When Naz Hit New York 🗽| Prince Naseem Hamed | Full Documentary

  • Published on: 28 May 2019
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    The story of Prince Naseem's legendary fight with Kevin Kelley in New York.
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  • Runtime : 25:43
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    AAZI SHEHLU   54 minuts ago

    17.02 i saw donald trump they guy use to watch a british boxer in the ring is ruling america oh my goodness now no one can postpone doomsday

  • digitalkitty cat
    digitalkitty cat   1 hours ago

    Nazim is not a proper boxer. This little shit got lucky all the time with his not so straight boxing. He has monkeys reflexes, that saved him many time.

  • cash macgregor
    cash macgregor   2 hours ago

    i heard about him, and saw clips of his fights, but the high-lights of him show boating turned me off and i didn't like him. the 1st fight of his that i saw, i could see this guy was incredible, and the best fighter i'd ever seen and probably will never see another one like him.

  • Akhtar Mohammed
    Akhtar Mohammed   14 hours ago

    13:15 is that guy trying to sound like a stereotype 😂😭

  • Avi Avi
    Avi Avi   16 hours ago

    When has a featherweight created such excitement like Naz ? Most exciting boxer of our times !!

  • itz Guzman
    itz Guzman   19 hours ago

    naz post fight interview was all i needed to hear.

  • Arei Arian
    Arei Arian   2 days ago

    Legend...Boxing Entertain and Religius

  • Mohammed Al Waheb
    Mohammed Al Waheb   3 days ago

    3:00 now y did the ref do that? he was getting up. looked annoying to me

  • 252S1cKS1D3
    252S1cKS1D3   3 days ago

    Then he fought a Mexican and ended his career 😂😂😂

  • MarcoAntonio Raygoza

    I got here to See The FULL Documentary about NassimBut, This Documentary is Not Complete,, Where is The Fight Against MARCO ANTONIO BARRERA.?.You Can Full None here, Everyone Remembers....THE END of Nassim. H.This Clown Was Fired by The Mexican Baby Face Killer

  • Jadi Jadi
    Jadi Jadi   3 days ago

    Ohh man who’s he and where’s he now I swear he just like Muhammad Ali

  • Danaldo Giraud
    Danaldo Giraud   4 days ago

    A true Legend! One of the great entertainers of boxing

  • Harry Gill
    Harry Gill   4 days ago

    It takes a lot for a fighter to get knocked out and say the guy who knocked me out isn’t that good lmao

  • dominic clarke
    dominic clarke   4 days ago

    Notice when us Black and brown people do sports for England we are English but when we get political about our black and brown English community's the same British white folks turn and call us racist names

  • Ahmad Fraz
    Ahmad Fraz   4 days ago

    There will no one like him again! Talent skills and balls!

  • David Abrams
    David Abrams   4 days ago

    I remember this period of time back in the 90's.. Every thing was amazing...

  • Jonathan Laedke
    Jonathan Laedke   6 days ago

    Legends say that Chinese man still looking for free tickets...