• Published on: 28 July 2019
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    Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer
    Editors: Thomas Brag, Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Marshall Hodge
  • Runtime : 16:37
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  • Sheena Bloomer
    Sheena Bloomer   3 days ago

    I have always wanted to swim with sharks. They are one of the most beautiful creatures on this earth!

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith   4 days ago

    The only thing being eaten that day was the bottom part of her bikini....nice.

  • Goof Ball
    Goof Ball   1 weeks ago

    Freeze frame at 6:20 if you want a nightmare

  • Oja Amelia
    Oja Amelia   1 weeks ago

    You should go for sky diving as well. Anyway, love your video! I would love to be your date if you guys in Asia 😊😊

  • Tyler Traverse
    Tyler Traverse   1 weeks ago

    So you guys are the reason my girlfriend says we never do anything... jk I don't have a girlfriend :/

  • arianne ross
    arianne ross   1 weeks ago

    My heart is so warm every time i watch their videos !! I love these guys, never stop doing what you guys do!!

  • Fengze Yang
    Fengze Yang   1 weeks ago

    I think you guys healed my depression a little bit. I love you guys.

  • chubzz
    chubzz   1 weeks ago

    I know I’m late but I like going back and rewatching your videos

  • chubzz
    chubzz   1 weeks ago

    The doc dropped on my birthday😄

  • H I Z N
    H I Z N   1 weeks ago

    Wtf sharks are cute :,(

  • H I Z N
    H I Z N   1 weeks ago

    I have an awesome idea how about u guys go book ubers and ask them to fly with u guys idk if it has been done before bt it would be awesome

  • Katherine
    Katherine   1 weeks ago

    Awww you should have let her sit up front guys not in back seat alone.....awesome trip, love the copter!!

  • Maya S
    Maya S   2 weeks ago

    i wait for the day one of these stranger dates to become official

  • Michele Eslick
    Michele Eslick   2 weeks ago

    You guys should learn how to ballroom dance. Seriously. Life skill 💯

  • Rishabh Parmar
    Rishabh Parmar   2 weeks ago

    music at 11:20 is Tony Anderson - Dreamlife. Thank me later ;)

  • pdraggy
    pdraggy   2 weeks ago

    I thought that picture looked familiar, my bro hangs with the shark diver.

  • bamf
    bamf   2 weeks ago

    Diving with sharks looks so peaceful to me

  • Peralta !
    Peralta !   2 weeks ago

    This video is so beautiful and also I'm drunk rn!

  • Sam Heaton
    Sam Heaton   2 weeks ago

    They really made her sit back seat

  • monster scream
    monster scream   2 weeks ago

    i think people are scared of sharks is because of those movies such as jaws

  • Donovan A
    Donovan A   2 weeks ago

    After kobes death I was worried when they went in the helicopter

  • StansStuff
    StansStuff   3 weeks ago

    Then, out the corner of your eye, you spot him.2:32 SHIA LABOEUF

  • Jonatan Tehelen
    Jonatan Tehelen   3 weeks ago

    Order a uber !!! Ask the uber driver where he would like to go ! And go with him !

  • Brandon Rosch'e
    Brandon Rosch'e   3 weeks ago

    Yes theory goes Alaskan elk hunting.. lol next video ????

  • Kulik 1
    Kulik 1   3 weeks ago

    Ammar is third wheeling again