Time: The History & Future of Everything – Remastered

  • Published on: 08 April 2018
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    Time: The History & Future of Everything – Remastered
  • Runtime : 8:43
  • time history humans funny space big bang 2018 2017 science wounder lifespan infographic kurzgesagt in a nutshell


  • W T
    W T   21 hours ago

    This video will never stop blowing my mind no matter how many times i've rewatched this

  • Lisa Le Moyne
    Lisa Le Moyne   23 hours ago

    When Kurzgesagt says:billion, billion, billion, billion, billion, billionI try to put it on my calculator. . .It never works. . . I can only put on:One thousand, billion, billion. . .sssssooooo depressed. (*n*)

  • EnvisionerWill
    EnvisionerWill   1 days ago

    I was hoping that right next to the White Dwarf they would put in a joke about Red Dwarf.

  • EnvisionerWill
    EnvisionerWill   1 days ago

    Assuming the prehistory information here is accurate, it's interesting to note how little time, relatively speaking, it took for life to emerge on this planet after it stopped just being a glowing-hot ball of slowly coalescing stellar dust. And it's mind-boggling how long single-celled organisms existed before the current exponential rise in complexity began. But all that is of course assuming that there isn't a decimal-point screwup in the scientists' calculations, or some explanatory event of which no historical record survives (eg the Von Daniken hypothesis, which I personally doubt, but it does posit a vaguely-plausible reason for this seeming improbability, that one day a bunch of microbes that had never tried to evolve suddenly started getting busy, and now a mere geologic eyeblink later, you get all of this shit).

  • EnvisionerWill
    EnvisionerWill   1 days ago

    It's inaccurate to say that all the other human species died out; there's evidence to suggest that several of them were hybridized out of existence by breeding with us. We have a few strands of Neanderthal DNA in our collective genome even to this day, and there may well have been similar events so far back in our history that literally every now-surviving person has the resulting pre-HSS inheritance, making it impossible to detect as having not originally been part of our Cro-Magnon ancestors. So really, we didn't kill all the other species, we just fucked them into oblivion so their babies became our hybrid descendants, with their genetic legacy being Homeopathically diluted into nonexistence. The same thing will likely happen to all currently existing races, unless our global society collapses into a bunch of warring regional tribes again due to some sort of apocalyptic disaster.

  • Alicia Annetta Photography

    Lived in three century 20th, 21st and 2020's. Even through I don't really remember the 20th too young. Anyone else got three so far.

  • Kristo Mefisto
    Kristo Mefisto   1 days ago

    8:32 i wan't to see a remaked fracking explained video on this channel!

  • K A
    K A   2 days ago


  • Abigael Ownby
    Abigael Ownby   2 days ago

    the oldest man alive died 10 days after this video was released, age 121.

  • naureen mohammed
    naureen mohammed   2 days ago

    That time period of eating bleach was just natural selection

  • carz2014
    carz2014   2 days ago

    I always have an existential crisis after watching these vidoes

  • Eric Taylor
    Eric Taylor   3 days ago

    "They either died out, or were killed by us." They died out in either case. Only the cause is debatable.

  • tannerfani91
    tannerfani91   4 days ago

    The claim about the oldest person alive when this video was released is false. Oldest person alive, when this video was uploaded, was Nabi Tajima (1900-2018), who died 13 days after this video was released, at the age of 117. The world is full of age claims that are false, and this claim about Jaramillo is false like many others are. Search for Gerontology Research Club for real, verified information of the oldest people.

  • gmmg93
    gmmg93   4 days ago

    I asked that girl out saying “I’m worried about heat death.” She blocked me

  • Mateusz M.
    Mateusz M.   4 days ago

    If We wont invent any other energy source then the sun It will likely be that way. In the present moment We can use water turbines in repeated cycles: drive turbines, pomp water upwards. The detail that makes the process more efficient than in nature is accelerated water. In Poland exists mountain "Żar" which means ember, where such water powerplant was succesfull for 20 years.

  • smart soldier
    smart soldier   5 days ago

    Humans 7 thousand years ago: write that down write that down

  • Tim Liu
    Tim Liu   5 days ago

    when did mosquito exist?

  • i changed my name cuz it was cringe

    I know nobody will ever see my comment but if the universe will die it could died several times and a big bang appered every time the universe died after some milions years and the actual universe is actually older because we could be on the second or third or one thousand rebirth

  • Mpumelelo Tsotsha
    Mpumelelo Tsotsha   6 days ago

    The notion of colonizers discovering land that already had inhabitants on it is beyond me. What logic is that? 2:29

  • Privatizität
    Privatizität   6 days ago

    After everything died, wouldn't there still be the energy left? Because you can't destroy or create it? Wouldn't there be a chance that something happens with that energy?

  • Popycorn 300
    Popycorn 300   1 weeks ago

    I like how this is in the Existential Crisis Playlist

  • Aviationboeing747400
    Aviationboeing747400   1 weeks ago

    9/11 is just an excuse. Look how many people are dieing from pill overdose. More that 100k people died from pill overdose in the past 10 years. That’s more than the 3 past wars combined. And the corona virus might change that.

  • Obese Child
    Obese Child   1 weeks ago

    I've been watching this guy all day and am 100% convinced with just this video that he's the narrator from the stanley parable

  • Chelsie Williams
    Chelsie Williams   1 weeks ago


  • IntoxiGamer
    IntoxiGamer   1 weeks ago

    3:54 Wait what? We started controlling fire two MILLION years ago? And we already had tools?!I call bullshit on that one. Two million years ago we were hardly different from chimpanzees. Surely we've only had tools and fire for 200 000 years right?...what am I saying? I'm just gonna Google it.

  • ____
    ____   1 weeks ago

    0:40 now it is offcal

  • Thien Nguyen
    Thien Nguyen   1 weeks ago

    What do you mean "our solar system is pretty new" the Earth is almost as old as 1/3 of the Universe's age which I personally thought that the Universe is thousands of times older than the Earth. I would expect the planet that has ultra intelligent apes that could make weapons that could kill the entire planet with miniature replicas of stars and could also with measure the size, distance, and even age of dots in the night sky (aka stars) by looking at giant mirrors and writing down a bunch numbers is going to be more of a rare than they already are.