Pokemon vs Fallout! Who's Getting PAID?| The SCIENCE of... Video Game Millionaires

  • Published on: 08 October 2019
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    You wanted to know gamin's richest character and Austin is BACK to figure it out! Is a Pokemon Master richer than the Sims? Could Geralt from The Witch buy out all of Skyrim? That is the economic mystery we aim to figure out today!

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  • Purple Shaft
    Purple Shaft   6 hours ago

    Time? Not reallyYou can spend hours making mud ice creams, but all the time won't apply any value to them. I suggest you search about the theory of marginalism, by Menger and other Austrian economists.

  • Ruben Garcia
    Ruben Garcia   6 hours ago

    Internet to Austin: You could not be satisfied with your failures. And where did that lead you? Back to me

  • Aeryn Maas
    Aeryn Maas   9 hours ago

    10:30 Did you really equate painting to being an office assistant?

  • Song Theory
    Song Theory   10 hours ago

    Theory Brother Austin makes sense. But the richest character in video games is my character in GTA V.

  • Erika Whelan
    Erika Whelan   11 hours ago

    You're misreading the chart at 16:35. The d there stands for pence, not days. As the webpage explains above that chart, pre-decimal English currency denominations were abbreviated L/s/d, from the Latin libra/solidus/denarius, Roman coins whose names and relative values were used for medieval coins. Thus, a goose would cost 3 days' labor, not 6, a pound of cheese would be a quarter day's labor, etc.

  • MATT Walker
    MATT Walker   13 hours ago

    What about Maple Syrup and Honey in Mario? Both are produce on a farm and both need flowers for Polarization so if Fire Flower is are Sunflowers? Sunflowers are use to make Oil that you can cook with that catch fire that might maker Mario and Luigi with more Money because they had more Money because had Oil all is are Dandelions they make Alcohol from that!

  • Temp
    Temp   13 hours ago

    I really respect you going back and basically redoing the first video for the sake of accuracy. That's the kind of pointlessness and precision that I come here for.

  • OminousSoul
    OminousSoul   13 hours ago

    While it might be $89 to kill a werewolf or any other kind of abomination, Witchers tend to be highly desirable one night stand lovers. So you are likely to get $89 for killing that werewolf AND some booty from one of the local women.

  • Akiva Daphydd
    Akiva Daphydd   13 hours ago

    Hey Austin, Akiva here! I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to spoil your final video. I know, the final video will still be VERY much worth the watch! But the all time richest character? Scrooge McDuck. How did I arrive at this conclusion? He is, canonically, a MULTI-TRILLIONAIRE in today's currency. Sincerely, Akiva.

  • MATT Walker
    MATT Walker   14 hours ago

    My money is on Link's bcacues Link's is 9 year old When he Start Pokemon's is ten when the start plus He just as many games as Mario Plus he has a Horse so you have to Figure out how much corn is needed to feed the horse and him

  • Anonimus Prime
    Anonimus Prime   15 hours ago

    As a libertarian i'm happy you prefered Adam Smith to Keynes or Marx

  • Amadeus Sommers
    Amadeus Sommers   19 hours ago

    Pro tip, retail corn sucks and is super overpriced. Buy from a stand on the side of the road. That’s where the best corn is.

  • Aaronlikesmath
    Aaronlikesmath   1 days ago

    but you can get way more emeralds by making an auto melon/pumkin farm then making a zombie convert a villager into a zombie villager then cure him with a weakness potion and a golden apple you can get a price of 1 pumkin per emerald so then steve would be much richer

  • Revanth Sallangula
    Revanth Sallangula   1 days ago

    While he was explaining about the amount of corn produced in the USA, did anyone observe that the background was actually gameplay from Farming Simulator

  • Milo13
    Milo13   1 days ago

    I know you've done sound stuff before, but iv always wanted to know how loud the dragons in Monster hunter have to roar to knock me out of the air.

  • Sam Dinger
    Sam Dinger   1 days ago

    We're learning about The Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution in Social Studies so when I heard Adam Smith my nerd brain took action.

  • SpringDart 13
    SpringDart 13   1 days ago

    What about the guy who commands the colony in Surviving Mars

  • Orenji Iro
    Orenji Iro   2 days ago

    i think it would be fair if it was how much they made per hour, because whatever methods they use to gain money they aren't going to do it 24/7 til they die. what about breaks and sleep etc? i mean really we expect Pokemon trainers to work til 70m yikes

  • detox eg
    detox eg   2 days ago

    I want that Soundtrack!!!!!!!!!!

  • GamingWithJay
    GamingWithJay   2 days ago

    Me: Sees blue text in thumbnailMe: sees gmail in the beginningMe: Oh boy time for insanity

  • Vivian Skye
    Vivian Skye   2 days ago

    I found the post-cut-in corrections way funnier than I maybe should have. Austin just sounds so done.

  • KeKe The cutie
    KeKe The cutie   2 days ago

    Maybe Red Dead 2 story mode but not the online mode haha

  • Moonlight Wolf
    Moonlight Wolf   2 days ago

    Hey Austin! I love your videos so keep up the hard work.Btw, good job editors

  • CosmoTronic
    CosmoTronic   2 days ago

    The second I see Google Drive I know I'm in for a good time

  • Connor Chaplin
    Connor Chaplin   2 days ago

    Do another petscop video plz the channel has uploaded

  • Ben Olson
    Ben Olson   2 days ago

    Promise not to do stardew valley as you can literally farm forever and there are some glitches that just break everything

  • Dora H
    Dora H   2 days ago

    But in sims as you level up in carrier you get paid more

  • Daniel Turner
    Daniel Turner   2 days ago

    uh 20 emeralds doesn't buy 1 piece of wheat, its the other way around isn't it? or am i just missing something?

  • J _ TRiLL3ST
    J _ TRiLL3ST   2 days ago

    I got 20k septims from just the dark brotherhood questline

  • doedie
    doedie   2 days ago

    <3 I love you Austin... this just made me happy

  • Reborn_Pheonix
    Reborn_Pheonix   2 days ago

    Is there anyway I can get the written equations for this?? I'm trying to make a accurate game currency and I feel like this could be the answer to alot of problems. 😅

  • rieyshmond sf
    rieyshmond sf   2 days ago

    Hey austin i would like to say that ypu have forgotten the new emerald farming methods of minecraft where villagers practixally give you infinire emeralds

  • MoJo superness
    MoJo superness   2 days ago

    You should do theory on a book called the ghostkeepsers jorounal it's augmented reality adventure and it comes with an app you can download on your phone called the ghost-o-matic