When Naz Hit New York 🗽| Prince Naseem Hamed | Full Documentary

  • Published on: 28 May 2019
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    The story of Prince Naseem's legendary fight with Kevin Kelley in New York.
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  • Runtime : 25:43
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  • Ihaab
    Ihaab   11 hours ago

    10:40 what the song called?

  • faIRmODs
    faIRmODs   21 hours ago

    FUCK TRUMP. we all hate him, why hes American president is a joke. the guys a tool.

  • Stuart Davison
    Stuart Davison   2 days ago

    Naz had his opponents beat before they even entered the ring.

  • Tom Watson
    Tom Watson   2 days ago

    16.20 the prince looks like he is wearing lipstick!, best feather weight ever

  • Chysar Sektio
    Chysar Sektio   3 days ago

    What, that trump looks disgusting .. Oh wait, hes always look disgusting

  • Chysar Sektio
    Chysar Sektio   3 days ago

    Well, this is what you call confidence.. Not like fuckin shit mctapper

  • oliver shaw
    oliver shaw   4 days ago

    Overrated big mouth he was show man he was fighting nobody's and he meet first good boxer he was found out then very sun retired

  • Nicky Cotton
    Nicky Cotton   4 days ago

    Talked to Brendan Ingle like a spoilt brat! NO need.👎.

  • Adam Sw1ft
    Adam Sw1ft   5 days ago

    When naz hit New York he was unbelievable. The confidence and self esteem must be recognized as one of the best boxing fans have ever seen.

  • Dalton Isom
    Dalton Isom   5 days ago

    The little boy hes gonna whoop his ass hes a wise guy

  • King Abo
    King Abo   5 days ago

    This fight was back in 1997 & we watching it again 2020 “Legends don’t die”

  • Fouad Qaram
    Fouad Qaram   5 days ago

    You are one of the BEST boxer in history king nassem, RESPECT

  • NFX Shadow
    NFX Shadow   5 days ago

    The fight were the racism stopped for him and the real fame came in with no haters, legend.

  • joseph ortiz
    joseph ortiz   5 days ago

    Amir Khan is the complete opposite mr. Glasschin

  • slyonme
    slyonme   5 days ago

    naz was never a true champion fighter...when barrera destroyed him,he never came back to get his revenge,he is just a quitter in my eyes...

  • Saif Shyha
    Saif Shyha   5 days ago

    How is this guy not well known??!??!!

  • adam davids
    adam davids   6 days ago

    Oh what great times and era......what's happened to the world now

  • Joe Garza
    Joe Garza   1 weeks ago

    Against elite competition, his style (entertaining to see) got exposed.Other than Barrera(maybe Kelly)what other elite fighter did he fight...?

  • Joe Garza
    Joe Garza   1 weeks ago

    Naz was a great boxer but we never got to see him against elite competition other than we he got beat by Barrera.... entertaining though..

  • klgonz
    klgonz   1 weeks ago

    Donald Trump 🇺🇸

  • klgonz
    klgonz   1 weeks ago

    Why Naz sound like Chris Rock

  • what’s up 124
    what’s up 124   1 weeks ago

    from Muhammad Ali to Mike Tyson to Prince Naseem. boxing is so boring now

  • Joetheking Richards
    Joetheking Richards   1 weeks ago

    The beginning was perfect hyped me up so much the music amazingly well

  • j D
    j D   1 weeks ago

    I miss the 90s

  • Hey Bro
    Hey Bro   1 weeks ago

    Donald Trump is everywhere 😂

  • ilyas bourouih
    ilyas bourouih   1 weeks ago

    mayweather vs the prince would be a sick fight Nassem would have broke mayweather's career

  • Harry
    Harry   2 weeks ago

    that hello at 15:40 got me for some reason

  • C J
    C J   2 weeks ago

    My all time favourite fighter my dad told me about this guy I've watch every one of his fights since

  • Graham Whittle
    Graham Whittle   3 weeks ago

    Got to America and it was lights out and life over MARCO ANTONIO BARRERA

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith   3 weeks ago

    Really don't care about how good a fighter is, when they're cocky, arrogant and disrespectful... i love nothing more than to get knocked out and shut up with a solid shot