Store Bought Restaurant Food Taste Test

  • Published on: 19 April 2018
  • Is the BBQ Chicken Pizza from CPK tastier from the restaurant or the grocery store? Find out! GMM #1321.1
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  • Runtime : 12:36
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  • MythTrick 95
    MythTrick 95   2 weeks ago

    Is it wierd how GMM Gets Crazy Views and like 50k Likes :(

  • Crystal Pistey-Lyhne
    Crystal Pistey-Lyhne   4 weeks ago

    Im part Cujan , we love spicy. Even I who doesnt eat spicy alot I have chrohns dieasebroccoli soup, BBQ chicken 🍕 mmmmmmm

  • Jesse Wynn
    Jesse Wynn   1 months ago

    “Gluten free... so they’ll both be bad” 😂😂😂😂

  • Allunea
    Allunea   1 months ago

    In Quebec, we got a restaurant chain called Saint-Hubert, the food you eat from the freezer is the exact same you get served in the restaurant. It tastes surprizingly really good for frozen things,

  • Garrick.M
    Garrick.M   1 months ago

    Link gotta go get a jaw surgery

  • bradyn suc
    bradyn suc   1 months ago

    Store bot TGI Friday’s frozen potatoes are great ngl

  • shawnmatlock
    shawnmatlock   1 months ago

    6:48 Anyone else hearing Brody Stevens?

  • D G
    D G   1 months ago

    Panera soup tastes so similar because their soup comes frozen and its just heated up and overpriced

  • Sweet Grandma
    Sweet Grandma   1 months ago

    I love link XOXO I would also like to slap the hands have anyone who gave this video a thumbs down

  • Patryk Zimny
    Patryk Zimny   1 months ago

    Gordon Ramsey bout to walk in and be like: ARE THESE FRESH OR FROZEN?!?!?!?!?

  • alexandra kohlburn
    alexandra kohlburn   1 months ago

    The beef and broccoli was clear from the broccoli! Frozen broccoli was wilted but the fresh broccoli was vibrant!

    BAT-TALK!   1 months ago

    This should’ve been blind taste test

  • Hunter F
    Hunter F   1 months ago

    Not a good video to watch during the quarantine - feel like going to the grocery store now

  • Fahmina Zaman
    Fahmina Zaman   2 months ago

    Should have used the blind folds, c'mon guys!

  • oza
    oza   2 months ago

    wtf you talking bout ci cis is great

  • aph maple
    aph maple   2 months ago

    i think rhett is a supertaster and synesthete

  • leipy zjay
    leipy zjay   2 months ago

    Clearly rhett has a stronger pallet than link

  • Katie •
    Katie •   3 months ago

    Save your tips spend it on oven electricity

  • Jorda n
    Jorda n   3 months ago

    Jokes on you, the restaurant items come frozen as well.

  • Jordan Baldwin
    Jordan Baldwin   3 months ago

    My mom got a frozen 🌶’s spicy Mac and cheese and it was disgusting, I was actually gagging!

  • Harry The Ripper
    Harry The Ripper   3 months ago

    I've never had potato skins any way except frozen, but the frozen ones are my favorite food so I'm sure I'd love them in restaurant.

  • CodeAlias
    CodeAlias   3 months ago

    Rhett basically gave link the answer every round (besides the one link swapped on)

  • SaltyLemmon
    SaltyLemmon   3 months ago

    I work at noodles & company and when they didnt know what the cavatappi noodles were i was getting mad lmfao

  • Todd Robertson
    Todd Robertson   3 months ago

    Panera microwaves their soup in a package.. it’s all the same lol

  • Cylinders Dont Jam Typically

    3:37 this is EXACTLY what the show will be like when Rhett leaves to be a judge on Americas got talent or the X factor

  • Albino Gorilla
    Albino Gorilla   4 months ago

    Tbh I like Josh more, he has alot more banter and to be unfortunately frank. It seems like he makes better food....

  • Bryan Farmer
    Bryan Farmer   4 months ago

    Fun fact panera bread soup is same as store bought it comes frozen to the restaurant

  • Paulena Baker
    Paulena Baker   4 months ago

    Fun fact: The Panera Bread Broccoli Cheddar soup from the restraunt is also frozen before it's prepared and served in the restraunt.

  • Trawpical Chica
    Trawpical Chica   4 months ago

    I know for a fact that about 90% of the items of the fridays menu comes to the restaurant prefozen.. and at applebees even the salads come premade haha my friend works for the health dept. So shes been in all the kitchens ha

  • Katy Leanne
    Katy Leanne   4 months ago

    Nobody told them that most of these are prepackaged and frozen even from the restaurant 😂