Craft Fair Market Setup 16x8 space

  • Published on: 17 February 2019
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    In this video I am doing a mock setup of my 16 x 8' booth space for my next market coming in March. I set mostly crochet and knitwear items. I hope you guys enjoy this video!


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  • CCStars
    CCStars   4 weeks ago

    Hey Taylor! Do you have the link to the round table u were talking about at 14:00ish? I can’t find it on Ikeas website :/

  • Girl on a Vespa
    Girl on a Vespa   3 months ago

    Do you know if the white round table is still available? I can’t find it on the ikea website. Love your setup!

  • Tamatha Aviles
    Tamatha Aviles   6 months ago

    Great setup! Where did you get the yarn/mannequin head from?

  • Sabina Murman
    Sabina Murman   8 months ago

    I love everything from you do your booth setups! Its helping me get over my fear of finally starting to go to market! P.s. I really love those lavender velvet hangers! Are they on Amazon? 🌸💖

  • Paula Sorvillo
    Paula Sorvillo   8 months ago

    do you put price tags on each item? what do you use for bagging the items?

  • Kayla Wolf
    Kayla Wolf   8 months ago

    Have you had any problems with theft? If so how did you go about that and what do you do to prevent theft?

  • Sande E
    Sande E   8 months ago

    Oh forgot to ask if you ever considered doing Amigurumi?

  • Sande E
    Sande E   8 months ago

    Do you know you’re like the only crocheter in YouTube who goes into this much detail about setting up and all the stuff you have to do for a show? Omg thank you!!!! I needed to see this. It helped calm my nerves so much for my shows to come. Did them years ago but the market has changed so much and all the props, etc for made my head spin. So again, thank you for the in depth look at all that goes into craft fairs and markets. Hope all your shows go well girl! 👍🏻👍🏻😉 hey hey from Jersey ☺️

  • Roxanne B
    Roxanne B   1 years ago

    Hi me again lol your newest stalker from Canada 🤪. You are so fricken inspiring!! Just a great big thank you for sharing all this info with the masses. These videos of yours are so satisfying to watch. Is that weird? Now I wanna go turn my living room into a market booth just so I can play. 🤣 Ok time to go shop in your Etsy for patterns. 👍🏻

  • Erica Willprecht
    Erica Willprecht   1 years ago

    So many good ideas and helpful information! Only one small suggestion, your photo in the messy bun beanie may be hard for people to see what it is due to the dark colors on top. When you were a few feet away from it I thought it was a headband because I could only see the white part maybe try a photo in the mint color one to make it easier to see.

  • Fi from Oz
    Fi from Oz   1 years ago

    Fantastic are such a sharing person honey....don't ever change :) Really enjoyed this half hour with you :)

  • Marnita Causby
    Marnita Causby   1 years ago

    Loved watching your setup. Thank you so much for sharing all your ideas and setup with us. It really helps!!❤️

  • Dezzyloops
    Dezzyloops   1 years ago

    I love your Market setup videos they are so fun to watch!! If I ever did a craft show I know I would stand out because your advice is so amazing and plus your setup has such a modern feel to it. I love how your honest and really give the details because most people wouldn't tell all their setup secrets. Thanks for creating such amazing content!!