just ice   2 days ago

    forget to mention another reason like my reason is that its not customizable

  • phantomtq
    phantomtq   3 days ago

    am i the strange one to change my phone like every 5, 6 months?

  • Apple User 2
    Apple User 2   3 days ago

    YES I’M RICH Has passport because why not Has an iPhone SEAnd an iPad form 7 years ago because chad Steve job electronics

  • T.J. Spike
    T.J. Spike   3 days ago

    I'll spend a lot on a phone only if it is worth it, did I mention 12gigs of ram and 1terabyte of storage compared to 8gigs of ram and 512gigabytes

  • Toki Wo Tomato
    Toki Wo Tomato   3 days ago

    day after this video my phone suddenly wants to schedule an automatic update while I sleep hmmmm

  • StillLife
    StillLife   3 days ago

    My Economics teacher said it costs Apple $5 to make an iPhoneXHuh

  • ᗷᒪᗩᑕK ᑕᒪOᑌᗪ

    I had this discussion with my mother lately... I said that I feel that my data is save at google... imo google is the most secure one of the big players, and i assume you can’t buy data from google unless you have a shit ton of money or are somehow also a really big has no need to sell data as many people say they would do, because having the data alone makes mountain of money.... knowledge is key sometimes, especially in the ad game!Also I said if ads come to Whats App, they would loose a lot of users, so I said, if I were Facebook I’d hardly question if the income froms whatsapp ads or just the market share and the knowledge and data that comes with it is more important....opinions below

  • Sprinter Tuga
    Sprinter Tuga   3 days ago

    Bullshit broke your iPhone and spend 500 dollars repairing... If you have a phone like a piece of glass you dont have a phone, fixing anything should be part of this vídeo , i used iPhone for years , and i Change in the last 2 years to other brands ,the best decision.Compare prices is not enougth because if you have a car ir a house sometimes you have to spend money and iPhone is like stealing your pockets.And Apple have a good history of not saying true to os customers , not a good brand, a brand for people to show off... Just to go Facebook and Instagram, for that a 150 dollars phone ia enougth , people like to show off.

  • dbjungle
    dbjungle   4 days ago

    Everyone I know who has an old iPhone has an outdated PoS that takes potato pictures and the battery dies in 2 hours. I've never ever heard someone say a major iOS update on their older model actually improved their experience. In fact quite the opposite. Eventually people will realize that even if they love iOS they're paying 3x as much as Chinese companies charge for a quality phone.