Guess My Phobia | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on: 04 September 2018
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    Guess My Phobia | Lineup | Cut

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  • Runtime : 10:59
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  • *Galaxy Wolf56_666*
    *Galaxy Wolf56_666*   34 minuts ago

    I can so relate to the girl of vomit, I was scarred from an incident in 2nd grade.

  • James Keiller
    James Keiller   1 hours ago

    I’m sorry I forgot there some bitch niggas in here

  • luna blabla
    luna blabla   2 hours ago

    Lol they forgot my fear dont search it up its called tryphobia XD

  • Christine Ventresca
    Christine Ventresca   3 hours ago

    I hate how that one guy couldn’t understand that fears don’t have to be of something that is alive, that crawls, walks, moves....

  • Ra's Al Ghul
    Ra's Al Ghul   4 hours ago

    I know that gray shirt guy is trying to help but hes more mocking them and causing them more trauma then help.

    OH YEAH YEAH   5 hours ago

    Shouldnt everyone be scared of vomit it’s disgusting

  • The Developer
    The Developer   6 hours ago

    It’s hilarious how much people fear clowns, unless if the have a weapon, I’m fine with them

  • asterisk userrocks123
    asterisk userrocks123   12 hours ago

    I don't blame the girl who's afraid of vomit. That's unsanitary. And cause sickness so I'm agreeing with her on this one.

  • Tube Fever
    Tube Fever   13 hours ago

    Circuses uhh!! Haunted houses uhh!!!

  • Alex V2
    Alex V2   14 hours ago

    Im not scared of vomit,just that smells very very bad...

  • Ana Carolina
    Ana Carolina   14 hours ago

    This guy in the gray shirt was very disrespectful to people, he forced them all the time.

  • alwaysahiccupandastrid
    alwaysahiccupandastrid   15 hours ago

    That fucking guy in the grey shirt 🙄 at first I thought “oh it’s nice that he’s so positive” but it got so annoying. I have arachnophobia and if he had tried to make me touch one or let it walk on my hand, I would have fucking ran a mile.

  • Septicbro 9075
    Septicbro 9075   16 hours ago

    The girl with emetophobia was so nice. I have it and if I was there I would've been twitching and sreaming like there was no tomorrow

  • Kim Nguyen
    Kim Nguyen   20 hours ago


  • Apollo
    Apollo   23 hours ago

    Bro a phobia is like a genuine fear like the type of fear you get when you're about to die , not when your just kinda creeped out like a horror movie.

  • Agle Bob
    Agle Bob   1 days ago

    Damn that dude alpha as fuck

  • h o n e y • b u n ツ

    I have a phobia,claustrophobia. And it effects my life a lot. I can only be around 2 friends,and I can’t be in the middle of them when walking. Malls,no. Definantly. And also,I have a fear of fire,I’m even scared of candles.

  • Larissa Silva
    Larissa Silva   1 days ago

    when she vomited I LEGIT started crying, I can’t deal with it

  • Dr Alphys
    Dr Alphys   1 days ago

    I have cynophobia and emetophobia

  • baste jimenez
    baste jimenez   1 days ago

    Fear of heights makes smakes sense, fear of a rabbit humping ur arm doesnt

  • Wonho xXBunnyXx
    Wonho xXBunnyXx   1 days ago

    5:50 I have the same phobia.That's why I started eating less.And I was extremely underweight....But now I have managed to gain weight.THIS PHOBIA IS THE HELL😠

  • Jenna Roesch
    Jenna Roesch   1 days ago

    Dude the guy in the grey shirt was genuinely trying to help, homie made my day

  • Maddy Munoz
    Maddy Munoz   2 days ago

    I think i have ataxophobia, fear of disorder, and fear of untidiness :(

  • Mvckingjay
    Mvckingjay   2 days ago

    Funny story: when I was 4 I got hit in the head with a ballon hammer by a clown. We don’t talk about it. Okay?

  • Tara Thomas
    Tara Thomas   2 days ago

    since when was Parker a licensed specialist? you can't just shove someones fear in their face when they don't want you to.

  • Loc Le Bao
    Loc Le Bao   2 days ago

    I just realized that they are shooting this multiple times... Respect for the cast to experience their phobia three times on the same day... Especiall with that grey shirt dude

  • AWESD Šupitová
    AWESD Šupitová   2 days ago

    You all are talking about behaviour of that greyshirtman, but when someone finds out about my phobia almost everyone just acts like him lol

  • Amanda Lewis
    Amanda Lewis   2 days ago

    The black girl on the end with the awesome sweater 🤣 she immediately showed signs

  • Mizuki Oozora
    Mizuki Oozora   2 days ago

    I have a friend who have fear of newspaper 🤣

  • MiøMiø Wølfie
    MiøMiø Wølfie   2 days ago

    Woman with pink hair: how did you get the spiders out then?Dude with black sweater: I PASSED OUTIM LITERALLY DYING HERE😂😂