• Published on: 28 July 2019
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    Thank you to Ocean Ramsey and her team at One Ocean Diving. To find out more, you can visit or follow Ocean at @oceanramsey.

    Water Inspired Conservation Group and One Ocean Conservation have introduced a bill that will prevent the purposeful killing of sharks and rays in Hawaiian waters. You can sign the petition here

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    Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer
    Editors: Thomas Brag, Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Marshall Hodge
  • Runtime : 16:37
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  • hi hoe
    hi hoe   1 days ago

    I like it how the just kiss their cheeks in public, and I too do that to my family and friends, it’s not gay, Id say it means u r really close friends

  • Zaw Min Thein
    Zaw Min Thein   4 days ago

    Maybe ocean Ramsey is Gordon Ramsey's daughter

  • LeezPgh
    LeezPgh   1 weeks ago

    I love this girl. What happened to her?

  • RadPay
    RadPay   1 weeks ago

    She talks so quietly and peaceful

  • RadPay
    RadPay   1 weeks ago

    Watching this at 5.5 million

  • Annika Lees
    Annika Lees   1 weeks ago

    You’re driving a Jeep. In hawaii. That’s my absolute dream

  • atamagashock
    atamagashock   1 weeks ago

    How does yes theory only have 5 million subs, yet ridiculous you tubers that post trash have 2-3x as many?

  • Sawyer Boeke
    Sawyer Boeke   1 weeks ago

    5:46 I thought that was Thomas making that noise

  • Game Codez
    Game Codez   1 weeks ago

    15:44 sees the word epidemic wait ive seen this before


    I absolutely love you guys!Like the idea of Yes is just AMAZING!Before Yes Theory, yes wasn't an option for most people, but now five and a half million people later and the world is that much closer to the idea of YES!

  • LadyD85
    LadyD85   1 weeks ago


  • Dan 2111
    Dan 2111   2 weeks ago

    I live in Indiana.... GO HOOSIER STATE!!!

  • Bettas And Birds
    Bettas And Birds   2 weeks ago

    This would be the experience of a lifetime, I would absolutely love to do something like this

  • Robyn AR
    Robyn AR   2 weeks ago

    sharks need to be helped now so pls spread the awareness that they are important

  • vincent matthew yap
    vincent matthew yap   2 weeks ago

    Man i gotta ask this. By the end of the day or during everything. Do they get it down with the girls they invite? Like do they you know. "do it" with them girls?

    NATNAEL BERHANU   2 weeks ago

    Take me on your next adventure guys, iv already said yes! please say yes too...

  • Ricky Spanish
    Ricky Spanish   2 weeks ago

    Not supposed to touch sharks when you’re swimming with them and Ocean Ramsey has done it time and time again, and has taken a lot of flak for it

  • Tobbezeichnet
    Tobbezeichnet   2 weeks ago

    One of her main rules were "HANDS IN"...everyone swimming with both hands swinging around themself xD

  • adam blauw
    adam blauw   2 weeks ago

    They missed a golden opportunity when the Uber driver on the way to the airport said I’ll go with you guys.

  • FoxRacer090
    FoxRacer090   2 weeks ago

    real talk, did he clap them cheeks? i mean they did match on tinder after all

  • Shamy Zero
    Shamy Zero   2 weeks ago

    THATS NOT DIVING THAT SNORKELING THIS VIDEO DOESNT COUNT. See now you have more content to make. Actually dive.

  • samuel angarita
    samuel angarita   3 weeks ago

    Seen this video helped me get a new understanding of the current situation that sharks are experiencing and the importance in an ecosystem

  • William Budden
    William Budden   3 weeks ago

    I HOPE, emphasis on HOPE, I'll be able to do the same thing off the great barrier reef with scuba equipment, at th eage of 13.Terrified.

    RAKIB   3 weeks ago

    That was not a date

  • Wyatt Delarosa
    Wyatt Delarosa   3 weeks ago

    I like how he’s acting like this is the first time downloading tinder

  • Fiction ;
    Fiction ;   3 weeks ago

    things they do for content. Jesus christ just make a reaction video to cage-less shark driving